Former Hancock County Road Manager indicted for Katrina related crimes…..

Periodically the community here is swept by rumors of elected officials being arrested etc related to double-dealing with federal recovery funds. The rumors are based on observations of the FBI periodically visiting the local courthouse and certain official actions taken against the former Road Manager, Roger Ladner and his wife Sharon.

The bottom line is the local Board of Supervisors over delegated authority to then road manager Roger Ladner and according to the Feds, Ladner and his wife then proceeded to steal over a cool million of FEMA cleanup funds.  Now the Ladners are paying the piper as they were indicted last week by the federal grand jury. Yesterday they pleaded Not Guilty and now have a March 5th trial date.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this folks.


Yes we swam in 1969 just as we went swimming in 2005.

I’ve been informed that 2 Hurricane swim meets is a reasonable lifetime limit so I plan on sitting future Hurricanes out folks. I mention this because the T-P has rolled on along to 1969 and Hurricane Camille in their year a day series celebrating 175 years of print news coverage in NOLA.  As for my childhood home in Waveland, Katrina finished the job Camille started.


Is David Stern and the rest of the NBA owners trying to royally screw the Hornets? Discuss.

Folks I’m not much of a pro basketball fan but even I am paying attention to the myriad of ways the NBA is forcing Chris Paul on the Hornets for one strike shorten season after which he will leave and the Hornets get nothing in return. Pro basketball in general is in decline and it appears we are seeing the reasons for that first hand as Stern and the meddlesome NBA owners have teepeed 2 very good trade offers for Paul simply to prevent him from going to a large market team.

Chris save your rep, play this season like you have all the others and leave with your head up while Stern and the other NBA owners finish making a complete shambles of the Hornets. You guys at NBA HQ truly suck!

File this one under that’s life on the NBA plantation.