Rich, lets just say there are some folks that are a wee bit pissed…..

Folks, the wet kiss Rich Rainey gave former Jefferson Parish interim councilmember Mike Thomas a few days ago has caused a major stir with some of our commenters so let’s get a dedicated post going on the subject. Gate touched on my favorite part of Rainey’s story and it is worth excerpting:

Thomas knew before the meeting that the contract was going to expire because he had met with Chief Operating Officer Chris Cox in August to discuss its end. He also said he knew that the lobbyist was willing to continue working until a new contract could be minted. But his point with the phone call was to put heat on a growing frostiness between the council and the Young administration.

Firebranding or simple assholery folks? The reader comment comparing Rainey to Garland Robinette gives everyone a flavor for what the unwashed masses think.  My only thought is that Thomas has only been good at getting government jobs via political connection so I doubt we hear of him doing much in the private sector unless it is as a Parish lobbyst at Adams and Reese. My bet is he surfaces as Tom Capella’s shoeshine boy over at the tax assessor’s office.


The Louisiana Ethics Administration starts off the New Year with a bang

By now folks you know the drill as the Louisiana Division of Administrative Law Docket will soon be gone with the cyber winds. On tap this week is Aaron Broussard, Jennifer Sneed Heebe and serial NOLA election candidate James Perry plus a host of other current/former public officials that are in trouble.

For those of you that checked this post out too late, I created a PDF of the webpage for posterity sake here.


Lets kick off the New Year Gretna style and examine city government at its worst.

Folks I don’t live in the proverbial land of milk and honey but there are some stark differences in how Government works over here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. One area the contrast is stark is in Code enforcement. To wit:

It is my intention to cast a light on those who do their jobs well. To that end, a man worthy of recognition is Mr. Tommy Kidd, the Environmental Consultant for Hancock County and Bay St. Louis.

Mr. Kidd not only coordinates hazardous waste disposals, but he traverses the county and Bay St. Louis to insure that any unsafe properties are cleaned up. He works with the individual property owners so the cleanup is completed in a timely fashion, and that the waste is disposed of properly. Additionally, he has assisted Waveland with their beautification efforts, even though he has no contract with them – only one example of going above and beyond.

I have witnessed how Mr. Kidd works with property owners first hand. He is kind and compassionate. Some have problems remaining from Katrina, and others have new issues. But, no matter the cause, he treats everyone with dignity and respect.
We were the contact party for several lots owned by a friend. Without our knowledge, local subcontractors had been using the lot to dump their waste materials, i.e. paint, sheetrock, scrap wood, etc. Mr. Kidd contacted me regarding the matter, and assisted us in having the debris removed. We were never threatened with legal action as so many others do. He has exceptional public relations skills and promotes community goodwill.

And in today’s Sun Herald we have this from Melissa Scallan:

Gulfport has had great success with its environmental court, said Rick Ryan, chief of code enforcement and environmental compliance for the city. Continue reading “Lets kick off the New Year Gretna style and examine city government at its worst.”