Is David Stern and the rest of the NBA owners trying to royally screw the Hornets? Discuss.

Folks I’m not much of a pro basketball fan but even I am paying attention to the myriad of ways the NBA is forcing Chris Paul on the Hornets for one strike shorten season after which he will leave and the Hornets get nothing in return. Pro basketball in general is in decline and it appears we are seeing the reasons for that first hand as Stern and the meddlesome NBA owners have teepeed 2 very good trade offers for Paul simply to prevent him from going to a large market team.

Chris save your rep, play this season like you have all the others and leave with your head up while Stern and the other NBA owners finish making a complete shambles of the Hornets. You guys at NBA HQ truly suck!

File this one under that’s life on the NBA plantation.


6 thoughts on “Is David Stern and the rest of the NBA owners trying to royally screw the Hornets? Discuss.”

  1. i will wait another week or so to have an opinion. stern is most likely trying to upset the players. just a reminder that he is still in charge. i dontsee cp3 in a hornets uniform in 2012.

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  3. The first trade was the best deal they were ever going to get. That would have been a great trade. The Hornets need an owner. Now the other small market owners can lobby Stern to keep CP3 away from the big market teams without any concern for what is best for the Hornets.

  4. Guess we all have to eat a little crow on this one—I for one was convinced Stern was trying to cannibalize the Hornets. And now it looks like this deal is even better than the original. Dang I hate the taste of crow. LOL

  5. Really… who cares … the rulebook for basketball was tossed out of the window by professional basketball teams a long time ago and replaced for antics that accomadate entertainment dollars …

    This is just another plantation scheme that benefits a few … always the owners … and now the players have become slaves to money too … a liberal plantation yes, but a plantation still the same…

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