9 thoughts on “The Nova Scotia SouthCoast Today picks up the latest developments”

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  2. SlipperySlabbed blog is right up there with Aaron Bennett from Benetech's blog that he used to fight off Lee Zurik. I suspect that SlipperySlabbed will follow the Benetech Blog in that it's a great informational piece the US Attorneys office is using to prosecute people with. SlipperySlabbed has some interesting conflicting info on their site which certainly helps the USAO just like the Benetech Blog did.

    In other words when someone is after you for criminal acts then STFU and if you can't STFU then you will be toast.

    1. I could not believe my good fortune Pres. I've been by SlipperySlabbed everyday since the blog went up. You see they commented here and sent a trackback, which I held in moderation as the time to roll out their latest internet endeavor was not right.

      From my standpoint in a perfect world Timothy Gillespie at SouthCoast Today would have not linked SlipperySlabbed when he did but I repsect the fact he is an independent journalist telling a story from a Canadian perspective. It is not that I fear being exposed as my name as moderator of this blog has been public knowledge since I appeared on Fox 8 at 9 back in May 2010 in an interview with Val Bracy regarding Interim Parish President Steve Theriot's lawsuit against the blogosphere. I'll add that in April 2011 I also linked Slabbed New Media in an official government document so obviously I was well known especially and including Team Girls.

      I say that because SlipperySlabbed has an official Nova Scotia court transcript posted that when read coupled with the fact pattern above leads to some very interesting places Pres though I would caution our readers to not jump to any conclusions as I am still fact finding in advance of the expose coming here on Slabbed. I will add the official Trout Point Lodge blog linked it all plus some.

      Their Canadian sabre rattling is useless and the Nova Scotia judiciary will come off looking mighty silly at the end of this but lets put a circle around all of this for now. 😉


  3. Caution – Beware : SlipperySlabbed maybe a SlipperyShow which may lead to a SlipperySlope which might result in an unexpected Slip and Fall.

    Personally I'm staying clear of such a blog because of fear of several types of viral infections.

  4. You are RIGHT Lockem…
    I viewed the site ONCE & NOT for long & now POP-UPS on the browser I used.
    Tried uninstall & install again, to NO AVAIL….Ain't going back.

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