OK who squealed? Channel 6 picks up coverage of the turmoil in the senior ranks of the Young Administration

What can I say folks except that I was taken to the woodshed yesterday over my post on a supposed harassment lawsuit filed by John Young’s CAA Heather Hilliard against Deputy COO Richard Hart.  Now the person that registered the complaint to management at Slabbed did so very nicely and I appreciate that. The person pointed out 2 things:

  1. This is supposed to be a confidential personnel matter.
  2. It was leaked to Channel 6 in order to make John Young look bad.

Naturally this made me think about who in their right minds in the chain of command would leak a confidential investigation to Channel 6 and the community (I got my tip from people outside Parish Government)? I think we can narrow down the list of suspects but first let’s get the skinny from WDSU:

The Jefferson Parish Council has called a special executive session for Wednesday in hopes of learning details about an internal investigation involving a top-level member of the administrative staff, the WDSU I-Team has learned. Continue reading “OK who squealed? Channel 6 picks up coverage of the turmoil in the senior ranks of the Young Administration”

The Louisiana DOI has sent Slabbed the following press release.

What can I say folks except it looks like Jimbo the Clown is hipping up to blogging or in this case Vlogging. So without further adieu Jimbo has the following response to 2 news stories today involving the Louisiana Department of Insurance which can be found here and here.


On the menu today at Impastato’s…..

I think we’ll start with Baked Oysters Heebe and follow that up with the Softshell Crab Marcello. 🙂

Seriously folks, for those that have not been to Impastato’s it is well worth the visit.  I personally miss Bertucci’s in Gretna. Of course there is also the Beef Connection for those wanting steak. And for those wanting to know the names of all the top dogs in NOLA organized crime through 1996 should click here.

(Hat Tip an observant reader)


Feeling blue that Aaron Broussard shook you down for money to build vacation hotels and lodges overseas?

Well folks all you gotta do is make one call thats all.

I mention this because of an excellent column written last week by the T-P’s Stephanie Grace about all the Parish venders/contractors whose names have popped up in the ongoing federal investigation into Aaron Broussard’s shithouse business dealings. Slabbed of course has been on the cutting edge mentioning names such as Ralph Fontcuberta Jr. that are connected to Broussard’s land and business dealings at the Trout Point Development near East Kempt Nova Scotia. Grace made some very insightful points including this one:

Among the facts that the document claims “the Government would have proven” beyond a reasonable doubt, are these: That throughout his nearly two terms as parish president, Broussard pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from contractors and vendors, under the guise of “retainers,” “consulting fees” or “finder’s fees.” And that Broussard was majority owner in a holding company that owned income-generating property in Canada, which was partially funded by people who did business with the parish.

So what does Broussard’s appetite for other people’s money have to do with Parker’s confession?

Not a lot, in a legal sense, anyway. Parker admitted only to knowing about the felony in which she’s the central figure, not any alleged misdeeds that stem from a much broader and deeper pattern of corruption on her then-husband’s watch. You could argue that the additional allegations don’t belong in this document at all, since Broussard has not been formally accused, let alone convicted, of the other offenses.

Yet U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and his prosecutors included it for a reason. More likely, many reasons.

The passage serves as a warning to Broussard and Wilkinson on two fronts: They now know that Parker, who has agreed to cooperate in exchange for a vastly reduced charge that shortens her potential prison time from nearly 600 years to three, is telling the feds everything she knows about Broussard’s relationships with all those parish businesspeople. And Broussard in particular knows that he’s got to worry about a lot more than the payroll fraud charges if he doesn’t cut his own deal. Continue reading “Feeling blue that Aaron Broussard shook you down for money to build vacation hotels and lodges overseas?”