I’m gonna hang it all out there: Suppose….

Suppose your name has come up on Slabbed a time or two and the context was not very nice. Commenters said ugly things and even I showed some tough love once or twice.

Suppose you had the guts to comment with us and left an email addy such that I would likely know who you are.

Suppose I did some DD with that email addy and in turn sent out solicitation to comment offline.

I’d do the G. Gordon Liddy thing to demonstrate my sincerity by burning myself with a candle and not flinch but that’d have to be in person. That said we have mutual peeps and I bet you inquired of at least one.

Putting myself in your shoes I guess there is a lot of ways a person could look at such a thing given all that’s happened. That said in my Opinion the “O” stands for opportunity.



4 thoughts on “I’m gonna hang it all out there: Suppose….”

  1. Share! Share! More! More!

    Why no comment on the Yazoo Pig Boy's pardon list? How many of those fuckers will end up killing someone else? I note he did not pardon either weasel Tommy Freeland the convicted woman beater, or Greg Davis the pervert mayor of Southaven.

    Speaking of whom:

    There once was a mayor of Southaven
    Whose morals were horribly spavined

    He said with a wink
    Spitting come in the sink.

    Tasty but not worth saving

    The swine did pardon Gregg Patrick Davis, Harry Bostick, among others. How much dough do you suppose changed hands?

    Plenty, I'd bet.

  2. So do I Anono and I thank everyone that contacted me offering to help me get up with the mystery person. There are only 3 people that know who I rolled out the red carpet for here. One of those is the subject of this post who certainly reads Slabbed daily, the other besides me is Slabbed legal.

    I could send another bat signal via mutual peep but the subject of this post evidently wishes to be left alone and I'll respect that.


  3. I’ll take the liberty to edit an infamous quote in context of your post Sop:

    ‘I cannot forecast to you the action of Jefferson Parish Politicos. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is the national interests of the FBI, the US Atty’s Office and Washinton’s DoJ to ferret out corruption and instill law and order in Jefferson Parish’

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