And you’re still outta here! Big D Fazzio’s lawyers remain disqualified and that’s all we’ll be hearing ’bout that for a while.

Late last week Judge Ginger made it official folks, Dominick Fazzio’s legal fee agreement with Team Heebe/Ward/River Birch Landfill made it impossible for him to get unconflicted legal representation. The good news is Big D gets federal public defender Sam Scillitani as his new lawyer, at least for the time being. The federal public defenders office did a great job with our own AROD against USA Letten’s trumped-up threat charges against him so Big D is in competent legal hands for now.

This one has all the signs of a first class crushing. I’ll note sentences like the one I think Big D will end up with qualify such felons for places like the prison in Marion Illinois where solitary confinement is the rule more so than the exception. The deleterious mental impacts of solitary have been well documented:

In addition, solitary confinement often resulted in severe exacerbation of a previously existing mental condition. Even among inmates who did not develop overt psychiatric illness as a result of solitary confinement, such confinement almost inevitably imposed significant psychological pain during the period of isolated confinement and often significantly impaired the inmate’s capacity to adapt successfully to the broader prison environment.

It is both tragic and highly disturbing that the lessons of the nineteenth century experience with solitary confinement are today being so completely ignored by those responsible for addressing the housing and the mental health needs in the prison setting. For, indeed, the psychiatric harm caused by solitary confinement had become exceedingly apparent well over one hundred years ago.

I hear even the Dapper Don, John Gotti ended up smearing his own feces on himself from the bad mental impacts of solitary before he died at Marion Illinois. File that one from the penthouse to the shithouse files.


2 thoughts on “And you’re still outta here! Big D Fazzio’s lawyers remain disqualified and that’s all we’ll be hearing ’bout that for a while.”

  1. Ode' to the Greedy

    From the penthouse to the shithouse,

    from the pig trough to the pig stye,

    from the gravy train to the train of pain,

    from can't get enough to enough of nothing, and

    from screwing the public to getting screwed in public.

  2. Dominick Fazzio NEEDS TO corroborate Henry Mouton's June 2011 BRIBED GUILTY PLEA and CRUSH FREDERICK R. HEEBE,ET.AL. Fazzio has ALL THE LEVERAGE to get a slap on the wrist for his "GARNER INDICTMENT", get immunity from all and any other crimes with River Burch and former employer Alvin C. Copeland and be the HERO his little wife expects Dominick to be for their family..

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