I am hearing stories of open hostility in the senior ranks of the Young administration

Yes I am folks as there are rumors floating about that CAA Heather Hilliard has filed a workplace harassment suit against Deputy COO Richard Hart.  If a suit was indeed filed it is not on Jeff Net nor PACER. That said I have heard varieties of the same rumor today from multiple observers of Jefferson Parish Government so something is clearly wrong here.

At this point I’ll add Hart’s reputation inside the Yenni Building is best described as piss poor. John Young was sold a pig in the poke in Hart and his assholery is evidently coming back on him in spades.

I’ll have more on this as I learn more.


17 thoughts on “I am hearing stories of open hostility in the senior ranks of the Young administration”

  1. This rumor has no substance. My administration continues to be perfectly transparent. Many are jealous of me and are out to malign me. The morale of my administration is wonderful. Everyone loves me.

  2. It has been increasingly obvious, and at the same time disturbing, that competent women who work in Parish Government, from Ms. Vandenweghe to Ms. Hilliard, and those in between, continue to be the objects of harassment and retaliation only because they are professionals, and refuse to go along to get along with the good old boys.

  3. deBrief, mon cousin … given the history of Jefferson Parish Administrations, I can only imagine the hostile work environment is as toxic as ever … just think what would take place if your a BLACK woman or a JEWISH woman or a BLACK JEWISH woman …

    New Administration, same thugs …

  4. Is it my imagination, or does it look like the Young administration is more concerned about outward appearances than it is about producing results that are in the public interest? It's one thing to say that you area going to hire an ethics and compliance officer to control the rank and file. It's quite another thing to stop the manipulation that takes place in the awarding of contracts. It's all about appearances here, appearances over substance.

  5. Mr. Young's problem may be that he was influenced by actions taken by the previous administration of which he was a part. Remember he was there through Katrina and all that was done wrong then and continues today. He was part of the administration that approved others [friends] obtain the councils permission to build on anothers property without proof of ownership. When the owner presented proof to the council and permit board, he was told it didn't change anything anf he would have to go to court to establish ownership. Seems rather strange since proof of ownership and paying of taxes were already in their possession.

    Most of what is done in council chambers seems strange. Why can't people admit a mistake correct it and show that there is a future where all are protected equally?

    Start the change and see how well it works!!!!!

  6. Let me just correct you. The poor manner in which John Young runs government has NOTHING to do with previous administrations. He has always been a back-stabbing, greedy ruthless , self-absorbed ass! He will implode.
    Influenced by the actions of others? You have got to be kidding. He deserves no out here so please kindly don't provide one.
    He was shady well before Slim Shady. Even Eminem knew that. Wise up.

  7. John Young has no clue how to run the Parish. He brags about the million dollars he has saved in administrative salaries. He refuses to provide parish workers with reasonable salary increases to save even more money…how much have your taxes been reduced by these savings. That would be $0. Thanks John.

  8. He has a Loathe List so long that it could reach the moon and back. He holds his employees hostage with threats of dismissal and loss of benefits and salary. Some of them are in really dire need of both and he knows this. He thinks it is all a game and he's in control. He is the devil incarnate~make no mistake about it.

  9. It was evident from the outset that John Young's administration was a continuation of corruption when his first official act in office was to demand written 'resignations' from 'most' of the Parish Attorney staff. Some elites were exempt. The only possible purpose of such a maneuver is blackmail. The person writing the resignation was not automatically unemployed- oh no- Young 'holds' their resignation, deciding at his leisure and whim when to 'accept' it. So, either these are hammers being held over their heads to force their silence or to make them agree to illegal or unethical acts ( visions of the Wilkinson/ Whitmer days) or those employees are indentured servants who cannot resign or quit when they want to. So if I submitted my resignation and Young won't accept it does that mean I cannot leave?

  10. Only people of low character behave in this manner. John Young has never been known for his character~ in fact. he is known to be a person of low character~ low morals, poor ethics, and no compassion. Not too bright either. He is a puppet of others who are more powerful.
    Was it not so humorous how he was interviewed on TV regarding Family Gras? Like it was his whole idea! Like he deserves the credit! Pl……………….ease! He is fooling no one.
    The reason that there are now so many disgruntled employees at JP is that they all know how tenuous their jobs are. It is like they are walking on ice~ at his beck and call, disposable and replaceable, living the insecurity which comes with a "leader" who is a narcissist, a legend in his own mind.

