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  1. I personally believe that we should take some of the ideas from each of the republican candidates and advocate their implementation to our so-called representative "polidickians" without necessarily electing any one of them as President.

    For instance, how about Perry's recommendation that Congress only meet every two years except for national emergencies. Now all they do is spend most of the year fighting in a stalemate while being wined and dined by lobbyist as political whores in D.C..Make them part- timers for part-time pay. No retirement and no other fancy health insurance benefits.

    Then you have Gingrich's idea of eliminating entire Federal Circuits, i.e. the Ninth Circuit in California which legislates the law of the land to the mores and liberal attitudes of the west coast, which Gingrich states was previously done in the 1800's.

    Then you have Paul and bringing the troops home from Japan, Germany and Korea and stopping most of the foreign aid especially to such groups as the Palestinian refugees (i.e there is plenty of vast land available in other Arab/Muslim states.)

    Then again let's return to reality and know all these good government ideas are just campaign sound bites and political "wet dreams" of the Palazzo type with little chance of real implementation.

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  3. Last idea first. The various governments and wannabee governments of the Palestinian territory are hopelessly corrupt, and sending money to them is a waste of time if you really want to help those people. On the other hand, the people are starving, and living under conditions that are akin to those of the Warsaw Ghetto, and I'm not overstating that case.

    Ultra-religious Jews in their illegal settlements are spitting on little Israeli girls who dare to wear sleeveless shirts, and on female members of the Israeli armed forces, who go out to defend the settlements the chikenshit ultra-orthodox want. Meanwhile, those guys who want their Biblical boundaries also want deferals from the military service that makes their dream possible in real world political terms. They spit on the women they let do their fighting for them, and they make themselves feel like men by frightening little girls of their own faith. That is pathetic.

    I was done with these jerks when I learned that they allocate themselves at least seven times more water than they deem essential for the day to day life of Palestinians. Palestinians mothers cope with dried up milk and thus no food for their infants, while Israelis in settlements the world pays for have swimming pools. I support the existence of Israel despite all it's problems, and I'm not lining up to give my family farm back to the Indians, but there is a limit. I would like to continue supporting Israel, but I'd be in favor of figuring out a better way to do it.

    Let's pay for AIDS medication in Africa instead of these settlements. If God is going to give that land to his people, let God do it.

    60 years in a refugee camp is too long to be a political football. Maybe you don't get your house or village back, and maybe you should get over it if you think you should, but when the Berlin Wall came down, that was a good thing. It is a step backwards to be funding the creation of new walls, and "Jew Only" roads is like whites only drinking fountains.

    All the little kids deserve to grow up without being being bombed or shot with weapons paid for by outsiders. I can't be the only one who thinks there is something wrong when the same outsiders are paying for both sides of the fight.

    I don't know want bringing all the troops home would do geopolitically, but I do know that for many in my circle, the time they spent serving in Germany or Japan was the only time they have ever been outside the territorial USA, and they valued the paycheck and the experience of the time they served in those countries. That is not a political argument, obviously. I'm not entirely sure what my point is here.

    Next to last point: the courts that enforce the law according to the social mores of the states in which they are holding court are at least as valid as the courts that take place in red states. Defunding liberal courts and continuing to fund "conservative" courts is not fair.

    First point: I'd say Amen to making the politicians part timers were it not for the sad reality that I don't get cable TV, and C-Span in more entertaining that most of what I can watch unless I want to wade into the chick flicks and fancy arty cinema that seems to dominate our household Netflicks cue.

    Deprive me of my real world vicarious civic participation, and I might become so brain dead that the Conservative Party USA plan to "return America" to the fictional world of a half-assed low budget sitcom (google "Project Mayberry") might start to seem better than batshit.

    As things stand now, I still have two brain cells to rub together, and I can recognize a return to the Bush-the-First stupidity of a Vice President calling out a fictional TV reporter (Murphy Brown) for keeping her (fictional) baby whose (fictional) father had been killed overseas.

    1. Ahh things one never hears in the American media, exspecially the Israeli propaganda outlet also known as Faux News.

      Never done a post on the topic Anono but it is a worthy one indeed.


  4. Talk about media schizophrenia. Is there a psychiatrist in cyberspace for the T/P?

    Today the T/P has front page headlines revealing River Birch's vast political influence caused Congress ( with Vitter and Inhofe carrying all the other sacks of shit on their backs) to author and approve a rider of 106 words requiring only environmentally protected landfills ( i.e. River Birch being a known, prominent one) be used for debris.

    Such headlines inspire the reader to read on and turn to the proceeding page only to read a new headline that indicates that said rider was not necessary bad governmental legislation.

    However, the near last bit of news in this schizophrenic excrement,namely that River Birch spent slightly over $900,000 in 2006 and 2007 with Washington lobbyists, should have in reality been the real headlines.

    Well lets see now – $250,000 to Garlandfill on WWL radio to express his objective views, $400,000 to the State's " Moo" Mouton to moo loudly to any and all of River Birch's greatness while denigrating all other landfills; $900,000 spread among and into hundreds of D.C. sacks of shit for 106 "special words". Hmmmm

    Mr.Fazzio, as the long time financial CEO of River Birch, in a journalistic effort to facilitate a sane story for the T/P could you please tell us the total amount of money spent post Katrina to influence the power brokers, both political and media, thereby insuring River Birch's landfill monopoly.

