Tueday Music: Special dedication to Jimbo the Clown and the lit and hallucinating buffoons on the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

Louisiana Insurance Commish Jim Donelon

Folks while we celebrate 4 years of Slabbed please join me in re visiting one of my more timeless insurance post, Around the GO Zone in 60 Seconds: Drinking ‘Shroom juice at the Wall Street Journal, Cottages, Community, Warr and Wind Pool whereby I opined the Wall Street journal Editorial Board were a bunch of  “lit and hallucinating buffoons” for writing this OpEd that extolled the virtues of State Farm and Commish Jim Donelon aka Jimbo the Clown.  The sheer stupidity of the whole gang is simply timeless, especially since everyone kinda knows Louisiana Citizens is insolvent, got a going concern opinion and the like.

Well folks, last Friday the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled, in an open and shut case, that Louisiana Citizens did not adjust claims per the consumer protection portion of the state insurance law and was on the hook for bad faith penalties. Despite the split court I’ll add this case was open and shut except in certain results oriented courthouse circles who also know Citizens is insolvent and would give the entity a pass because of it, no doubt to save themselves the insurance assessment that is certainty coming everyone’s way now that the law has been correctly applied.

I everyone hope remembers how Citizens was hijacked and used as the personal piggy banks for insurance industry cronies connected to luminaries such as former Commish Robert Wooley and now Jimbo the Clown himself.  We’ve blogged lots on the Citizens Insurance Insolvency and parade of disaster CEO’s that have stunk up the place.  We’ve also blogged on the Wall Street Journal and the PR plants that spout self-serving crap for big business on its editorial pages. But frankly I never thought I’d blog on Jimbo the Clown bitching a blue streak because the Supreme Court correctly ruled in favor of the policyholder in an open and shut case, especially given his very recent campaign ads where he trumpeted being tough on an insurance company fining them $250,000 for fucking people over after Katrina. I reckon Jimbo thinks the voters in Louisiana are schmucks.

So for Jimbo, the lit and hallucinating buffoons at the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board and for the shills in Herr Hartwig’s boiler room today’s music is for you. ~ sop

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  1. Whether this blast from the past is relevant or not, I do not know … what I do know is that the theme is timely … considering both's failure to recognize reality … Broussard's legally deficient pro se motions and Donelon's failure to assess legal liability !!!

    In May of 1977, both Jim and his clown buddy Aaron were sworn into their respective seats on the JP Council of Clowns … ‘Jimbo’ Donelon as Council Chairman and ‘Heysuz’ Broussard as District Councilman for “KENNA” (fuck you mayor what ever your name is if you don’t like it) …

    Well that’s all I have to write on this subject matter for right now … I guess …

  2. I don't have the same "hatred" for Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon that others have. Indeed, I always have thought of him to be a reasonably honorable man (at least he hasn't gone to jail yet, like other Louisiana Insurance Commissioners – apologies to Jim Brown, who was "sucker-punched" by the Federal Bureau of Constipation). He did commit one indescretion while serving as a State Legislator: Tulane doled out scholarships for poloticians to bestow on their constitutiencies. Jim Brown bestowed at least one of the scholarships he was given by Tulane ON HIS OWN DAUGHTER. Anyway, that was quite a while ago. Now my point: I believe this "Oubre" decision to be a SCAM. I've been saying so ever since the Oube and Orrill cases were first reported in the "Times-Pick-Your-Nose" by Rebecca Mowbray. Bear the following FACTS in mind: (1) The amount of money involved in this Judgment is OBSCENE; (2) The lawyers will wind up with something in the neighborhood of $40 million, maybe more, while the policy holders will receive @$3,500 each, if thet're lucky; (3) Citizens PAID all legitimate claims. In other words, we're not talking about a callous insurer who hung the policy holders out to dry; (4) The case was "summarily" decided on summary judgment. There was no trial. There was no judicial determination that Citizens acted intentionally or even negligently. All the Supreme Court considered was whether there was any delay in commencing the adjustment of claims, and the reasons therefor be damned; (5) This was NOT a "clear cut" case. Five Judges on the State Firth Circuit ruled in favor of Citizens. Three Justices on the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens; (6) Parenthetically, upon checking the political contributions to Chief "Injustice" Catherine D. Kimball (who I aim to put in JAIL) for 2008, the following lawfirm and lawyers each made the maximum $5,000 contribution. The name should all be familiar if anyone took the time to determine who represented the plaintiffs against Citizens: Herman, Herman, Katz and Cotlar, Russ M. Herman, Stephen J Herman, and Steve J. Lane. When I get the time I hope to look up the recent political contributions to the other 4 Justices who ruled in favor of "the Hermans" and their partners; (7) And lastly, Citizens is a NON-PROFIT. I asked Rebecca Mowbray this question, but she ignored me: WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM? Will current or future insureds of Citizens have to foot the bill? Will we, the taxpayers, have to foot the bill to enrich a small grour of politically-connected plaintiffs' lawyers? JUST WHOSE POCKET WILL THE MONEY COME FROM? And Rebecca Mowbray made this point: What "DAMAGE" will be suffered if Citizens can't underwrite the next hurricane season, forcing thousands to remain uninsured? Ashton O'Dwyer.

