Feeling blue that Aaron Broussard shook you down for money to build vacation hotels and lodges overseas?

Well folks all you gotta do is make one call thats all.

I mention this because of an excellent column written last week by the T-P’s Stephanie Grace about all the Parish venders/contractors whose names have popped up in the ongoing federal investigation into Aaron Broussard’s shithouse business dealings. Slabbed of course has been on the cutting edge mentioning names such as Ralph Fontcuberta Jr. that are connected to Broussard’s land and business dealings at the Trout Point Development near East Kempt Nova Scotia. Grace made some very insightful points including this one:

Among the facts that the document claims “the Government would have proven” beyond a reasonable doubt, are these: That throughout his nearly two terms as parish president, Broussard pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from contractors and vendors, under the guise of “retainers,” “consulting fees” or “finder’s fees.” And that Broussard was majority owner in a holding company that owned income-generating property in Canada, which was partially funded by people who did business with the parish.

So what does Broussard’s appetite for other people’s money have to do with Parker’s confession?

Not a lot, in a legal sense, anyway. Parker admitted only to knowing about the felony in which she’s the central figure, not any alleged misdeeds that stem from a much broader and deeper pattern of corruption on her then-husband’s watch. You could argue that the additional allegations don’t belong in this document at all, since Broussard has not been formally accused, let alone convicted, of the other offenses.

Yet U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and his prosecutors included it for a reason. More likely, many reasons.

The passage serves as a warning to Broussard and Wilkinson on two fronts: They now know that Parker, who has agreed to cooperate in exchange for a vastly reduced charge that shortens her potential prison time from nearly 600 years to three, is telling the feds everything she knows about Broussard’s relationships with all those parish businesspeople. And Broussard in particular knows that he’s got to worry about a lot more than the payroll fraud charges if he doesn’t cut his own deal.

It also amounts to a veiled invitation, a strong suggestion that those unnamed contractors and vendors who supported the Broussards’ lifestyle should come on in and chat.

Indeed it is folks and those people that were on the fence in one day had their decision on whether or not to cooperate boiled down to sinking fast on Aaron Broussard’s Goodship Lollypop or catching a ride on that train we’ll call the City of New Orleans that I mentioned a few days ago.  Something tells me the train has just picked up a bunch of passengers. Welcome aboard boys.

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  2. If this is all about contractors and vendors contributing to Jefferson Parish politicians for 'pay to play' or access to the parish and parish contracts–this is nothing new. ALL current and former councilmen and parish presidents have all done the exact same thing since time immemorium. Even when they had a police jury. They even take political contributions and then turn around and grant contracts to the very vendors that contributed to their campaigns. What I'd be interested in is what happens with the Coulon campaign fund, etc. and all the others that are now, or were then- elected. No one is immune from the Fed eye now. The M&M sisters should have an absolute field day with this one.

    1. This was done outside the campaign money system Courtslave which is what makes it different from standard Chris Roberts type of pay to play. If it had been just hitting people up for campaign cash there would have been no need to hide the involvement of Broussard and Abel behind Abel's strawgirls.


  3. As a CPA, you’ll appreciate the FIFO principal in accounting. Team Broussard would do well to heed that principal and plead – first in, first out!

    1. It is Whitmer who took advantage of the principle of FIFO … there are no deals available for Wilkinson and Broussard … and from what I am reading concerning Judge Hayden “Hammer” Head’s recent rulings on Broussard motions they aren’t going to find mercy in his courtroom either…

  4. Judge Hayden assaulted Broussard & Wilkenson with a verbal bitch slap today in Federal Court. Chick Foret needs new defense lawyer sources too because its clear that the information he provided to WWL-TV was completely inaccurate. There will be more than “2, 3, or 4” other people charged in connection with the Broussard scams.

  5. Chick Foret is a joke, even his buddy Sal Perricone knew that.

    As far as Broussard’s lawyer Robert Jenkins ol’ Chick can’t claim we didn’t tell ’em Jenkins was a joke.


  6. A recurring theme I’ve heard in this entire saga with each passing revelation goes something like “That was not the Aaron I knew” as people, some former members of the Goatherder Nation comes to terms with the living lie that is Aaron Broussard and his inner circle. Some folks have pointed out that Bill Mack paid more to Aaron Broussard in bribes than they received back in Parish business. I can explain all that and more folks so stay tuned.

    Meantime if you are reading this and are still a fence sitter on whether or not to high tail it down to Mr Letten’s office I’d like to add I have 425,000 reasons to leave no stone unturned and yes Virginia I intend to turn every one to see which cockroaches are still hiding.


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