Did I mention with all the shit going down a few of us are engaged in what I’ll term high stakes blogging?

Paranoia may destroy ya but is sometimes necessary folks. I mention this because I’ve been followed, my house and office cased plus a canvass or two has been run.  When you blog about generations of entrenched corruption it does not make certain people very happy, especially here in the south where such things can get very nasty.

I mention this because our friend Jason over at AZ has evidently been hacked.  Jason has hung more skins on his blog to the betterment of society than any of us and he has been targeted by some of the folks he has exposed repeatedly.

I mention all this because yesterday I shared a bit of wisdom regarding recent site traffic here on Slabbed with a critical source.  Without revealing any specifics I’ll add the word is that Team Uncle Sam has brought in Mongo to take care of Team Heebe and I think recent events such as last Saturday’s reporting in the Times Picayune on River Birch buying Oklahoma Senator Inhofe is a sign how much pressure is on right now. I’ve had people tell me that Heebe will never be indicted.  To that I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, not only will Heebe be indicted but Mongo brought his friend RICO with him to help. Continue reading “Did I mention with all the shit going down a few of us are engaged in what I’ll term high stakes blogging?”

Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: Nick Sabin and Mitt Romney-Football and Politics!

Thursday, January 12th, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


After his team soundly trounced arch rival LSU in the BCS Championship game this week, Alabama Coach Nick Sabin took the podium to comment on his team’s huge victory.  The press was no doubt looking for nuggets of quotes on the dominant performance of the Alabama defense, or the breakout play of his quarterback.  But instead, he talked about a movie called “Red Tails.”

It’s a World War II action movie about America’s first all black aerial combat unit, produced by legendary director George Lucas (Star Wars), to be released next week.  Coach Sabin was able to arrange a private showing for his team the night before its big game.

The coach told the press at his post game conference why the movie was important to his team’s winning effort.  “We went to see the movie ‘Red Tails’ last night, which I would recommend to anybody. But, you know, those guys’ motto was ‘to the last plane, the bullet, the last man, the minute we fight and we always stay with the mission.’ And I think that kind of described the spirit of that group extremely well, but it also describes the spirit of you know the group of players that we have on our team this year.” Continue reading “Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: Nick Sabin and Mitt Romney-Football and Politics!”

And the word for the day is Heuristics. My point exactly.

This post is for the departed Nowdy, a true student of human behavior as I thought of her when I read this post by NMC on a book by author Daniel Kahneman’s, Thinking, Fast and Slow. Kahneman is a behavioral economist and it just so happens we’re littered with practical applications of the marriage of human psychology to economics and the law right here on Slabbed using it to explain not only why people confess to crimes they do not commit but also how insurers managed to institutionalize fraudulent claims handling practices in the aftermath of hurricanes.

What Kahneman describes is known as heuristics and that concept underpins the legal profession and our justice system.  Evidently Kahneman explains how it leads to arbitrary and/or plain silly outcomes in the courtroom to where even the insurance defense bar can understand it.

The bottom line folks is “rational” economists are dinosaurs walking.