  3. While I generally read and often agree with Ashton on his posts, can't say as I have anything good to say about Jimbo the Clown…I've actually tried to reason with this Donelon idiot on several occasions only to end the conversations because he is incapable of holding an intelligent conversation which includes any reasonable & rational response on his part.

    I generally dislike all politicans ( at any level of government) but I did work hard for Donald Hodge who oppossed Jimbo the Clown in the recent run for Insurance Commissioner. Hodge had no money or any way to get his message out; but, I did work hard for his candidancy.

    Kind of ironic that just weeks after Jimbo gets reelected by the Louisiana voters, he "blesses" State Farm with their request for EVEN MORE INCREASES IN THEIR PREMIUMS to their policy holders. Not surprising as Jimbo doesn't take a leak without first calling STATE FARM to get their permission to do so…

    IN any event, hope the people who reelected Jimbo the Clown and have STATE FARM as their insurance enjoy their INCREASED insurance premiums…it's appartently what you wanted.

  4. Jimbo, your clown act of asking for the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision is pretty sadistic and scary .

    Jimbo, you being a career politician yourself , you of all people should be able to see a political payoff to the lawyers representing the Citizen's policy holders.I know you want to be politically correct but after being hosed by Broussard and all the other insurance companies citizens are sick of the ever increasing,outrageous insurance premiums.

    Investigate and expose how those Supreme Court justices, who overturned the appellate decision,are politically tied to the plaintiffs' attorneys and you will no longer be Jimbo but a true consumer hero. Chief Justice Kimball just married Fast Eddie, does that give you a start?

  5. The little crime story here and crime story there adds up. The story the same only the names change.The though everyone having insurance woe's and wouldn't be covered in the next big storm with the government having no funds to help the U.S. Coast line would come to look like that much spoken of third world country. Do we then see countless battles over the little money of the few insured? Buzzards will always circle their prey.

    sop, not meaning to high jack the thread may I note the following please. Regarding the Bogalusa Chemical release recent ruling and Gaylord aka, present day Inland Temple are being sued once more over a chemical release which killed fish. Attorney's are seemingly seeking a one race class action. Now about Gaylord.

    The folks of the demonic court in Hinds County claim to have just ruled to move the settled remaining class claims.That action returns the unknown remaining money for the class to the 22nd judicial District of Franklinton, Louisiana. Defense attorneys who hold no legal right to awards money retain an amount to litigate against any objection to the settlements. My copy of 2004 global agreement states 2 million placed in reserve for that purpose at that time.

