Karen Parker gets a wet kiss from the T-P. Hump a sleazy politician and end up f*cked?

Folks I read Bob Ross’ profile of Karen Parker Broussard for today’s T-P and had a post worded in my head that was not kind to Ms Parker but I decided to go in another direction as the subject of Aaron Broussard’s love life has come up a time or two on Slabbed before.  The bottom line for Parker is it looks as if she has made a career of dating political types and was having an office affair with her then boss Aaron Broussard well before they were married.  Aside from Debbie Villio and Tom Wilkinson doings we’ve stayed away from the subject of sexual hijinks at the Yenni Building but that doers not mean I haven’t heard some stories including one involving Jennifer Sneed -Heebe that I hope surfaces in the federal courthouse when the time comes.

One thing the story did confirm is that Broussard still has some fans out there but we already knew that folks.  In fact I’d like to extend a special invitation to those folks to let them know I’d love to hear from them here on Slabbed.

The bottom line for me is Parker knew exactly what she was doing when she spread her legs for AB and I do not feel sorry for her that the best she could do was get to $66K on the parish pay scale via fraudulent means in exchange for her relationship with AB.  If there is a travesty here folks, it is that Parker is not joined by indictment with her other partners in crime such as Kenny Trahan who was being paid by the Parish’s taxpayers as a paralegal while working at the Saints Museum.


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  1. The TP article not only proves AB has friends in the region but that his trial needs more than a Judge Head job but a change in venue so the named and known jurists can't be possibly influenced by all his pals and gals, like the Shanes, Chehardys, Sneedies, Heebes,etc. or by the tens of thousands of all their BS, AB bleeding heart type friends.

    AB has already begun to play the race card by hiring his attorney Jennings to counter the soon to be trial evidence of the Val Bracy interviews and the possible jurists from the NOLA African-american pool unaffected by AB's pre-Katrina, Katrina and post Katrina scheming.

    If the trial stays local one thing you can bet the bankroll on is there will be no jurors chosen from the eastbank of Jefferson whose homes were flooded in Katrina and definitely a few from the westbank who re-elected him.

  2. Aaron will always have people who love him. And I am proud to be one. Aaron is not alone in the fact that he has made mistakes.
    People, even some of his good friends, take advantage of him because he tries desperately to please. His friends remain close and loyal because they have seen the opposite side of politicians~ most especially the self-serving back-stabbers, the cheats, the greedmongers, and the liars. Aaron is loyal to a fault.
    His true friends are legion. This will never change.

  3. Maybe Aaron's true friends are also corrupt, so they accept his behavior, which the rest of us see as self-serving, greedy and dishonest. Not all corrupt people are evil jerks; some are very personable. Look at the people he is close friends with. They have accepted his scummy ways. Remember, there were lots of priests who would molest little boys, and then administer the Body of Christ with those same filthy hands. I am sure, more often than not, their congregations thought these criminal Catholics could do no wrong. Same with Broussard.

    You need to face facts. Aaron Broussard is getting exactly what he deserves. And as most of the slabbed nation knows, his little payroll fraud scam with his ex-wife is the least of what he should be going to jail for.

  4. Idlechatter is expressing a common sentiment among those that call AB their friend and Idle is the last of many people (both pro and anti Broussard) that noticed how he was easily taken advantage citing that part of his personality that wants to please ppl. Not all of AB's friends knew what he was doing but even those close to him acknowledge what he has done.

    I have my own theory about River Birch and AB that has its roots in the 2007 election. Stephanie Grace, in a recent column opined his re election was powered by Broussard's muscluar recovery efforts. My own opinion is she is way off in the weeds there AB was elected courtesy of the largely undamaged West Bank and facing a weak candidate in Al Leone who still came within a whisker of beating him.

    There is no telling what bargains he made on the West bank to get the support.

    Since I am sharing there is also a feeling among those that have known AB for literally a lifetime that he is detached from reality these days. That will be to his grave detriment IMHO and he'll need his friends on the backside of the lengthy prison sentence he is almost certain to receive.

    He'll also find out who his true friends really are then.


  5. Idlechatter: Pleasing your friends in need on your own dollar is Christian and admirable. Pleasing your friends on the back of another unknowing person or the taxpayers for your own ego or glory is evil and despicable.

    Sop: Totally agree with your perception that AB made a douche-bag of westbank deals to get re-elected. Think about who stood to lose their appointed, Administrative positions and scheming, extra curricular business deals and you'll discover who aided and abetted him in making those political re-election deals.

    The TP wrote that one friend stated that AB was like a "movie star" who worked burdensome16 hour days . Well that directly contradicts AB's own financial disclosure statement filed with the State Ethics Commission that he worked "partime" as Parish president.

  6. Hey Lockem AB becoming a barker and market maker for the girls various business ventures is a prime example of what Idle is talking about. And while I have no doubt Abel is a true blue friend to AB Leary and Perret fall into the take advantge catagory based on my interviews with our friends in Canada.

    And while I'm at it the people that AB sold ownership in Cerro Coyote and Trout Point own nothing beyond worthless pieces of paper whether they understand that or not. From that standpoint when this is all said and done my Carnac Hat tells me AB will burn off a few friends over hustles like the food vacation hotels. That topic is worth its own post though. 🙂


  7. Just had a green thought – since recycling is on the fart brain minds of the Council of Clowns these days how about sending AB's Trout Point sale papers ASAP to Chrissy for his 5AM 4Q terlit sessions.

