The Louisiana DOI has sent Slabbed the following press release.

What can I say folks except it looks like Jimbo the Clown is hipping up to blogging or in this case Vlogging. So without further adieu Jimbo has the following response to 2 news stories today involving the Louisiana Department of Insurance which can be found here and here.


2 thoughts on “The Louisiana DOI has sent Slabbed the following press release.”

  1. Tell me again how much Allstate spent on the BCS Championship? And on all those TV ads?

    Hey folks, how about everyone refuse to pay for insurance, let the mortgage companies figure it out and if something happens to your house you really won't be any worse off because Allstate won't pay anyway…then the Federal Government can bring back that money they send overseas and come in and rebuild OUR communities…I dunno…sounds like a plan to me. And the banks and mortgage companies cannot afford to repo many more American households so failure to pay your insurance premium will probably only result in them adding the $ to the end of your mortgage by which time it all may be moot and you won't owe any more.

    Oh and if they don't come in and rescue you if your house is damaged then maybe it is time to go live in those big honking buildings in Washington DC we all paid for…I hear there are showers, and fitness centers and great schools…

  2. I have posted this on every blog I read…but , once again, (and most probably Slabbed readers are not the issue here) but, for everyone complaining about higher insurance rates being condoned by Donelon, let me remind all that Louisiana insurance consumers had an opportunity to throw "JIMBO THE CLOWN" Donelon out on his a** last October in the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner election. Instead of throwing this DONELON CROOK out on his dead a**, Louisiana insurance consumers and voters put him back in office 2-to 1 against his challenger for another term as Insurance Commissioner.

    So really, for those of you who put DONELON THE CROOK back in business for another term, hope you enjoy your higher insurance premiums's appartently what you again, ENJOY those high insurance rates …JIMBO will stick it to you any chance he gets…& laughs ALL THE WAY TO HIS BANK.

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