    And lastly boys and girls timing means all. All complaints in this matter were all made well in advance. Even to the children at the D.O.J. Its all a matter of observation. MS. life behind enemy lines. Question? I know it's an election year but what drives these actions? Let's see perhaps I'm additionally effected by Christmas money for others and no Santa Claus for me and my family. Boo Hoo Hoo. At the time of agreements the money was there and this being the only action since. And yes they lose money as well documents but. Tell us ole court of magical gains how much did you really get ???????? Franklinton courts hid info claiming a child sevice right to retain it. Hum? Just thinking. Anyways.

    It isn't odd to find corruption everywhere and MS. is well organized for that purpose but the end result like not being insured because we see the criminal court actions is really going to turn things into a hell of a mess come the next big storm. We can no longer trust our government. America is a money pit. Sadly government has long taken its stand and enforced its action by refusing to follow up investigations of past criminal actions of others and fully expect no investigation of their actions as well. Just like this shit with us. Once more its claimed the matter and issues are over. Having a fair amount not accounted for. Bet the moment anyone [ like an attorney acting on behalf a possible client or even the D.O.J.] would check into any possible transfer of funds in 251-98-1061 and related 251-96-493 Hinds county MS. regarding the Maries and its all a misunderstanding. Actually the D.O.J. most likely has its cut or will soon.The main power of the court in screwing its citizens is its flexiblity. I recall that corporations have been working to evacuate the Gulf states for their corporate oil endevors.

  6. From a comment above: "(3) Citizens PAID all legitimate claims. In other words, we’re not talking about a callous insurer who hung the policy holders out to dry." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Citizens hug plenty policy holders out to dry.

  7. To SOCK PUPPET: Well that's NOT AT ALL what the Oubre or Orrill cases are about. Citizen's "bad faith" or abritrary and capricious failure to pay a claim will be litigated on the merits, not decided summarily, without any adversary proceeding and testimony under oath. Don't you see the difference, or are you just taking a "cheap shot" at someone? Ashton O'Dwyer.

  8. If my count on Katrina cases that actually went to trial in Louisiana is accurate, La. Citizens and Lafayette Insurance Company were penalized the most under the bad faith statutes, and far more than any other insurer. If a company's claims adjusting process is systemically flawed, most individual claims will result in a bad faith adjustment.

    As I understand the summary judgment evidence considered by Judge Henry Sullivan (whom I believe to be a fair and honest judge), it was beyond dispute that NO claims adjustments at issue were commenced before the extended 30 day period (which is usually 14 days in non-catastrophe situations) set forth in the former LSA-R.S. 22:658. That makes it an easy call on an MSJ. Had La. Citizens produced proof that adjustment of these claims being initiated within 30 days was a genuine issue of material fact, then Sullivan would have denied the MSJ. And as I read the La. Sup. Ct. decision (including the dissents), this was a purely legal issue, not that there was a genuine issue of material fact that the trial judge missed.

    If you consider that a cheap shot, then so be it.

  9. Sock just OWNED Arod – hahahahaha. Almost as funny as someone saying above that this Supreme Court is "connected" to the plaintiffs' bar – now that is RICH!

  10. Atticus: Where the hell have you been brother. This is Louisiana. The Supreme Court I know are all attorneys and not robots which do not take campaign contributions. There is no doubt in some cases their prior associations influence their decisions.

    That said, I'd love to meet the people who got their claims initially in good faith adjusted within 30 days. I could count them on my right hand probably.

    In Jefferson Lil' Napoleon asked the citizens to stay away for 4 weeks so the infrastructure could be repaired. It was even longer in Orleans Parish.

    If you are not in your house with utilities to live how do the adjusters call you or for that matter get to you to inspect and to initiate the claims.

    My insurer supposedly asked for people to file on the internet but that was just a red herring because they never followed up with on line claimants within 30 days. And in my mind I was patient and I excused the tardiness part because of the volume of claimants. But the real pisser was when my insurer did come out what an assh*le he was, as was the next two.

    This judgment will be the straw that breaks the camels back and the backs of citizens throughout La. but especially in Orleans and Jefferson.Again Chrissy "The Special Man" Roberts, its not high weeds that drive people to the high ground of St Tammany.

