I reckon its all in how you look at it……

In these past 6 weeks we’ve seen the heavily laden freight train finally leave the station and as that baby builds up speed it also builds up what an old stock basher like me would call “Mo”. In the financial markets the Mo is self sustaining to a point and the same is true in criminal investigations such as the one into political corruption in metro NOLA.  I’ve seen it up close before and it is apparent Aaron Broussard isn’t ready for that dot of light headed for him growing larger all the while.

Along those same lines I think that overall we’ve passed out some very good advice as a community here on Slabbed and I am very proud of our body of work here overall and I say the word “our” because Slabbed is way more than just me. The internet has brought together a diverse group of people strung across multiple states and international borders here on Slabbed. What a trip it has been to this point. 🙂

Getting back to that good advice thing I think I’ve given the girls some excellent advice since they first knocked on my door back on May 6, 2011. Lets put a circle around that date for now.

We all know they didn’t listen and the rest is history. And because they didn’t listen this is what they did to themselves: Continue reading “I reckon its all in how you look at it……”

BREAKING: The Alabama Teabagger is positively identified!

Hat Tip Scott McKay at the Hayride who has been all over this. From Scott’s post:

UPDATE #2: Kudos should go out to Outkick The Coverage as well, which has perhaps the most entertaining post on this subject yet – including the revelation that Downing’s mom had not the faintest clue what was going on (gotta feel for her, but then again this can’t be THAT big a surprise)…

OKTC has spoken with the New Orleans police department multiple times and just moments ago the police department confirmed they have this individual’s name, location, and employment history and are pursuing the investigation.

Brian Downing is listed on Bizfinder.com as the manager of the Hibbett’s Sporting Goods in Tuscaloosa. Continue reading “BREAKING: The Alabama Teabagger is positively identified!”

Its the Slabbed question of the day……????

Why would Shane D’Antoni aka Shane Gates drive crawfish all the way from Louisiana to Nova Scotia on occasion?  I have a friend in DC (Louisiana expat) that works a very large non-profit crawfish boil every year up there.  They fly their fresh Louisiana crawfish to DC. Yeah air freight sucks but they get them fast, fresh and alive, which is very important as every crawfish enthusiast knows.

I am certain Car 54 is chasing every lead they get that way as Stephanie Grace intimates in her column today on the topic of Aaron Broussard, Nova Scotia and the Trout Point Development.


The SouthCoast Today picks up more coverage of the unfolding Money Laundering Scandal involving the Trout Point development.

Two Nova Scotia firms are being named in news stories about the new fraud allegations which surfaced Tuesday regarding former Jefferson Parish (Louisiana) president Aaron Broussard’s growing problems with investigations and indictments for his actions while in office.

The allegation that parish contractors were paying Broussard retainers, consulting fees or finder’s fees is the first direct public mention of such conduct in the multifaceted, multi-year federal investigation of Jefferson’s government under Broussard’s tenure. Head Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Klebba told reporters that it was a “distinct possibility” that there could be additional defendants in the case and that a decision could be made as soon as mid-February.

Continue Reading at the SouthCoast Today.

Why stopping SOPA is important.

From NMC:

On January 24th, the Senate will vote on SOPA, the “Stop Internet Piracy Act,” Today– January 18th– Redit, Boing Boing, and a lot of other internet sites have joined in a 12 hour blackout warning folks that this legislation could, literally, destroy the internet as we know it.

Those participating in the blackout are saying: Call your representatives and tell them you oppose it.

There’s an ongoing and increasingly desperate by pre-internet copyright holders to blame new technology on their failure to adapt to it. Anyone who has read about about these sort of technological changes– from sheet music to player pianos, from that to records, from records to radio, etc.– will know this story. Continue reading “Why stopping SOPA is important.”

Jim Brown

Thursday, January 19th, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


A headline in several regional newspapers caught my eye. “Homeowners Insurance Rate Increases Have Slowed,” said one front page banner. I guess that’s supposed to be good news. But in my home state of Louisiana, rates have skyrocketed since 2005 — by an astounding 40%. No other state in the country has experienced such dramatic increases. And we continue to read that it’s all the fault of Katrina. There have been no major weather related losses in a number of years, but the rates continue to go up. There must be something rotten in Denmark. Hmmm – make that Louisiana.

Bob Hunter, director of insurance at the Consumer Federation of America, pulls no punches in laying the blame right at the feet of insurance regulators. He points out that insurance companies are using a number of tricks to eliminate their risk while the homeowner takes it on the chin with rates that continue to climb, hand over fist. “It simply requires regulation,” says Hunter. “Why haven’t rates gone down? Are they (insurance companies) gouging?” Ya’ think?

A significant factor in rates staying high is the continuing problems of AIG. This mammoth insurance conglomerate, that has a huge presence in Louisiana, was the first major insurance company to be bailed out as the recent Wall Street crisis evolved. Congress authorized an injection of more than $130 billion in taxpayer funds to AIG and its numerous subsidiaries. Not only were billions injected to pay off debts, the federal treasury plowed some $40 million of taxpayer dollars to take a partial stake in the ownership of AIG. As of today, the government owns 77% of AIG. So how’s your investment doing? The Wall Street Journal reported last week that AIG shares have declined 50% in this year alone. Continue reading “Jim Brown”