Criminal District Court Judge Calvin Johnson would like a word….

For those that read us from afar there has been a spat ongoing between the criminal district court judges in New Orleans and NOLA DA/former criminal district court Judge Leon Cannizzaro over the use of the judicial expense fund (JEF) at the court.  The judges were receiving employment bennies not authorized under the Louisiana Code paid for by JEF.  There has been lots of coverage locally of this controversy including Cannizzaro’s involvement of Louisiana AG Buddy Caldwell and indeed I even chimed in a couple of times on the topic.  James Gill at the T-P has written extensively on the topic as well and Judge Johnson took exception with this Gill column from early November.  Feeling he did not get any satisfaction from his email to Sir James, Judge Johnson’s peeps contacted my peeps and the end result is the following email Judge Johnson sent to Sir James. Click the pic to get the entire 2 page pdf. ~ sop

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  1. Well well well…under Judge Johnson's definition that means that anyone in Jefferson Parish who aided and/or abetted and/or had knowledge and/or failed to report payroll fraud is GUILTY and should be charged and prosecuted…would this mean then that PEGGY BARTON, DEANO BONANO, CHARLIE KNOPP, LOUIS GRUNTZ, GREG GIANGROSSO, TIFANNY PEPERRONE, JEREMY O'DWYER, et al are/were involved in PAYROLL FRAUD ? My perusal of La State Statutes and JP Ordinances would indicate that to be the case. Big fish, little fish, big bucks, little bucks…selective enforcement of the laws of the land sucks.
    Fair and impartial application of the rules/laws is essential to getting the people to buy into the democratic process. If one skates and one burns that sends a damning message.
    'Occupy' groups across the world and particularly in the United States especially point in that direction. Either fair is fair or it is foul. Call it like it is.

  2. In support of my assertion I have taken the liberty of pasting salient excerpts of Whitmergate's September 2010 Guest Post on the topic of Peggy Barton's culpubility in the payroll fraud…
    "Peggy Barton: Tom Wilkinson’s Continuing Legacy of Arrogance and Incompetence to Further Facilitate Corruption Part I. A guest post by Whitmergate
    September 30, 2010
    tags: Campaign Contributions, Citizens for Good Government, Conflict of Interest, Gruntz, Jefferson Parish Council, Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts, Louis, Margie Seeman, Peggy Barton
    by sop81_1"
    “…Prior to her appointment and ratification by the Council, allegations of Barton’s most recent unethical and illegal conduct has been documented in Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s Whistleblower Claim. This information was filed with the Jefferson Parish Personnel Board and is as such, Public Records; accordingly all Public Officials were and are, by operation of law, “put” on notice. From my reading of the record, these are some of the possible scenarios which I have deduced:
    BARTON AS 1st DEPUTY PARISH ATTORNEY UNDER WILKINSON… Questions of Payroll Fraud and the Alteration of Public Records:
    For the same reasons Wilkinson is an alleged conspirator in the Paralegal payroll fraud, so is his alleged co-conspirator Barton, under the provisions set forth in RS 14:26 Criminal Conspiracy.
    Allegedly Barton tampered with the Parish Attorney’s Organizational chart after receiving a PRR from Val Bracy of Channel 8 Fox news, for the current chart. Instead of supplying the chart currently in place at the time of the request, Barton allegedly revised the current chart removing the box containing Karen Parker Broussard from under Barton’s administrative control and then allegedly changed the chart again to remove William “Bill” Fortenberry (Risk Management) from the chart also. As Administrative Deputy Parish Attorney since approximately 2007, Barton was responsible for all employees and issued numerous memos regarding Hours, Dress Code, Attendance, etc, and allegedly she did not want to be shown to have been responsible for or have knowledge of the Paralegal “irregularities”. Allegedly she in fact certified that Deano Bonano’s Chief of Security Charlie Knopp was the one in charge of Broussard despite the fact that the Parish Attorney Organizational Charts up to January 27, 2010 showed Broussard being under Barton’s supervision. Allegedly Charlie Knopp had already certified that Karen Parker Broussard was NOT under his supervision, and then attempted to retract after being sent an email from Bonano to ‘see me about this before you reply’.
    It would appear that Barton, individually and in conspiracy with others may have violated several state laws governing protection of public records. It should be noted that at all times Barton allegedly altered public records and allegedly conspired with others to facilitate the alteration of records, a Federal Investigation was and still is under way, and the paralegal payroll fraud is a target issue. Accordingly, Barton allegedly committed Obstruction of Justice in violation of RS 14:130.1. And allegedly with the aid of Deano Bonano and Charlie Knopp criminally conspired, as defined by RS 14:26 to hinder access to public records, RS 44:37, concerning the issue of paralegals.
    As a result of her alleged alteration of public records Barton would necessarily have violated both RS 14:132, Injuring of Public Records and RS 14:133, Filing or maintaing false public Records.
    Barton was a designated Deputy Assistant Parish Attorney, and as such is a public employee and would be subject to prohibitions of Official Misconduct and Corrupt Practices, and so allegedly violated RS 14;134, Malfeasance in Office (2) and (3).
    That Theriot and the Jefferson Parish Council appointed Peggy Barton to the office of Parish Attorney, the Chief Legal Officer of both the administration and the Council, is beyond the pale of arrogance, it’s criminal ! Just one more abhorrent insult upon the citizens of Jefferson Parish…why not, what are they going to do about it ?
    The Council hired and has paid tens of thousands of dollars to the Phelps, Dunbar Law firm for what ? To Slapp AMV’s Whistleblower Claim; “kill the messenger” tactics without performing the due diligence ethically required of them by first investigating the alleged wrong doings by Barton and others named in the petition. Now it is on the back of the FBI and US Attorney’s Office to sort this mess out.
    To date there has still been no action taken by the Council to investigate Barton’s alleged wrongdoings. And why would they? Their conduct appears to be as unethical and illegal as those of Barton herself. SOS…Of course, Jefferson Parish DA Paul Connick, Jr. has up to this date failed and/or refuses to enforce the law as he is obligated to do by his oath of office; his mandated duty. Nothing new here…”

  3. To SHARKPUPPET: I'm sure this error was simply inadvertent and not intentional, but the former Assistant Parish Attorney in Jefferson Parish is named "Jeremy Dwyer", NOT "O'Dwyer". My surname has been dragged through the mud enough. Ashton O'Dwyer.

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  5. Just goes to show that Cannizaro is as dirty, if not more, than the rest – and now has the power of the gun. Not a good combo.

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