BREAKING: Karen Parker rolls over on her ex-hubby Aaron Broussard. Turn up the heat please. :-)

Hat tip ‘Gate via email and Ricardo in comments. Rich Rainey has the story on the plea change. Folks there is stuff coming down that will makes this look bush league when the names are made public. That buzz from early December….Its Backkkkkkkkkkkk

The forfeiture provisions in criminal RICO are draconian folks. It could well be before this is done Uncle Sam will end up with Aaron’s remaining property at the Trout Point Development.


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  1. Uh oh…what does this mean for Parker's 'supervisors' Peggy Barton, Deano Bonano and Charlie Knopp? Just how much supervising of her did they NOT do? And why? Quid pro quo for salary bumps? Jobs for their children? WHAT?!!!!! Inquiring minds ( and possible a Federal Grand Jury or two) want to know. Thanks Sop.

  2. If John Young looks the other way now that Parker is co-operating and fails to fire Peggy Barton, Young should be charged with a Misprison of a Felony.

    If mini-me Roberts looks the other way now that Parker is co-operating and fails to fire Deano Bonano, Roberts should be charged with a Misprison of a Felony.

    Both Barton and Bonano need to indicted as co-conpirators in not only PAYROLL FRAUD but ALTERING PUBLIC RECORDS to cover up their complicity in facilitting payroll fraud … NOW wouldn't be soon enough !

  3. I'd like to thank Ms. Anne Marie Vandenweghe for her courage in filing her original WhistleBlower petition which first exposed this payroll fraud in detail in the public record of the JP Personnel Board…and River Birch…and Hubbard…etc,etc,etc

    Standing alone, she has been victimized by politico thug Parish Officials and their colluding incompetent lawyers, Phelps, Dunbar … retaliated against in the workplace …and fired…

    Throughout this ordeal that continues as I write, she has conducted herself with grace and honor … and Ms. Vandenweghe has continued to be true to her resolve…DOING THE RIGHT THING, IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT THING TO DO !!!

    And further thanks to the Federal Investigators who have continued to show their faith in championing her cause of exposing the cancer of corruption so inbedded by the incestuous Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso.

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  5. President Young you failed to fire Peggy Barton as asst.Parish Attorney even though you well knew she was Karen Parker's direct supervisor. But for some reason you kept her political appointed career alive and moved her to another department. What gives. Maybe you might have to swear that you didn't know that and play a Sgt. Schultz, but the Feds won't buy it.

    When Karen Parker sings that she did not do a day's work as a paralegal supervisor in 6-7 years and sings that Peggy Barton knew that also, what are you going to look like to the public.

    If Peggy Barton is not indicted for misprison of Karen Parker's payroll fraud after she attempted to change the chain of command to falsely show she was not Karen Parker's direct supervisor then the Parish will still stink of corruption.

    President Young fire her now before the smell of sh*t sticks to you permanently for you appointing her to another department as an employee worthy to keep.

    Here's also hoping LargASSE gets indicted so I don't have to listen to his BS stuttering and see his facial ticks as he tries to conduct a Council meeting. I don't want to have to bring my lunch and dinner to the Council meeting cause that's how long Council meetings will last with LargASSE as parliamentarian ( think Edgar in the movie Men in Black).

  6. Oh. I hope "LargASSE" gets indicted (thank you "LOCK" for the moniker), because this is the COCKSUCKER who has allowed "squatters and trespassers" to build on my Family's batture property since KATRINA, and since the institution of my litigation (a Petitory Action). LargASSE and his minions (the Parish Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement, and the East Jefferson Levee District – and its "successor") just say "YASSA MASSA; YASSA BAAS". I hope Eddie Price is keeping a place warm for LargASSE. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  7. Give me that bottle deBrief … because I've just received some very disturbing news on the JP Scandals front …

    It seems as though that secret organization that Deano Bonano belongs to, and that Peggy Barton's husband belongs to, may be responsible for their not being fired … Bonano as mini-me's Council Assistant, $100,000 plus salary … and Peggy Barton as Director of Human Resouces, $125,000 plus salary … apparently the conspiracy is too keep them on the taxpayers' payroll until they both are eligible for the level 20 year retirement …

    The Bill of Information that Karen Parker will plead to is 'prima facia' evidence that both Peggy Barton and Deano Bonano are principal co-conspirators, along with Broussard and Wilkinson, in facilitating payroll fraud; and they, Barton and Bonano, conspired to alter the public records in an attempt to cover up their complicity in the payroll fraud.

    What makes the conduct of these two dispicable lowlife conspirators more egresious is THAT THEY ARE STILL SUCKING THE TAXPAYERS' TEAT AND HAVE NOT BEEN INDICTED !!!

    And we can thank mini-me Roberts and PP Young for continuing to retain these felons … and possibly selective prosecution by the US Atty's Office ???

  8. Hey is everyone forgetting the 'other' Deputy Parish attorney Louis Gruntz was also aware of Parker – Broussard's 'job' in the Parish Sttorney's office? He would have been her supervisor anytime Barton wasn't there, like all those times Barton was in Korea with her husband. Now that's another payroll fraud story involving Barton and Wilkinson… and one which shows what the quid pro quo was for her silence and complicity in the corruption. That and her salary. IMHO of course.

  9. President Young is starting to become quite the Porkbarrel pop artist of 2012 and is being nominated for artist of the year for his latest tune," A Streetcar Named Vets."


    I picked up the sh*t smelling tune this morning on NOLA and it goes something like this:

    Three, Six, Nine Young drank wine ( really political kool-aid),
    Had a fart brain idea for a JP streetcar line;
    He signed for a study but there's a big hitch,
    "Special Man" Roberts is throwin' a bitch;
    Seems Mini-me's campaign parade wants a streetcar float,
    The float broke, the parade's a joke and they're all going to hell in a porkbarrel boat.

    First it was a contest for the best engineering design to make JP drainage canals look like Venice, Italy canals with the winning design getting $30,000. Now its running a streetcar line down the canals in a $75,000 study.

    How about just running an HONEST GOVERNMENT to keep JP citizens from moving to St.Tammany you political, misfit f**ckups.

  10. Kererec: Well I recognize dat photo , it be dat President Young in his zuit- zuit suit doing his impression of Sgt. Schultz dat he don't know nuttin' bout nuttin. He be naive and innocent like da' Jay bird boys standing in da' back of Sgt Schultz.

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