Pampy is finally off the Taxpayer Teat: Who is still making money selling insurance to Jefferson Parish???

Well folks it took a few years and a stint in the Federal Pen but Pampy Barre, a guy who stole a cool million from one City of New Orleans contract, has finally lost the concessions concession at Armstrong Airport.

I mention this because the Jefferson Parish Council kept Colonial as its supplemental health benefits provider over the recommendation of the professionals in Parish Government in large part IMHO to keep the commish money stream going to local luminaries like Tim Coulon. In Louisiana it takes some time to separate politically connected piggies such as Coulon from the taxpayer teat.

Pampy is one big commonality between the doings in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes folks.  The stories he could tell……


Edith Jones gives Aaron Broussard Head: Texas judge coming to preside over USA v Broussard.

The T-P’s extensive coverage of the Broussard indictment is humming right along folks as Drew Broach fires off this missive about Judge Edith Jones fingering Judge Hayden Head to preside over Aaron Broussard’s trial.  I plan on having more on the topic of recusal but first join me in welcoming Judge Head to the Slabbed Nation.


There is a rumor going around today’s Jefferson Parish Council meeting could be nasty…

I got the good word late last week folks.  The fact I just saw John Young on Toolman in the morning indicates to me today’s meeting could very well be interesting.  The Toolman seemed awfully misinformed on the latest with River Birch but then again that disaster was brought to the public by the Toolman’s running buddy Aaron Broussard.

Rich Rainey checked in with an article last night on one manifestation of the fight that is worth reading as Mini-me slithered out from under his rock to attack Team Young.

Stay tuned.


The local Occupy movement simply marches to the beat of a different drummer….

I haven’t done anything with the Occupy NOLA movement over at Duncan Plaza.  I’m just thankful they left Lafayette Square alone since I get so many good tips there. That said the good folks over at the NOLA Defender have been all over the story as the local occupy movement seems unique in several respects right down to Judge Zainey allowing the gang to return to Duncan Plaza after being cleared out yesterday by NOPD.  Evidently this is the first court victory of its kind for the occupy movement.

Speaking of NOPD there have been other occupy movements such as the one on Halifax Nova Scotia where the police used some brutal tactics to evict the peaceful protesters.  The irony of a police force with the reputation for brutality like NOPD using kid goves to remove the Occupy NOLA protesters is rich.  Frankly I think Half Moon and NOPD deserve props for the way the handled the whole deal.


NAMBLA opens a chapter in Ocean Springs: Tater Nut’s legal troubles getting worse.

Well folks we have Southhaven Mayor Greg Davis breaking into the Slabbed news cycle of late, so why not Ocean Springs Alderman James Hagan too?  Seems poor James, fresh off his arrest for getting fresh with a 15-year-old girl, has been arrested again for having child porn on his city issued notebook computer that he supposedly had lost thus James has a consistency problem to go with his inability to control his little head, which evidently does most of the thinking for him.

I wonder if he is buds with Scott Walker?