Tater Nuts problems just keep getting worser and worser. A periodic report on Ocean Springs Alderman James Hagan and his mounting legal problems.

Well folks, in the past month Hagan has been arrested for getting fresh with a 15 year old girl and having child porn on his city owned notebook computer that he previously had claimed was lost.  Today the Sun Herald’s Margaret Baker checks in with a civil suit filed against Hagan by the Ameristar Casino Hotel. It seems Hagan overflowed his hotel room bathtub in a major way causing extensive damage to 6 hotel rooms. This snippet from Margaret’s story gives a flavor of the tort:

According to Ameristar Casino’s complaint, a security official was responding to a report of water seeping under the door of Hagan’s sixth-floor room when he found Hagan asleep in the bathtub with the water still running.

“… The water was overflowing onto the floor and into the hallway of the sixth floor and into several rooms (4) … causing wet carpet …” with additional water damage suspected in three other fifth-floor rooms. The officer, the report said, repeatedly tried to wake up Hagan. Finally, the report said, Hagan responded, using his foot to turn off the faucet before falling back to sleep.

Folks Tater Nut’s legal problems just seem to get worser and worser as another of Scott Walker’s Ocean Springs GOP running buddies self implodes.


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