5 thoughts on “A sneak peek at some behind the scenes at Slabbed”

  1. This may be the wrong place to post this, but you know what got me laughing in all this Nova Scotia lunacy?

    The goats.

    I mean, you think of your mental image of money laundering criminals, and you think, Ferraris, sailboats, jewels, homes, whatever. You think luxe. All the crooks in the movies wear expensive watches, have good hair, hot women, nice suits.

    You do not think of goats.

    Who puts their ill gotten gains into goats?

    There are probably some innocent goat hands, goat herds, whatever you call them– goat herd is a word from fairy tales in my world– some people who just took care of those goats in Nova Scotia, and worried about their diets and their hooves and which goat wasn't getting along with the others. There is no doubt some guy whose primary concern was whether the fat globules in the goat milk were optimal for producing good cheese.

    How weird would it be, if you were a goatherd or cheese maker in rural Nova Scotia, to learn that your workplace had been funded with money that was part of corruption taking place all the way down in Louisiana?

    Can't you see them? Some woman with wild red hair who wears rubber boots to work and shovels the muck out of wherever they keep the goats, a young guy who got into artisanal cheese making to piss off his Dad… what the hell must they be thinking about all of this?

    When I asked myself if my imaginary goat-care team was 'in on it', I cried laughing.

    If I knew how to embed videos, I'd be thinking of Monty Python's "blessed are the cheese makers" or the puppet show scene from "The Sound of Music". I think that had a goat herd and some goats in it.

    Are the goats one of the assets that will have to be dealt with? That about defines "peasant" right there: a crook who puts the proceeds of his criminal political corruption into, of all things, goats.

  2. Anonomouse: I believe you answered your "Why" question in your last sentence,"… who puts …..INTO….goats."

    Makes perfect sense to me except if Fast Eddie was UP to something in Nova Scotia I'm sure it was with a very young, UTTERLY bodacious blonde goat.

  3. Thanks for the video and the tutorial, sop.

    Lock'emup, you are disgusting. Funny, but disgusting. If enema girl is single, the two of you might hit it off. It will be a while before I get the mental picture of those crooks seducing a bodacious blonde goat out of my mind. Brain beach may be required.

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