  11. I think Atticus and Lockem are both right in their respective views of the La. Supreme Court. On balance (similar to the Mississippi Sup. Ct.), the La. Sup. Ct. has become much more business-oriented. Anyone who reads the opinions rendered almost every Friday can keep count of how many more recent cases are resolved (either by opinion or writ grant/denial) in favor of business/insurance interests than for individuals (i.e.: plaintiffs). But unfortunately, I do agree that human nature compels some of these "Justices" to view their campaign contributors more favorable, whether it be trial lawyers or business/industry.

    The problem is that there are 2 LABI judges on the court who pretty much ALWAYS rule in favor of the corporate defendant, no matter what the issue or how clear the law. I'll give you a hint, they both dissented in Oubre. It is reported that one of these "Justices" in particular has never tried a case, as a lawyer, in a Louisiana state court. This same justice is reported during his election campaign to have proudly boasted that he has NEVER represented a plaintiff. Ironic because a particular plaintiffs' firm held at least one fundraiser for him.

    The issue in Oubre was in my wheelhouse, briar patch (whatever), so it was very clear cut to me. The dissents smacked of an attempted political bail-out because the right result under the law ultimately will hurt the State/taxpayers. I don't like that part either, but that is not how judges should rule on things.

  12. The fact is that this Court is now dominated by "judges" whose view of civil cases is "plaintiff loses, now lemme figure out a way to get there." Sock is right on – this case was a simple, clear reading of the simple, clear statute, and the fact that it was 4-3 shows how PAINFUL it is for this court to actually rule for plaintiffs. For Arod and others that see this as a "windfall" for the lawyers need to focus on the real question here – ask Jimbo why he ignored his own counsel and chose not to settle this case for far less than this judgment by attempting an end-around in the CDC litigation with ass-clowns like Greg Dileo and Madro Bandaris.

  13. I'm going to make one more attempt to counter some of the hysterical Comments to this Post with FACTS: (1) The Chief "Injustice" of the Louseyanna Supreme Court, who is a sociopathic CRIMINAL, took $20,000 from the "Oubre" plaintiff lawyers in 2008, THAT WE KNOW OF. This is public record, and I haven't had the time or inclination to research other years. (2) The $50 million or so that the "Oubre" plaintiff lawyers will get, plus the "pittance" that "Citizen" policy holders will get, WILL COME OUT OF THE LOUISIANA TAXPAYERS' POCKETS. In other words, this result is NOT a victory for the policy holders, unless they no longer live in this CESSPOOL of a State, and even then a policy holder will see no more than $3,500 MAX (Let's see what the lawyers claim in "costs"). (3) Citizens made "mass advance payments" of $1,500 to policy holders for "additional living expenses" post-KATRINA, no questions asked, but those payments were not considered. (4) No reasoned evaluation of any policy holder's entitlement to $5,000 was made. If real "damage" was suffered by virtue of delay in commencing the adjustment of a claim, then common sense says that the "damage" was the loss of use of money, or interest, if payment of the claim was delayed. In this case, I am not aware that ANY determination was made that PAYMENT of any claim was delayed because the "adjustment process" was delayed. (5) In the "Oubre" case, the focal issue was whether an insurer is subject to the penalties imposed by a particular State statutefor the insurers untimely initiation of loss adjustmentin the absence of bad faith, ie. whether the insurer's actions were arbitrary, capricious and without probable cause. In my view (and in the view of the State Fifth Circuit – 5 Judges – and the Supreme Court dissenters – 3 Justices), a finding of bad faith would necessarily require a factual determination. (6) Virtually no factual determinations were made by the District Court (Judge Sullivan of the 24th J.D.C.) or by the Supreme Court, both of which decided "Oubre" on a summary basis "on-the-papers" (THIS IS NO WAY TO RUN AN AIRLINE, AND SMACKS OF COLLUSION AT BEST AND SOMETHING ELSE AT WORST). I could say more, but will content myself by hoping that Chief "Injustice" Kimball CHOKES on a sugarplum this Season, or puts her eyes out with a candy cane. And if she REALLY wants to "make" my Christmas, SUE ME! Ashton O'Dwyer.

