Disgraced former Judge William Roe goes off to the Greybar Hotel as a crybaby. Is he a true piece of shit? Discuss.

Susan Poag / The Times-Picayune

Well folks what can I say except the T-P broke out their best file photo of former Plaquemines Parish Judge William Roe giving the stink eye to the camera and used it with his letter to the editor whining about the recent Times Picayune editorial about his imminent 3 month stint in the Grey Bar Hotel for petty thievery.  I’ll add I bet the gang over at Team T-P happily posted the judge’s last missive to the paper and public before entering the jailhouse, which, in the spirit of the season, the ex judge gifted to all including the Slabbed Nation.  Here is a snippet:

Your gratuitous and mean-spirited editorial must be considered another example of your rabid, irrational and hateful crusade, which exemplifies why The Times-Picayune is the second-rate paper it always has been.

Now me, I view the dispense of justice as a solemn occasion which is why you’ll rarely see me pile on a convict.  Given the judge got only 3 months for stealing $6,000 while a typical bank robber that steals half that amount gets 10 years I just don’t see what beef Roe has with the T-P beyond the fact he has the strong appearance of a thin skinned pussy that had no problem locking other people up for such petty thefts while he was busy betraying the public’s trust doing same.

But I am happy to report there is life after the pokey and Roe will be free before Easter.  He could help himself with the public if he emerged from prison in a far more humble stance than when he went in. The T-P may even have a few nice things to say about him like they did with Oliver Thomas after he got out the pokey.  One need only look at the paper’s political endorsements to understand they have nothing against crooks per se anyhow.

File this one under he hung a big piece of red meat around his jug haid and entered the wolf’s den.


7 thoughts on “Disgraced former Judge William Roe goes off to the Greybar Hotel as a crybaby. Is he a true piece of shit? Discuss.”

  1. He'll be out in plenty of time to go to Hornets games with his buddy Phil Cossich, like he has done so often in the past. The real question now is whether Cossich will have any use for Roe the felon.

  2. In my legal career pre-KATRINA I appeared before him only once, in an "attachment" case with a maritime flavor which I thought was a SLAM DUNK. As soo as I walked into the Courtroom and saw the lawyers for the attaching creditors "cozy-up" to Roe, I knew that my clients and i were TOAST. And "sur-nuff". This scubag is typical of so many Judges, State and Federal, who honest ethical lawyers KNOW are crooked, but are helpless to do anything about it. And Jerry Winsberg gave him 3 months for stealing $6,000 that we KNOW about? God help us all. Ashton O'Dwyer, disbared, disgraced, embarrassed and humiliated, but still holding his head up, while CRIMINALS who wear black robes (and their surrogates) walk free.

  3. Instead of criticizing the news paper perhaps he should have written an apology letter to the Citizens who he let down for his illegal activity. At least he would garner some sympathy. I don't believe he is ready to see what 90 days in jail will be like because the inmates aren't going to take a kind liking to him.

  4. And I guess that "the SLABBED Nation" knows that this SCUM-BAG paid back an additional $9,666 after his hand was cut off in the cookie jar. That's in addition to the $6,000. He claimed, in "mitigation", that his sentence should be reduced because he voluntarily reimbursed (was it the State or a Judicial Expense Fund – I just don't know, but HE was NEVER entitled to it) $9,666 "more" than had been discovered by the Legislative Auditor as a "shortage". So much for the competency of the Legislative Auditor. But the Public should also be looking at Winsberg, who determined this SCUM-BAG guilty of a misdemeanor, rather than a felony, which is what the Grand Jury indicted him for. This MALFEASANCE (and probably "worse", namely a FIX) allowed Winsberg to slap this SCUM-BAG on the wrist with only a 3-month jail sentence. Winsberg is retired, but gets ad hoc appointments, which put money in his pocket. Taking care of this SCUM-BAG Roe probably guarantees Winsberg many future ad hoc appointments. Yassa Massa! Yassa Baas! Ashton O'Dwyer.

  5. After reading the following quoted crap … I wonder …should we laugh or cry ? :

    "Raising salaries can lead to a higher quality in the judiciary," said Larry Feldman, named to the commission by the Louisiana State Bar Association.

    Commission recommends raises for state judges Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 2:02 PM Updated: Wednesday, December 14, 2011, 2:07 PM
    Ed Anderson, The Times-Picayune http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2011/12/co

  6. I am trying to figure this one out.

    The TP has reported several times on the grabbing of public moneys for the legal seminars on the Gulf Coast.

    "The state judiciary in Jefferson Parish, and indeed, across Louisiana, takes a collective recess next week so judges may attend the annual, publicly subsidized summer school programs at a beachside resort in Sandestin, Fla.

    While the education event runs Monday through Wednesday, almost all of the 16 judges in the 24th Judicial District Court have no cases scheduled during the entire week, meaning the Jefferson Parish Courthouse in Gretna will be a ghost town.

    Only Judge Donnie Rowan will be at work daily, because he is the court's duty judge and must be available to sign various legal documents while tending to his docket full of criminal cases, some of which are set for trial. Judge Ellen Kovach's docket shows 23 civil cases set for hearings on Friday. Judges Robert Murphy, Patrick McCabe, Robert Pitre and Glenn Ansardi have set matters, but among the four of them, their dockets total only seven cases, according to an online docket system."

    What goes on at this fabulous seminar that cannot be replicated anywhere else?

    And the difference is, what, again?

    "He is appealing his conviction on three counts of unauthorized use of movables."

    Unauthorized use of movables.

    Well now.

    And this was enforced under state law you say? How did that happen? Must be some Napoleanic bug (moveable = money, man).

    How about the Assessor of St. Tammany, per the findings of Dennis Woltering, the TP and Lee Z?

    What is that? Different?

    And the judges… oh the judges. They have all had their accounting done, right? Why do they do this in Sandestin again?

    And the judges of CDC – when they … oh you know:

    What is that, exactly? Movable, something or other.

    There is something in Louisiana (and by that we can mean south of Marksville all the way to old West Florida).

    (Fyi below, that's our actual state, or province as it were)

    It says we have the inside pitch. It's a creole mentality, and no that's not a slur. Why do people put up with this? Because one day somewhere somehow they think it will weigh to their advantage.

    There are other ways to live… and that's another thing for you to weigh.

  7. For those of you who are interested, former Criminal Court Judge Jerome Winsberg (now "retired", but still accepting ad hoc appointments, for which he gets paid handsomely) is in the news again. This story is about a betrayal of the public trust back in 1992 or thereabouts. See "Child Molester Going Back to Jail" in today's "Times-Pick-Your-Nose" by Danny Monteverde. Seems like instead of sentencing a documented "trafficker in child pornography" to the slammer, Winsberg let him "skate", without any jail time, on a State charge of molesting his 9-year old niece. Winsberg gave this PERVERT credit for time served (half of what he had been sentenced to) on Federal pornography charges. And you know what? Quite predictably, this individual, namely "Stanley Burkhardt" formerly of the NOPD, has been "at it" ever since, even earning a Federal "certification of a sexually dangerous person" and the moniker "irredeemable" from the Federal Bureau of Prisons Certification Review Panel and its Chairman. Way to go, Jerome Winsberg, in protecting the Public and its CHILDREN. And you wanna know something else? Given the opportunity, ROE WILL STEAL AGAIN. Way to go, Jerry! Ashton O'Dwyer.

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