I am hearing stories of open hostility in the senior ranks of the Young administration

Yes I am folks as there are rumors floating about that CAA Heather Hilliard has filed a workplace harassment suit against Deputy COO Richard Hart.  If a suit was indeed filed it is not on Jeff Net nor PACER. That said I have heard varieties of the same rumor today from multiple observers of Jefferson Parish Government so something is clearly wrong here.

At this point I’ll add Hart’s reputation inside the Yenni Building is best described as piss poor. John Young was sold a pig in the poke in Hart and his assholery is evidently coming back on him in spades.

I’ll have more on this as I learn more.


Is Sean Alfortish a fucktard? Discuss.

You know Sean there are idiots and then there are fucktards. My considered opinion is you are the latter.

In bizarre twist, federal prosecutors invite defendant to withdraw his guilty plea

I also have a statement from Jim Letten’s office on this latest turn with Alfortish: Continue reading “Is Sean Alfortish a fucktard? Discuss.”

You have the right to remain silent…..

You know folks, maybe it was the only post I did where I did NOT offer the girls advice that finally sunk in with them. As proof I offer the fact that SlipperySlabbed is no more.

Now I would sure hate to burden anyone with some good advice so I’ll not offer any but I will add I am a reasonable man. Maybe our readers can give some suggestions as to a few things those SLAPP happy gutter punks can do in Nova Scotia to make things a bit easier on themselves.


Remember when Slabbed broke to the world that Tim Whitmer was cooperating?

Yep folks Slabbed broke the news to the world that Tim Whitmer had cut a deal and was cooperating in the process scooping every media outlet in metro NOLA by one full week. Please excuse me while I take a victory lap….

Tag it and bag it Dano.


You stab ’em, we Slab ’em.