  8. I was doing some work for a lady that works for JP. We had a conversation just before the election about AB and his tactics and how he was responsible for the Katrina flooding on the east bank. She lived on the westbank and stayed high and dry. First, she stated that she didn't know why so many people had a problem with AB since the damage was going to be covered by insurance anyway. Second, she stated that AB went to each section and said that they had to vote for him because this new guy (Leone) would get rid of everyone and get his own people in the positions of power and then no-one's job would be safe.
    I sincerely hope she is enjoying her new insurance rates because, in part, of AB's doings.
    Also, I hope she is thinking about our conversation. I knew how crooked the dealings in the parish were before the storm and saw what was going on with all of the sweetheart deals after. She refused to believe that AB would do that to the parish that he loved and gave his life to.
    I'm sick thinking about this.

  9. Wasn't Broussard the first to have TWO aides, one for each banque?

    " A proposal to restructure new Jefferson Parish Council Chairman Aaron Broussard's staff would give a big salary boost to the daughter of one of his largest campaign contributors.

    Broussard plans to ask for the council's approval Wednesday to revise the Jefferson code of ordinances to let him replace one secretarial position in his office with a higher-paid administrative assistant.

    The job would go to Cherie Gauthier , the daughter of Wendell Gauthier , a prominent Metairie trial attorney and part-owner of the Jazzville group, which owns a portion of the bankrupt Harrah's land-based casino, Broussard said Monday.

    Wendell Gauthier contributed $5,000, the maximum allowed by state law, to Broussard's campaign for chairman.

    If the council approves the restructuring, Cherie Gauthier 's salary will rise 39 percent from the $25,968 she has been receiving as a secretary, to $36,000.

    Broussard said he's not playing favorites.

    "She's not being hired because of her last name," Broussard said. "She's being hired because of her competency and because she was the one I trusted.

    "She is a well-qualified individual for this type of very, very complicated position."

    Cherie Gauthier , who managed Broussard's campaign for council chairman, has been a secretary in name only since he took office Jan. 8, Broussard said.

    Instead she has been doing the work of an administrative assistant, the position she would assume if Broussard's proposal is approved, he said.

    Cherie Gauthier and Broussard have worked together before.

    ********Besides running his council chairman campaign, she also served on Broussard's campaign staff during his shortlived run for governor in 1991.

    The restructuring won't cost taxpayers, Broussard said. To pay for the salary increase, the office will spend less than budgeted on supplies, he said.

    Last year, the council chairman spent $12,427 for supplies. Cheri Gauthier would receive a $10,032 raise.

    The 1996 office expenses budget will be about the same as the 1995 budget, Broussard said.

    Creating the new administrative assistant post will place a top aide on both sides of the river, Broussard said.

    Cherie Gauthier will work out of the chairman's east bank office. Former Chairman Bob Evans' administrative assistant, Karen Parker , will continue to work out of the chairman's West Bank office.

    "The parish is so large that it's very difficult to expect one (assistant) to cover all facets," Broussard said? … "

    2.6.96 TP

    "As their bosses were inaugurated into a final term in office, most aides to Jefferson Parish Council members received gifts of big raises, parish records show.

    Most council members increased the pay of their right-hand employees by 28 percent, with one paying his aide 40 percent more, topping out at $80,844, much to the surprise of some civic leaders…

    Those receiving 28 percent raises include aides to Councilmen Lloyd Giardina and Nick Giambelluca, along with two aides to Council Chairman Aaron Broussard, from $57,454 to $73,328. Lowell "Sonny" Burmaster, chief assistant to the council, who is on a slightly higher pay scale, also received a 28 percent raise, bringing his pay to $84,855.

    …"These assistants now are basically first mates on the ship Titanic," Broussard said. "Their career is sinking with their boss … When do you decide the first mate merits going to an upper deck?" …

    … Cherie Gauthier 4 and Karen Parker $57,454 $73,328 28% 8 Aaron Broussard

    Bill Townsend $57,454 $80,844 41% 11 T.J. Butch Ward … "

    Of course Townsend was later "made" an actual "Councilman.

    And Sheree? Still at it.

  10. Sorry, that last quote was from the 2.27.00 TP.

    Should have *** this also: “She’s not being hired because of her last name,” Broussard said. “She’s being hired because of her competency and because she was the one I trusted. “She is a well-qualified individual for this type of very, very complicated position.”

    Now, what is it you *do* exactly?

    You see… they had techinical skills.

  11. Dear Pauli ‘the Don’ Connick, JUNIOR
    ABSENTEE-District Attorney allegedly for Jefferson Parish

    I hope I’m nor interrupting your HYPOCRITICAL HOLIDAY MANRESA RETREAT … but don’t you somewhat feel embarrassed OR ASHAMED about all this criminal activity being conducted by your blow-buddies being uncovered by the FEDS …and under your watch too … and your DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT …

    Are you going to do continue to do YOUR rendition of the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso SHTICK … I’m under US ATTY Letten’s skirt … doing what I'm supposed do on my knees …

    So you know nothing about the election violations of Whitmer and Wilkinson … you know nothing of the massive para-legal payroll fraud which your father was a participant in … you know nothing of the criminal conspiracy to award River Birch a landfill monopoly … you know nothing of the $32,000,000 plus paid to Hubbard without documentation … you know nothing of the continuing contractor fraud relating to the Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Center … you know nothing of the illegal zoning on the Westbank for gambling venues … you know nothing of the quid pro quo with the JP Council of Clowns that continues to award your private law firm MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN LEGAL FEES for your protection … and on and on and on …

    By the way, was that Aaron Broussard I saw lined up behind you to go to confession ???

    You people are despicable … and all y’all’s LYING BEFORE THE LORD will be of no avail …


    PS: I hope that rumor about your knowing Karen Parker (nee Broussard) in the 'BIBLICAL SENSE' isn't true …

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