5 thoughts on “Legislative Auditors Advisory Council meeting now underway…”

  1. The lady with the Orleans parish non profit is bullshitting the committeee big time. See your tax dollar go for an earmark to a nonprofit? See it go down the hole whooooosh! Is Byron Lee involved???


  2. Could the Legislative Auditors Adv Council be setting them up on perjury charges? If they lie they indict? It is a thought what with all the 'investigations' the Auditors are doing now…just saying if I were called before them I would be VERRRRRY clear and honest about all of it…They can call it anything they want and if the Council whitewashes anything then THEY get tagged…hot potato, hot potato, who wants the hot potato?

  3. Where is JY Jelly when you need him?

    John Young and Deb Foshee were tossing that potatoe.

    There are actually 2 discussions that need to occur. The override of the Parish's policies. The other is the change orders.

    Elton Lagasse's name did not come up once. Rep Carter could help herself by reading Slabbed.


  4. Passant la patate chaude … why am I not surprised … these politicians here in Louisiana play that Acadian Mardi Gras game all year long … But sooner or later that hot potato is going to find it's way up LargeASS's and his Barry Bordelon's asses …

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