From the horse and buggy to a man on the moon and now light years beyond. Time Cloaking now a perceived reality.

When I was in college I had a mid-student life crisis and came within a whisker of changing my major to Theoretical Physics.  I still try to keep up with the field, which IMHO is on the verge of changing mankind’s perception of the universe and the very nature of how we perceive “reality” and the nature of our existence. I mention this because scientists have experimentally confirmed  the hypothesis of Martin McCall, a Theorist in the UK that time can be masked thus making an event impossible to see. The very manipulation of space-time, in this instance the time part, has ramification that are profound IMHO. You see, even though time seemingly moves in one direction, in the world of theoretical physics the math indicates it is possible to move both forward and back in space-time thus implying that people are not really dead as much as they are “just a ways back there” in the space-time continuum.

It gets complicated quick but PBS recently aired a 3 part show recently on NOVA that nicely explains that and far more.

Since we’re on the topic of theoretical physics I’ll add today is the birthday of the most famous theoretical physicist and ALS survivor of ’em all as Stephen Hawkings celebrates his 70th birthday today.


And you’re still outta here! Big D Fazzio’s lawyers remain disqualified and that’s all we’ll be hearing ’bout that for a while.

Late last week Judge Ginger made it official folks, Dominick Fazzio’s legal fee agreement with Team Heebe/Ward/River Birch Landfill made it impossible for him to get unconflicted legal representation. The good news is Big D gets federal public defender Sam Scillitani as his new lawyer, at least for the time being. The federal public defenders office did a great job with our own AROD against USA Letten’s trumped-up threat charges against him so Big D is in competent legal hands for now.

This one has all the signs of a first class crushing. I’ll note sentences like the one I think Big D will end up with qualify such felons for places like the prison in Marion Illinois where solitary confinement is the rule more so than the exception. The deleterious mental impacts of solitary have been well documented:

In addition, solitary confinement often resulted in severe exacerbation of a previously existing mental condition. Even among inmates who did not develop overt psychiatric illness as a result of solitary confinement, such confinement almost inevitably imposed significant psychological pain during the period of isolated confinement and often significantly impaired the inmate’s capacity to adapt successfully to the broader prison environment.

It is both tragic and highly disturbing that the lessons of the nineteenth century experience with solitary confinement are today being so completely ignored by those responsible for addressing the housing and the mental health needs in the prison setting. For, indeed, the psychiatric harm caused by solitary confinement had become exceedingly apparent well over one hundred years ago.

I hear even the Dapper Don, John Gotti ended up smearing his own feces on himself from the bad mental impacts of solitary before he died at Marion Illinois. File that one from the penthouse to the shithouse files.


Log Cabin Republican Greg Davis asked to resign as Mayor of Southaven

Well folks what can I say except the ongoing saga of the now openly gay Southaven Mayor Greg Davis has gone national as the Board of Alderman has called on hiz honner to resign for spending public money at sex shops of the variety preferred by what the locals would refer to as “the sodomites”. You see folks in the heart of Baptist Mississippi there is only one kind of sodomy that is considered socially acceptable and it isn’t the variety Mayor Greg prefers.

Now here at Slabbed we’re a live and let live bunch so we shall not cast stones at Mayor Greg’s sexuality beyond saying he should have long ago come out of the closet and spared everyone this entire ordeal. You see folks it was the closet that was Mayor Greg unshareable need, the end result of which is the crimes he strongly appears to have perpetrated. And since I first posted on the whole sorry affair, the FBI has now taken an interest in the case so it could well be Mayor Greg will be called to account at a local federal courthouse near him. IMHO the interest of justice demands no less.

File this one under its time to smell the coffee Mayor Davis.