Time to hang it all out part deux: Cato get the timestamp, Tim Whitmer is cooperating with Team Fed.

I’ve heard it from 2 well placed sources folks and feel comfortable enough to break this story. If true the implications for a certain sitting elected official involved with the JPAS change orders are not good.


BREAKING: Big D Fazzio gets new lawyers. He is digging deep folks.

Buddy Lemann does not come cheap folks and he is a top shelf criminal defense lawyer. Today River Birch’s Dominick Fazzio ditched the federal public defenders office and brought in Buddy and his son to mount his criminal defense.  To borrow some slang from the Slabbed legal team, Lemann is not the type of lawyer that is afraid to try a case. I’ve found Lemann to be aloof and egotistical in my limited observations of the man plying his trade but he is also possessive of more than enough skins on the wall to make the demeanor stick. Paul Rioux has the skinny for the T-P.

Hiring Lemann means Dominick Fazzio plans on fighting this to the bitter end folks IMHO. While Lemann is a fantastic criminal defense lawyer I do not think he will be able to stop Big D from being crushed by DoJ.


BREAKING: Karen Parker rolls over on her ex-hubby Aaron Broussard. Turn up the heat please. :-)

Hat tip ‘Gate via email and Ricardo in comments. Rich Rainey has the story on the plea change. Folks there is stuff coming down that will makes this look bush league when the names are made public. That buzz from early December….Its Backkkkkkkkkkkk

The forfeiture provisions in criminal RICO are draconian folks. It could well be before this is done Uncle Sam will end up with Aaron’s remaining property at the Trout Point Development.


I’ve fielded several inquiries today concerning former congressman Gene Taylor. Updated

Today is the deadline to qualify here in Mississippi for the fall congressional elections.  As I understand it either you qualify by close of business today or you don’t get to run in the March party primaries or participate in the November general election.

I’ve shook the tree multiple times. Gene has always had a close circle of standup local folks and family that he relies upon for a sounding board and they must be very tight-lipped as there is nothing on the community to indicate a return to politics for the former congressman.

So with around 3 hours to go before quitting time today I’ll posit my best guess and say despite the various grass-roots draft Gene movements the former congressman will be staying in private life based on everything I can glean from the tea leaves. I hope he proves me wrong before 5 but don’t count on it folks. ~ sop


Michael Newsom at the Sun Herald just got the definitive word folks.

Of course Bobby Hebert is not in trouble with Entercom Communications. I mean hell Garlandfill took $250,000 in payola and he didn’t get in any trouble.

And Garland “Garlandfill” Robinette folks is exactly the type of sold out media whore that has held metro New Orleans back for generations secretly doing the bidding of his old line wealthy friends spreading propaganda on the airwaves. Anyone else notice how many scammers like Goldline advertise on talk radio? My biggest education doing Slabbed was learning exactly how sleazy the radio business is as a whole and especially the large companies like Entercom Communications where Garlandfill works and payola is evidently the rule of the day.

For those interested in Bobby Hebert’s dust up with Les Miles after the BCS Championship game click here.


I stress cyber security so much I managed to lock myself outta the rack…….


This is not a teaser since my posting plans for this morning have been derailed, but if the stars align I’ll have 3 posts today:

1. The invite to that freak Billy Nungessers’ campaign debt retirement party over at Blaine Kern’s place.

2. A shitload of docs on the BP MDL.

3. Waste Management’s RICO case.

And of course if Mayor Greg does anything dumb today I’ll have that too.