Aaron Brousard does the pro se thing and makes a foole’ of himself

I’ve said a couple of times on these pages that the quality of the lawyering in the Katrina cases handled by Aaron Broussard and his legal sidekicks such as Trout Point Lodge owner Danny Abel was very suspect.  I illustrated it in Eric Paulsen’s case against State Farm where Paulsen was zeroed due to shit house lawyering by Abel. Aaron has lost his mojo since he resigned in disgrace and without the fix his true courtroom capability has come to the fore and my lay opinion is Broussard sucks as a lawyer in general, especially when he acts as his own.

So without further adieu lets check in with the T-P’s Rich Rainey as AB is upset that news of his indictment leaked out and he is demanding an investigation.

Since Slabbed is media if I may be so bold I’ll disclose that I too heard about the indictments in advance, from another member of the media in fact. That said I also knew Briussard’s driver had visited the federal grand jury and a good idea of what the feds were after with their then new late summer subpoenas at Yenni.  I got neither of those tidbits from Team Letten. And for those that wonder about my Youtube embeds a few days before AB was indicted I posted a very unique missive for Slabbed, a post with no name that featured Big Ben striking 12. The only thing I didn’t know then was the exact day it was coming down.

So the bottom line is AB’s demand for an investigation makes him look like a crybaby, kinda like he was when he lied to the nation on Meet the Press after Katrina.  Man o man imagine the hysterics to come when reality crashes in on him.


“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me”

Excuse me folks while I laugh at an old blacklisted internet alias that was cyber executed way back in the day that has now come back to life. Certain forums may never be the same. Sign me Bro LIV lol.


And you’re outta here: Judge Ginger disqualifies Fazzio’s legal team.

Well folks, back in late September I put my Carnac the Magnificent hat on and predicted Fazzio lawyer Stephen London and his sidekicks would be DQ’d from USA v Fazzio as there was only one way Judge Ginger Berrigan could rule on the government’s motion and be on solid legal ground.  According to Gordon Russell at the T-P that is exactly what Judge Ginger did as she disqualified London, James Cobb and Stephen Haedicke from representing Team Fazzio in USA v Fazzio. Guy’s don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

If Big D is gonna win this case he will not be able to coordinate his legal defense in the Garner fleecing, with a supposedly uninvolved party in Team River Birch Landfill.  My new prediction is if Fazzio does not roll over, not only will he be crushed in the Garner Services scam he’ll get a double dose when he is prosecuted with Jim Ward and Fred Heebe down the road.

File this one under I’ve seen this before.