BREAKING: Big D Fazzio gets new lawyers. He is digging deep folks.

Buddy Lemann does not come cheap folks and he is a top shelf criminal defense lawyer. Today River Birch’s Dominick Fazzio ditched the federal public defenders office and brought in Buddy and his son to mount his criminal defense.  To borrow some slang from the Slabbed legal team, Lemann is not the type of lawyer that is afraid to try a case. I’ve found Lemann to be aloof and egotistical in my limited observations of the man plying his trade but he is also possessive of more than enough skins on the wall to make the demeanor stick. Paul Rioux has the skinny for the T-P.

Hiring Lemann means Dominick Fazzio plans on fighting this to the bitter end folks IMHO. While Lemann is a fantastic criminal defense lawyer I do not think he will be able to stop Big D from being crushed by DoJ.


One thought on “BREAKING: Big D Fazzio gets new lawyers. He is digging deep folks.”

  1. In my opinion Buddy was a judicious law professor (he holds a Masters in Law also) and has his feet on the ground. Why hire Buddy ? Because he knows what the fuck he’s doing, that’s why.

    If he recommends to Fazzio that a plea is in order, it’s not because he can’t or won’t try a case, the opposite is true. And maybe that was the import of Berrigan’s ruling.

    As a side note, Professor Lemann was largely responsible for the genesis of Aaron Broussard’s political career; with Aaron being elected as President of the Young Democrats of Louisiana. What can I say, it was the early ‘70’s.

    'Gate I'm on my way with the Rebel Yell, as there is alot to celebrate about.

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