I’m gonna hang it all out there: Suppose….

Suppose your name has come up on Slabbed a time or two and the context was not very nice. Commenters said ugly things and even I showed some tough love once or twice.

Suppose you had the guts to comment with us and left an email addy such that I would likely know who you are.

Suppose I did some DD with that email addy and in turn sent out solicitation to comment offline.

I’d do the G. Gordon Liddy thing to demonstrate my sincerity by burning myself with a candle and not flinch but that’d have to be in person. That said we have mutual peeps and I bet you inquired of at least one.

Putting myself in your shoes I guess there is a lot of ways a person could look at such a thing given all that’s happened. That said in my Opinion the “O” stands for opportunity.



Judge Barbier’s fee ruling in the Oil Spill MDL attracting more media attention.

I’ll keep this short and sweet folks as time is scarce for me today but we’re getting some referrals from a Joe Nocera column in the New York Times today about Judge Barbier’s recent fee ruling in the Oil Spill MDL and that also allows me to link Becky Mowbray’s reporting for the Times Picayune on Buddy Caldwell’s appeal of Judge Barbier’s ruling, which we covered here in a post that has been very well received in the new media. For my part I’m still cataloguing various instances where lawyers sitting on the PSC that also represent other clients against BP outside the PSC are taking diametrically opposing positions on the fee arrangement in motions filed before Judge Barbier’s court. This in turn lends the whole affair a three ring circus like quality.

Nocera, as is his wont, takes the side of corporate america, namely BP, in his piece but misses the mark by leaving out the fact that BP is an active participant in the cesspool that is this litigation even hiring the plaintiff firm that bears the name of legendary trial lawyer Wendell Gauthier to hand out campaign cash to local “luminaries” such as Bobby Jindal and Mary Landrieu. Nocera is what he is folks and his column is otherwise very accurate, well sourced and this much is true, BP has opened its wallet to make amends.

Becky Mowbray OTOH wrote the column that needed writing as she lent some much needed context to the political environment that got us here. Becky points out that Buddy Caldwell went to the legislature to obtain contingent fee authority from the legislature to pay the state’s contract lawyers in the MDL and was denied by same. She also honed in on the fact that the lawyer representing Team Jindal, Burton LeBlanc’s law firm, Baron & Budd sits on the PSC meaning Team Jindal has potentially interest conflicted council. The report had everything but Caldwell’s appeal itself, which a reader was kind enough to share so everyone could read the entire 56 page document for themselves.

I’ll have more on this down the line as the legal conflicts of interest are open, brazen and have amazingly been allowed to this point by Judge Barbier.