  14. The only hysterical comments are yours, Mr. O'Dwyer. Everyone knows that. To my knowledge you never have TRIED and won a Katrina case.

  15. And a Merry Fucking Xmas to you, too. The ONLY KATRINA case EVER tried (and I'm not talking about "insurance" cases, was Calvin Fayard's MRGO case. How mant did YOU try, and win? I'll save what I REALLY think of you to say to your face, if ever I have the displeasure of meeting you. Ashton O'Dwyer. P.S. Jim Donelon was on the SPUD show on WWL Radio yesterday, and he had the oppurtunity to articulately address the "Oubre" decision. He "stepped on his dick". PITIFUL. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  16. Oh, the humanity! Ashton, my good man, Oubre is most assuredly an "insurance" case, and this post is most assuredly about Oubre, so let's not manufacture artificial distinctions between Katrina cases and insurance cases. Please don't feed that toad Fayard's ego by proclaiming him to be the only one to try a "Katrina case!" I know I tried a few (settled a shitload – which is a far better outcome for everyone). And PLEASE re-read the statute at issue in Oubre – there is no requirement of bad faith anywhere. The rule is start adjusting the fucking claim within 30 days or face the penalty. Jimbo and the Citizens Board are to blame for this judgment, not Kitty Kimball, not Judge Sullivan, and certainly not the lawyers who won the case. You sound like a jealous BITCH. 🙂

  17. To Atticus: If you claim to have tried any "KATRINA case", then you are full of shit. However, your Comment is the first "lucid" non hysterical treatment of "Oubre" that I have read since this POST. I just disagree with you and the Supreme Court, which I aver was motivated by something other than the facts and the law. As for your personal Comments, I have never been "jealous" of anyone in my life, including particularly the plaintiff lawyers in this case, who incidentally are NOT celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The last time I was called a "bitch" was when I was locked in a Guantanamo dog cage (on orders from Chief "Injustice" Kitty Kimball) when a pot-bellied "GOON" prison Guard from Angola said to me (from outside the dog cage), "Oh, we got us a bitch here! Are you a bitch, bitch? You sure look like a bitch. We're going to have fun with this bitch." About a year later, after my legal efforts to determine who had ordered my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment had been STONEWALLED, a lawyer within the Louisiana Department of "Injustice" named Paul Deal approached me on the steps of the Federal Courthouse and said to me, "You're lucky you didn't have a broomstick shoved up your ass." So, "Atticus", if you wish to express SLURS about my sexuality, come over to 6034 St. Charles Ave., NOLA 70118, anytime, and SAY IT TO MY FACE. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  18. NOW we finally get to the meat of the coconut – the Oubre lawyers are JEWS! Refresh my memory, Ash, do "those kind" rate higher or lower than "blue gums" in the inbred redneck vernacular?

  19. Oh, and I didn't call you a bitch (which I had no idea was a slur about sexuality), I said you sound like one – which you most certainly do, so don't go all PTSS on me there, tough guy. Getting beat up won't solve your problems – I'd recommend easing up on the racial, religious, and ethnic prejudices that clearly are consuming you.

  20. CORRECTION: In addition to a trial in Fayard's MRGO case, Duval-Daley-Fayard also held a non-jury trial in "the Barge case" against Lafarge. The plaintiffs in "the Barge case" were represented by my friends Larry Wiedemann, Patrick Sanders and Brian Gilbert (in addition to "out-of-town" counsel). The plaintiffs in "the Barge case" were shot down in flames by Duval-Daley-Fayard. Ashton O'Dwyer.

    1. And here on the coast Judge Ozerden gave Crowley a pass at the Port of Gulfport where even Admiralty laweyer AROD admitted Crowley got a pass. It happens all the time. Ozerden did a better job on the insurance cases.

      Regarding Citizens I find it interesting Insurance Industry PR resource also known as Insurance Coverage Blog has been silent on the issue. Rossmiller and the rest of the knee benders there seemingly only fire up for Hurricane season any more and none of 'em have ever tried such a case. Suffice it to say like AROD in Oubre they also know not of what they speaketh.

