Fox 8 and WWL TeeVee is reporting Karen Parker will be in court to plead guilty to Misprison of Felony.

Aaron Broussard’s ex-wife is due in court this morning folks to change her plea in the payroll fraud portion of what we call the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal. Worth noting is Miss Parker was cut in by her then hubby Aaron Broussard on his portion of the development at Trout Point in Nova Scotia, another tentacle of the ongoing investigation into the most significant political corruption investigation in Metro New Orleans in a generation.  I’ll update this post today as the story on Parker’s change of plea and agreement to cooperate with the FBI and state authorities in the ongoing investigation develop.  Sources indicate Miss Parker can avoid jail time completely under the terms of her plea.


3 thoughts on “Fox 8 and WWL TeeVee is reporting Karen Parker will be in court to plead guilty to Misprison of Felony.”

  1. The plea deal sounds unbelievable – misprison of not someone else's felony but of one's own felony theft of over $300,000 at a job she will testify she never did a day's work at.
    Has such a deal ever been offered to a criminal felon before for testimony. If i was on the jury i would discount anything she says because of the seemingly unbelievable plea deal she is set to receive.

    Is the conviction of two co-conspirators worth allowing this arrogant woman to walk away with $300,000 . How about paying the JP government back the $300,000, forfeiting all her government retirement and testifying against all the other faux paralegals..

    This sets a bad precedent for future payroll fraud cases that such crime does pay. Just look at all the other unindicted faux paralegals such as Ken "Williams Baptist" Trahan, "Mr.T" Thomassie, "Da Redlight Camera Judge in Waiting " Mortillaro, Barbara Namer, and on and on who were not certified paralegals and walked away with thousands also. In fact, Barabra Namer was rewarded and rehired by the Young Administration after she was fired for her chronic 10 year payroll fraud.

    Is the U.S. Attorney and U.S. Justice Dept. so obsessed and fixated on Broussard and Wilkinson that they have loss all sense of fair prosecution of all the other criminals in this broad payroll fraud conspiracy.

  2. And to this ludicrous scenario where Parker walks away with a 1/3 of a Million Dollrs plus … two of the principal co-conspirators in both the paralegal payroll fraud and the altering of public records to cover up their complicity, PEGGY BARTON and DEANO BONANO, are still on the Parish's payroll … BARTON at a $125,000 a year and BONANO at $100,000 a year … it would seem as though the US Attorney's Office, as well as Parish President Young and Councilman Roberts are now also principals in a Continuing Criminal Enterprise by allowing these two felons to receive taxpayers' money disguised as salary…

    Another glaring example that corruption is so imbedded in the Governing of Jefferson Parish that no one seems to think that anything's wrong with having BARTON and BONANO conduct Parish business …

    Shameless, absolutely shameless …

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