What do the New Orleans Saints, Aaron Broussard and Fred Heebe have in common?

Besides Tom Bensen’s prior socio-economic connections to Broussard that is. Simple folks Entercom’s WWL Big 870 Payola Radio.  Coastal Shoring relentlessly advertises there, with Garland Robinette doing some of the voice work for them while taking a so-called $250,000 loan from Fred Heebe, a man who Stephanie Grace wrote an excellent columnn on yesterday as it related to the latest bombshell of Heebe walking away from the Jefferson Parish Landfill contract.  Connecting a corrupt media outlet to the cesspool is nothing new folks as it happens in comments to almost every T-P column written on Heebe anymore and rightfully so.  Robinette is a whore for certain folks but he is also something worse for WWL and everyone that works there including the Cajun Cannon as Garlandfill is also cancer of the type that will end up afflicting everyone associated with the station, which does not operate in the public interest.

I still listen on occasion folks as I have a duty to listen. That said having to listen to Hokie is almost on par with water boarding.  Now when I listen in I try to figure out the non disclosed financial relationships that impacts their content.  And I especially enjoyed Rich Mauti’s heartfelt segment on Jerry Sandusky where he mentioned the failure of our institutions citing the political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish as an example before he was quickly herded back onto the reservations by Deke Beleiva, who is better than Hokie but still hard to listen to most of the time. Whew that was close one with Mauti eh Deke?

Knowing what we now know if it any wonder scammers like Goldline heavily use talk radio outlets like WWL to advertise (It takes a Weiner to know one 😉 )

File this one under great column Stephanie! ~ sop


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  1. Yesterday after the game, Hokie was talking about how great Brees was and he said, "He ceases to amaze me." You can always count on grammatical butchery and mixed metaphors. Also, I think everyone is tired of hearing Mauti's undying allegiance to Penn State.

  2. Must disagree with you, SOP. The writing, of late, for the TP has been really weak with no insightfulness or additions to what has been an old story getting older. Like the story a few weeks ago by Nancy Drew on the FOIA request. That was just pathetic.

    1. I thought Grace concisely catalogued everything that has gone down and while she wasn't doing a compare/contrast piece certainly reflects what the community has been saying here literally real time as the events unfolded. I skewered that interest conflicted windbag Loren Scott and all his puffery was tossed by Heebe like so many other worn out toys straight into the landfill. I'm glad Steph acknowledges that and so much else.

      Now I'll grant Rainey is off in the weeds with the way he wove AMV into the recent narrative but I plan on throwing in my 2 cents there too. She was a Broussard girl, everyone knows that but she also showed up for work everyday. She was moved out of code enforcement into the public records job by Tom Wilkinson and Tim Whitmer for a reason. She also knows public records law pretty damn well but as a full bird attorney made less money than Karen Parker Broussard who did not work at all. Like I said Rainey is off in the weeds there.

      Besides Stephanie Grace, Letter to the Editor aka James Gill had a good opinion piece yesterday as well.

      I didn't feel the need to consult any lawyer about Broussard's motions to know they were very ill advised. That said a lawyer familiar with the parties indicated to me a sense that Danny Abel's fingerprints were on both motions, which not only are guaranteed to piss off Team Letten but which Broussard has no hope of winning given the burden of proof he must carry to obtain relief from whatever harm was caused by the early leak. I mean the man ran his mouth to the press about his target letter back in February.

      My recommendation is to sit back, pop some popcorn and watch the tableau unfold cause this has all the signs of a crash and burn.


  3. Sop I have the politically incorrect but true answer to your riddle- " Wbul,Wbul, L" as Buddy D would classically say it. Buddy D was true blue. Can't say that about Wbul,Wblu, L though.Me think the bul may have been short for bullsh*t.

    Possible Buddy D sighting- someone reported they saw him in the clouds riding on Abdul's carpet dressed in a wedding dress headed toward the Mercedes Dome. Just reportin'

  4. The Times-Picayune’s cover for corruption in Jefferson Parish seems to be waning … hopefully … Gill and Grace have given evidence lately of attending the AA program for reporters under the influence of arrogant bull shitting Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso … I’m praying that they do not fall prey to a relapse…

  5. Lil' Napoleon calling flight engineer Abel***** Come in Abel *****I'm losing altitude Ab******* What should I do Ab ******* Come in Ab**** I'm crying Ab, help me***

    Abel here, steady with the stick between your legs,you lookin' good on your approach but i believe you are spinning a bit***** Better bail out now before***********:


    Someone call the Gauthier Law Firm I believe we have casualties on the ground boys

  6. Hey Lockem, it sure didn't take long for Judge Head to bounce ol' Aaron out on his jug haid.

    Danny Abel's rep post Katrina has been described to me as erratic and that was in an area of law he knew. If the speculation about him assisting AB is accurate maybe he should either enroll or step aside.

    I suspect Mr Jenkins has enough sense to not refile this motion.


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