Drew Broach continues slogging through the Wrinkled Robe papers, examines the infamous fight between Al Copeland and Bobby Guidry.

The posts I’ve done that contained the names Al Copeland and Bobby Guidry generally end up as excellent “muckreads” here on Slabbed as the Fried Chicken King was ass deep with several wrinkled robes and Guidry with the Edwin Edwards prosecution and surfacing on Slabbed in the Perdigao saga. So along those lines Drew Broach checks in again with another installment of his FOIA based examination of the FBI files in the wrinkled robe investigation into courthouse corruption in Jefferson Parish that profiles the fist fight between Guidry and Copeland inside Morton’s steakhouse.  Broach makes a bit of a leap in his identifying Bryan White as Copeland’s “Consigliere” that contacted Team Letten to have Guidry’s probation revoked after the fight.  Guidry sure did get a sweet deal in the EWE prosecution folks.


3 thoughts on “Drew Broach continues slogging through the Wrinkled Robe papers, examines the infamous fight between Al Copeland and Bobby Guidry.”

  1. the deal guidry was given boggles my mind to this day. he bribed ewe for the right to set up the treasure chest and his punishment was a small fine and a few months in a 1/2 way house, i believe. essentially the doj let bobby keep the proceeds of his sale of the casino. unreal.

  2. This was the weakest story I have ever read. I mean, come on, that is the best you can ferret out of your FOIA request is Brian White, Copeland's lawyer, crying to the DOJ about a bar fight? That doesn't even pass for news or journalistic sensationalism (maybe when it happened, it would have been). Nancy Drew should just resign from the TP if that is the best he can come up with.

  3. FOIA release of FBI records to Picayune is NOT ABOUT any bar fight. FOIA FBI RECORDS prove Al Copeland contacted Mike Magner thru Al Copeland's intermediary, whomever that was, to attempt to punish Guidry. Al Copeland attorney's Frederick R. Heebe, Peter J. Butler, Sr. and Aubrey B. Hirsch, Jr., attmpted to use U. S. Attorney's when Peter J. Butler, Sr. wrote Jim Letten "concerning" Shepherd block Frederick R. Heebe partner step dad Mr. Ward's vehicle and moving to Ward's back yard to talk, as commented on Slabbed. Alvin Copeland "wrinkled robe" led to Al meeting with his TRIAL Judge Bodenheimer, from "Wrinkled Robe."
    Al violated third ex wife Luan Hunter's civil rights and invoked the fifth amendment in that civil case and NOW Luan Hunter is writing LA disciplinary officials to help convicted Copeland federal felon corporate former attorney Bryan White to reinstate Bryan White's law license and White is being assisted by Copeland ESTATE attorney and White friend and lawyer Len Brignac to achieve re instatement.
    Mr. Broach's article from FOIA FBI released records PROVE COPELAND attempted influence and from the guy who took the rap and went to prison for Al, who violated everyone's rights in meeting with Judge Bodenheimer.

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