  5. Lock, What the TP reported was first reported by the Baton Rouge Advocate back in 2007:

    8/6/07: BR Advocate:
    “”Connections unproven
    Both Nagin and McDaniel also told The Advocate last week they could not prove any connection between the silent partners and the current operators of the Gentilly landfill.
    The River Birch Landfill is owned by Fred and Adrea Heebe, who have donated a total of $9,500 to Vitter campaigns since 2000, according to records posted on the Internet by Congressional Quarterly. The couple has also donated $45,000 to the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee since the hurricane, the records show.
    Calls to Fred Heebe’s office for comment on Wednesday and Thursday were not returned by Friday.
    After testifying at a House committee hearing on Wednesday, Nagin told The Advocate that Vitter had sent several letters to his office raising concerns about the Old Gentilly Landfill. Nagin said he was surprised to learn about the contributions to Vitter ‘s campaigns from the owners of the River Birch Landfill.
    “Get out of here, man,” Nagin said. “All I can do is laugh. All I can say is that is unbelievable.” “””
    “”””” The concern about the Old Gentilly Landfill is genuine and had ****nothing to do with the campaign contributions, Vitter said Tuesday. *******Vitter said he did not introduce any legislation or play any role in drafting or negotiating any provision in the recent water resources act as it pertains to landfills.
    ******** “I certainly raised the issue several times because I’m concerned about the situation at the Gentilly landfill,” Vitter said.
    Lobby payments jumped Records provided by the Center for Responsive Politics show that River Birch lobbying payments jumped ***********from $50,000 in 2005 to $400,000 ******** last year. Former U.S. Rep. ******Bob Livingston, R-Metairie, who also had served as Speaker of the House, received the bulk of the payments, through a ******** $180,000 lobbying contract after leaving office.
    Livingston, whom Vitter replaced in the House in 1999, declined Wednesday to comment on his representation of River Birch.
    The River Birch Landfill is in the congressional district previously represented by Livingston and then by Vitter , who later became a senator.
    Though he could not give specifics, Vitter also pointed out that the operators of the Old Gentilly Landfill and lawyers representing the group have also contributed to his campaign. The Old Gentilly Landfill is operated through a partnership of Stephen Stumpf, Donna Stumpf and Jimmie Woods. Donna Stumpf, president of Durr Heavy Construction, which operates the landfill, could not be reached for comment. Numerous messages to her office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were not returned by Friday.””””””
    “””””Nagin said he was worried about the proposed amendment calling for stricter standards for the Old Gentilly Landfill. The amendment, however, never made it into the final bill considered by the House and Senate.
    +++++++++The final language in the bill, which is stalled in the Senate, states that no federal money can go toward paying for reimbursement for disposal in a facility that does not meet federal construction and debris guidelines. Gentilly meets the standards, according to the state Department of Environmental Quality.
    +++++++The language was inserted by U.S. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., who until January served as the chairman of the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee, on which Vitter also sits.
    Inhofe’s concerns came as early as September 2005, when he and Vitter sent a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency questioning the reopening of the Old Gentilly Landfill.”

    Slabbed was on this last year.

    What cracks me up is how the TP knows about this stuff and then just up and sends out a notice telling people, 'hey something's about to happen and we're going to pretend like this is all new.' The Advocate ran this story in 2007 but did the TP? I don't know but let's guess probably not. And if not… well why not? The only truly new info in that most recent TP report is about the aides at the very bottom of the article:

    "Garret Graves, one of Vitter's top aides during the debate over the 2007 water resources bill and now the top coastal restoration aide to Gov. Bobby Jindal, wouldn't respond to a question on the rider authored by his former boss and Inhofe.
    "Due to the ongoing federal investigation, I have been advised by the Senate office of counsel not to comment," Graves said.
    Graves, Russell and Inhofe staffer Charli Coon were identified as "lobbyists" on a list that federal investigators seized from River Birch. The list included nearly three dozen lawyers, consultants, journalists, political officials and some who are registered as lobbyists. Graves, Russell and most of the other non-lobbyists on the list said they did no lobbying for Heebe or his landfill."

    Funny how this gets dropped just after the Fazzio ruling. Timing, timing. Here's guessing something's about to happen (well albeit maybe not right away) because the TP only drops these notices when that's the case, at least as far as this lil' imbroglio's concerned.

  6. Ok so let me think:
    if we abolish all their offices in DC and require all elected officials to remain in their hometowns then all the $$$$$ spent on lobbyists and which the lobbyists spent in DC would have been spent in the pols hometowns where the lobbyists would have had to go to lobby them. And presumably the lobbyists would have to fly and drive ( cha-ching more bling for American airlines and gas stations and hotels and —well you get the message). Talk about Buy Local and Buy American. And no more expensive furniture etc in Congressional Offices. Staff in one place only: hometown. Computer technology supports Face-to-face meetngs and document collaboration and so many other neat things ALL could be run just from one big IT cloud. And the elected pols would be right close by to see and be seen by their constituents. Think of the marriages it would save. Think about the scandals it would avert. And then also the media would be spreading their wealth by traveling to the pols hometowns for interviews instead of the citizens footing the bill to make access easier.
    I don't know: sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe ABC will run with this the way they ran with Buy American for Christmas.

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