Is Sean Alfortish a fucktard? Discuss.

You know Sean there are idiots and then there are fucktards. My considered opinion is you are the latter.

In bizarre twist, federal prosecutors invite defendant to withdraw his guilty plea

I also have a statement from Jim Letten’s office on this latest turn with Alfortish:


15 thoughts on “Is Sean Alfortish a fucktard? Discuss.”

  1. Your headline is an insult to fucktards everywhere.

    He'll miss the days of MC-ing at Touche's Cabaret, the short lived Metry strip joint, where in his tank top, he belted out Funky Cold Medina. By the way, before it was Touche's and again today, it was/is the great Swamp Room.

  2. We'll see shortly, His sentncing was scheduled for 2 PM today. I am praying Fallon gives him the max time of 5 years and the max fine of $250,000. Fallon should also order that he pay for his room and board while in prison, the cost of parole, and forfeit any retirement fund.

  3. Enough of the mouthpiece crap. Alfortish is a lying thief and did what he did no matter how his lawyer tries to spin it:

    “But last week, Alfortish's lawyer filed a motion saying that his client was simply venting his frustrations and did not want to withdraw his plea.”

    Lawyer who admitted scamming Louisiana horsemen's agency to be sentenced this afternoon
    Published: Thursday, February 02, 2012, 12:49 PM Updated: Thursday, February 02, 2012, 12:49 PM
    By Gordon Russell, The Times-Picayune

  4. To EYEWIGGER: Fallon sentenced him to "the max" under Federal sentencing guidelines (allegedly), namely 46 months. he must also pay restitution in the amount of $105,105.00. He doesn't have to report to prison until April. I served more time than this COCKSUCKER has served to date, and the charges against me were DISMISSED. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  5. This kind of shit makes me sick. All of these Federal Judges need to be advised that there is more penalties that can and should be rendered:

    La. Leg. ACT 634

    Summary: RETIREMENT BENEFITS: Allows garnishment of Louisiana public retirement or pension system, plan, or fund benefits of an elected official or public employee to pay fine or restitution, or any costs of incarceration, probation, or parole, imposed for a felony associated with his office.

    Signed into law August 2010.

    Also they should follow the precedent of their colleague Judge Barbier and strip this theives of their public retirement benefits.

  6. So what's Plattsmier at ODC doing about Alfortish … the arrogant SOB has been practicing law even after his plea … we need people to do their fucking job and be accountable for their actions publicly …

  7. A common piece of shit with a good job ….I'm glad and silently smiling …shit actually screaming for two days haha …after what he did me in a custody battle and a charge that my ex falsely put on me he was an attorney at the time and took a payoff and screwed me over and then tried to get me to pay luckily my Cuz was an attorney and we sued him for not being justified .there's a lot more to this piece of dog shit but all I can say is haha and rofl

    1. Definition of a FuckTard : A man who spends his birthday disposing of his ex-partner’s (of 8 YEARS) personal belongings while she is in a HOMELESS SHELTER with NO TRANSPORTATION ~ FuckTard

  8. Na, Na, Da, Na, Na … ALFORTISH … your a BIG CRY BABY PUSSY …enough said, BUT WAIT READ THIS:

    “…But in a tearful statement to Fallon, Alfortish insisted he'd been so, so misunderstood, that "everything I've said has been misinterpreted," and "everything I've done…has been misinterpreted," that he'd been subject to ridicule, had his reputation trashed, and endured a "very public execution….”

    The wrong kind of role model: Stephanie Grace
    Published: Sunday, February 05, 2012, 7:48 AM
    By Stephanie Grace, The Times-Picayune

      1. No – he was (drumroll) “misinterpreted.”

        Guess that’s his nic in the pen – “Mr. Misinterpreted.”

  9. sean caught a break it appears.

    This notice is to inform you that SEAN ALFORTISH has been approved for placement in a Community Corrections Center (CCC), otherwise known as a halfway house, and will transfer from this institution on February 27, 2014. After the transfer, the inmate will be located at VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA, CSC in NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana.

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