      Luckily for me doing Slabbed I've met or communicated with the best of the best consumer lawyers that sue insurance companies, guys like Jeff Marr from Oklahoma, a personal fav as he beclowned Ed Rust among other well presented thugs from State Farm. I don't know Atticus but Sock is in that class of lawyer folks and IMHO he and Atticus nailed exactly what has happened to our local courts. Big business owns them lock stock and barrel the only saving grace is they are elected thus they must throw ordinary folks a bone once in a while. If they were appointed like the Federal Judges you'd end up with judges like Berrigan, Engelhart and Feldman who simply do what they want legalities be damned and who also do not give a shit how it looks to the public.

      That said, the people AROD mentions look pretty shady to me as were his former partners and I mean heck, who better to know the shit house than someone like Ashton who was once an active participant in same until his usefulness to the power structure ran its course. We're lucky to have him.


  21. AROD: Your fact that the Oubre lawyers gave Kitty Kimball $20,000 in 2008 makes my point sufficiently, however maybe someone needs to search others years mainly before the suit was filed and since said filing ,not just for Kitty ,but all the Justices.

    We're not talking just a chickensh*t little reversal.We're talking the biggest monetary reversal decision in Louisiana jurisprudence

    If the Supreme Court wants to appear above reproach and angelic then its Chief Justice should refrain from marrying known political felons immediately upon release from prison. A felon who was possibly involved in more political governmental scandals in the last 30 years than anyone else. Unfortunately he only got convicted once.

    Otherwise her opinion and some other Justices on the Oubre case have to remain suspect IMHO.

  22. Gee, after all of these years, I did not realize trials against insurance companies for destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina actually were not "Katrina cases." You learn something new every day.

  23. I am not a lawyer, nor am I tied to any Insurance company, but I ask a simple question concerning damages from Katrina flooding, not wind damage.

    New Orleans has been proven to have had 80% of the flooding from Katrina associated with the breaches of two channels; London Ave & the 17th St. Navigation Channel. That being the case, and the fact that the Local Sponsors per the COE were responsible for their operation & maintenance under the direction of the COE in New Orleans as per 33 CFR 208.10, why haven't the insurance companies filed a joint suit against them to repay claims caused by their malfeasence in failing to follow written orders & law from higher authority?

    It would appear that they would try to get their money back from the Feds and in turn lower the insurance rates for citizens, not raise them.

    Also, it would appear that they even more than the citizens would want compliance with all Federal law, Engineering Regulations & Engineering Manuals must be complied with, and if not hold them responsible with any further damages from future storms/hurricanes.

    The requirement to take monitoring surveys of all channels associated with the LVP on a time interval of a maximum of 90 days has never taken place and still there is no compliance with this requirement. The 1989 letter to the Local Sponsor from theCOE was never responded to or complied with. Erosion of the channel banks caused the levee failures, which in turn failed the flood walls and flooded the city was due to malfeasence by the COE as they were responsible for the project.

  24. Easy answer, Wayne: too expensive with too little chance of meaningful recovery. Because most insurers were successful in blaming flood (essentially goverment-sponsored insurance for which the private insurers had very little exposure) versus wind (where the private insurers had the most exposure), the private insurers came out of Katrina fat and happy (with record profits). And as hard as it is for nimrods like AROD to comprehend, there are quite a lot of lawyers in this area who had to try Katrina cases to verdict.

  25. I believe you are correct in saying money is the driving force. However, in the flooding of the city as well as parts of Jefferson, St. Tammany, St. Bernard, Terraborne & Plaquemines Parishes the losses must be in the Billions. Much more than the Oil spill for sure.

    Is it that hard to go against the Above the Law Corps of Engineers? All damages except wind were caused by their lack of properly following law, regulations, manuals and just engineering practices. Someone must make them responsible to follow engineering principles as other practicing engineers. That includes removing all but one COE representative from that board and remove their immunity.