  11. I have recently been directed to Slabbed and have found many of the comments to be insightful and informative, and in some cases, sparking my memory of past Jefferson Parish Administrations in which I have personal knowledge of. Having caught up from Slabbed’s archives, I noted that several commentators, and prominently whitmergate, have given their opinion regarding Mr. Young’s rather draconian and suspect demand that his Appointed Administrative Un-Classified Employees who wish to be considered for retaining their job, first sign a letter of resignation to have the priviledge of possibly keeping their job; or, by failing to sign the resignation letter, they will be automatically terminated.

    Where did such an immoral and illegal practice come from ? And why would Mr. Young adopt this very questionable and negative management policy.

    The history of this employment intimidation practice has roots back to the Yenni Administrations, and if my memory serves me right, the brain child of Paul Connick, Sr. Having a letter of resignation stuffed in a drawer providing the ability to facilitate and/or cover up corruption. This resignation requirement was followed half-heartedly during the Coulon years. It was Aaron Broussard who eliminated the practice altogether. I guess it could be argued that by having Whitmer and Wilkinson as your surrogates, who needed a piece of paper. Then Mr. Young is elected, being carried on the shoulders of DA Paul Connick, Jr., and voila, reinstatement of this immoral and unlawful policy. One wonders what is in the Connick gene pool that demands a need for such a tool to either facilitate and/or cover up corruption ? Hell, I have just answered my on question haven’t I.

    The most obvious question that comes to any reasonable persons mind is: If in fact these political appointees are at-will un-classified employees, why wouldn’t Mr. Young have brought each person into his office, and simply tell them that he is retaining him/her; or that he will not be retaining him/her. No intimidation or collusion, just respect for that individual’s dignity.

    What is a fact, and this has been discussed heretofore on Slabbed, is that this policy is unlawful, and violates the criminal code of Louisiana, as set forth in the following statutes:

    RS 14: §122. Public intimidation and retaliation.

    A. Public intimidation is the use of violence, force, or threats upon any of the following persons, with the intent to influence his conduct in relation to his position, employment, or duty:

    (1) Public officer or public employee.

    RS 14:§66. Extortion

    Extortion is the communication of threats to another with the intention thereby to obtain anything of value or any acquittance, advantage, or immunity of any description. The following kinds of threats shall be sufficient to constitute extortion:

    (5) A threat to do any other harm.

    RS:§118. Public bribery

    A.(1) Public bribery is the giving or offering to give, directly or indirectly, anything of apparent present or prospective value to any of the following persons, with the intent to influence his conduct in relation to his position, employment, or duty:

    (a) Public officer, public employee, or person in a position of public authority.

    Forced Resignation is not a concept favored in the workplace or the Courthouse, and is equated to an involuntary dismissal and violative of unfair employment practices.

    This type of immoral and illegal policy has no legitimate basis relating to Mr. Young’s authority to hire or fire at-will political employees during his tenure as Parish President.

    I suggest that any employee who feels that they have been intimidated, threatened, extorted or made to be a participant in a bribery scheme should do something about it and refuse to be held hostage in such a toxic workplace.

    That Mr. Young has chosen to institute such an employment demand, is both unacceptable and unconscionable.

  12. A previous commentator alluded to there being several other women who have and are now being harassed aside from Ms. Vandenweghe, and now Ms.Hilliard.

    One of the benefits of being around for such a long time in Jefferson Parish political circles is that there are no secrets. So since Slabbed is a place to share secrets, I can confirm that several Councilmen, namely Mr. Roberts, Mr. Lagasse and former appointed Mr. Thomas have chosen Parish Attorney Debbie Foshee, Code Director Tiffany Wilkin and newly appointed Director of the Alario Center Lydia Folse, to be subjected to harassment, character assassination and retaliation not only by themselves but their surrogates.

    Why? To sabotage the Parish President, John Young. How could Mr. Young be a threat to them? He is one of them.

    I do believe this Federal Investigation is provoking some very irrational conduct by those who are likely to be a Whitmer fallout.

  13. Beaureguard … Aaron Broussard should thank you for reminding everyone that he refused to impose the “resignation letter or be fired” employment demand upon his politically appointed at-will employees. If I were he, I would make certain that this part of his administrative policy is included in his pre-sentence report…

    And John Young may want to consider his post-Whitmer future by abandoning his decision for enacting such an abhorrent ultimatum as a stipulation for employment to avoid having this blatantly arrogant and unlawful demand being made part of his pre-sentence report.

    It is obvious that this administration has no clue about the rights of at-will employees that have been legally re-stated and re-enforced by the Parish Government in it’s proceedings filed against Tim Whitmer.

    We don’t have to take this abuse anymore Mr. Young. Period.

  14. Welcome, Beaureguard! I appreciate both the depth of your information and your refreshing, classy style.
    Zeldafaybaker, in the city of films, JOHNJI would be a sell-out! Too funny!

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