Pampy is finally off the Taxpayer Teat: Who is still making money selling insurance to Jefferson Parish???

Well folks it took a few years and a stint in the Federal Pen but Pampy Barre, a guy who stole a cool million from one City of New Orleans contract, has finally lost the concessions concession at Armstrong Airport.

I mention this because the Jefferson Parish Council kept Colonial as its supplemental health benefits provider over the recommendation of the professionals in Parish Government in large part IMHO to keep the commish money stream going to local luminaries like Tim Coulon. In Louisiana it takes some time to separate politically connected piggies such as Coulon from the taxpayer teat.

Pampy is one big commonality between the doings in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes folks.  The stories he could tell……


3 thoughts on “Pampy is finally off the Taxpayer Teat: Who is still making money selling insurance to Jefferson Parish???”

  1. Sop your insight into the possibility of money still flowing to local JP politicians for the selection of Coventry Insurance as the health insurance provider for all JP employees in August of 20011 is not misplaced, in fact it is dead on correct.

    Being at the Council meeting and hearing many complaints by the Council of Clowns communicated to them personally from JP employees about the slowness and lack of coverage by Conventry, yet still all 7 voting in favor of a contract for such crappy coverage, should raise serious questions.

    A person who works for Conventry insuring local private groups has revealed he has observed many politicians personally showing up at the regional Conventry office routinely to pick up their Conventry commission checks.

    A PPR request of the State Insurance Office, as to who are receiving commissions from Conventry for the health coverage in JP, should be done to expose the politicians sucking not only on the parish teat, but additionally to the detriment of the health of the hundreds of employees who work for JP.

    For those employees who get cancer or painful ailments yet have to wait for approval, lifesaving tests or treatment from their health provider may the souls of the Council of Clowns and the political puppeteers who yank their chains be damned.

  2. Reliable rumor is that Pampy's good buddy, LargeASS's Barry 'the rat' Bordelon is believed to have become Letten's punk in prosecuting Pampy … also it was LargeASS's Barry 'the rat' Bordelon who introduced a fellow corrupt scumbag Tim Whitmer to Pampy for insurance business.

    I'll know the Federal Government is really serious about cleaning up corruption when LargeASS's Barry "the rat" Bordelon, and his 'corrupt to the core' thug buddies, Elton LargeASS and mini-me Roberts, are all prosecuted and sent to prison …

  3. I never have understood how the Judge or the Federal Prosecutors allowed Pampy's wife Barbara to take over "control and management" (allegedly) of the Airport Concession after Pampy was sent upriver as a felon. Or how the Aviation Board allowed this SHAM and FRAUD to happen. Now we learn that Pampy was running things from prison – SURPRISE, SURPRISE – and that there are E-mails to prove that Pampy was doing things in prison that he shouldn't have been doing (incidentially, where did Barbara get her MBA, or Business Degree, or High School Diploma?). These people and those they have been doing business with for years are so CROOKED they should be tarred and feathered and run out of town (nay, out of State) on a rail. Ashton O'Dwyer.

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