  26. Ashton, I respect you, but you are wrong on this one. I tried a Katrina case against Citizens and won a judgment that included penalties. Citizens in turn settled the rest of my cases on very, very good terms. One of my cases Citizens settled involved inspecting the WRONG HOUSE!

    Failure to initiate loss adjustment as per the plain terms of La.R.S. 22:1892 does not require the failure be "arbitrary or capricious" like the failure to pay within 30 or 60 days.

    As far as the attorney's fees issues, there will never be easier money earned than the money earned the failure to initiate loss adjustment.

    Lastly, Donelon is a joke! The following is a true story: I ran into Donelon at a local health club and explained that I was involved in Katrina litigation. One of the issues I was dealing with concerned the mold exclusion and how State Farm briefly was attempting to deny claims because rain water hit sheetrock causing mold on the sheetrock ergo the mold exclusion kicked the whole claim out. I asked Donelon why the state allowed the mold exclusion to be written into homeowner's policies in such a way that even allowed this ridiculous argument. His response was to blame trial lawyers. When i explained I was a trial lawyer, he simply walked away.

    The guy is a total ass-clown who is beyond incompetent!

  27. To Mr. Weiser: The point you raise about "Why didn't the Insurance Industry sue the Federal Government?" is entirely valid. To me, THAT'S where the "money" was, but it never materialized, for several reasons. Let me try to keep it "simple": First, the Insurance Industry apparently decided that it could not afford to alienate the Federal Government or the States which regulate the industry. I don't have access to the "numbers", but take Mississippi as a for instance: There still exists a claim of FRAUD, with the Federal Flood Insurance Program having paid losses that SHOULD have been assessed against private insurers' wind coverage, and no one has gone to jail. Second, "someone" had to represent the Insurance Industry, most likely "The Plaintiffs' Bar". However, plaintiffs' lawyers had aligned themselves with the likes of Calvin Fayard, who "secretly" represented the State of Louisiana until 8/29/07, and then continued representing the State until fired by Buddy Caldwell on 10/09/08. The Insurance Industry would have had to sue the State as well as the Federal Government, and the industry couldn't count on The Plaintiffs' Bar to ride the horse and carry the lance and shield, because all of those aligned with Fayard were hopelessly conflicted (and no one has gone to jail). The "issue" you reised has "more" complexities, but I have tried to keep it "simple". Ashton O'Dwyer.

  28. Hurricanes are a composite of wind and water, together with the potential collateral effects of hail, tornadoes and floods (levee or no levee).  By having Governments allow Insurance Companies to dichotomize losses based on legalese parcelization of the forces of nature which are the sum total elements of a Hurricane is non-sensical, and as such result in abstract arguments which abuse the legal process and denies the consumer justice.

  29. Why spend BILLIONS constructing local flood protection projects throughout Louisiana if they do nothing but give a false sense of security? Put an annual amount into a savings account of some type and just use that for reconstruction from any flood damage from a hurricane, tornado, etc. You know something like FEMA!!!

    You might want to see how much waste for these projects over the years have accumilated.
    The only practical levees are those for annual flood events, per your statement. One thing about not having a local flood protection project is when the waters rise and flood livable areas, as soon as the storm passes the water receeds quickly and water damage is minimum. Especially from salt water, which causes so many more types of problems. Vegatation is destroyed, metal of all types are corroded, hidden nails in timbers, flooring, base plates all corrode and weaken a structure until it is necessary to rebuild. Without levees to hold the flood waters in they would receed rapidly and nature in the form of rain will dilute or wash away the salt and damage is minimual.

    We should still be building as in the 1800's with homes above ground, four feet or better, depending on ground elevation, and just watch the water flow to the lake where the ground elevation is below sea level. A minimumm levee of +4 could be there for tidal fluctiations could be maintained along the lake and all would return to normal much faster. This goes for all coastal areas including those on the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico & any areas along the West Coast that are near to or just above sea level at high tide.

    Necessary governmental offices, hospitals, fire stations must be constructed this way to keep them operational

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