And he “sniffed the reeking buns of Angel acted like it was cocaine.” The continuing story of Southaven Mayor Greg Davis: “A demented bread-boffer, Cucumber pud annexed to a fine whole-wheat loaf…..”

I’ll let the reader comments continue to tell the story of Southhaven Mayor Greg Davis, a man who from all appearances is a white-collar felony perpetrator that inexplicably has gotten a free pass from AG Jim Hood and DA John Champion (what a champ!). Felicia Adams where are you girl???? Greg claims to be confused about whether the State Auditor really wants the $170K he stole from the City back. I think Mayor Greg is the only one confused:

December 2, 2011
6:56 p.m.
Memphocat writes:
It seems that Mayor Davis is “royally confused” about a lot of things. SMH….

If I may be so bold, might I suggest that Mayor Greg should consider getting away for a while since he is easily confused these days. He needs a place of quiet reflection, where he can get his thoughts straight and rejuvenate himself.  He needs to get away to a tranquil place in the middle of nowhere so he can star gaze without the impediment of artificial backlighting created by development.  Greg needs to spend a week at Trout Point Lodge in Kemptville Nova Scotia:

Our Lodge offers an unparalleled place for relaxation and enjoyment of Nova Scotia’s outdoors – Trout Point’s 100 acre wooded estate borders the Tobeatic Wilderness Area & the pristine waters of the scenic Tusket & Napier Rivers.

Here’ you’ll find canoeing and kayaking, forest bathing, an outdoor barrel sauna & wood-fired hot tub, swimming refreshing riverwater, hiking trails, and beautiful nature walks amidst wilderness splendor.

Trout Point Lodge is a real eco-lodge, following recognized sustainable tourism practices.

And they say the star-gazing is second to none there as this October story from the UK Independent indicated:

This plush and pioneering Canadian retreat was set up by a partnership of American food entrepreneurs, Daniel Abel, Charles Leary, and Vaughn Perret, a grand log and stone cabin that’s somewhere between a traditional North American hunting lodge and a rural boutique hotel. It could not be more seductively set, deep in old growth Atlantic forest on the confluence of two, boulder-strewn rivers that are coloured deep amber with peat. This is a superb spot for exploring the Big Canadian outdoors in comfort; a mossy, misty rather Scottish landscape that is characteristic of Nova Scotia. For the first time this year, Trout Point will be open over winter, when its myriad open fires, lakeside hot tub, barrel sauna and magical boreal forest will surely come into its own.

But be warned: sign a rather innocuous form that is issued at check-in and you lose rights to publish reviews of the hotel on Trip Advisor or similar. This left this otherwise pleased punter feeling pretty perplexed.

And that registration statement is just the ticket for Mayor Greg IMHO. What happens at Trout Point Lodge stays at Trout Point Lodge and for a GOP mayor of a bible belt town that is certainly a good thing.

One other bit of advice I’d give Mayor Greg is to rent one of the cabins at Trout Point like the River Bend Lodge and prepare your own food.  A consistent theme on Trip Advisor about the Lodge is the food is very overrated and over priced but the location in the woods out the middle of nowhere was stunning.


3 thoughts on “And he “sniffed the reeking buns of Angel acted like it was cocaine.” The continuing story of Southaven Mayor Greg Davis: “A demented bread-boffer, Cucumber pud annexed to a fine whole-wheat loaf…..””

  1. The best part of the whole thing is that our dirt-trail boy, his honor, doesn't think there's any harm done. The whole point of being elected mayor is that he can steal with impunity.

    Nobody can be THAT stupid, can they be? Does swallowing too many protein boluses somehow skew the the neurological architecture such that one cannot tell right from wrong? Does being on the receiving end of too much genetic material have adverse consequences heretofore unimagined?
    Do you suppose properly-launched sperm can flagellate up the spinal column into the hypothalamus all the better to rot out the higher functions from underneath?

    If I were not a derelict living under a bridge, or rather a succession of bridges, I should like to see an exhaustive investigation of his political contributions. That one item only. Forget the thousands squandered down at the gay baths, catamite escorts, Elbo Grease brand body lube, steel belted condoms. I'd just like to see who he gave money to. Then, I'd like to see his connection to those candidates. I'd prefer seeing those data to him doing time.

    I guess I'm Keenan Wynn as Col. Bat Guano in Dr. Strangelove. I think he's a deviated prevert and that there is a conspiracy of preverts afoot. That's what I think.

    Life imitates art, who'd have thunk it?

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  3. Recent court doings lead to a new trial for the former mayor of Southaven.

    Former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis will get a new trial on fraud and embezzlement charges after Mississippi’s Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that prosecutors failed to prove Davis could get a fair trial in DeSoto County.

    Differing thoughts on why he might have been convicted? His guy sez:

    Defense lawyer Steve Farese Sr. said he’d like to try the case on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, saying jurors there would be less likely to hold Davis’ sexual orientation against him. Davis said he was gay after an audit showed a $67 city credit card purchase at an adult store in Canada catering to gay men. He later divorced his wife.

    Haven’t totally kept up with this but wasn’t there a little more at issue than his orientation? Like

    DeSoto County jurors had convicted Davis of illegally purchasing a city-leased SUV without approval from aldermen in 2009. He bought the $25,000 vehicle for $11,000 before the city had the option to buy it. Davis also was found guilty of getting mileage reimbursement for gas charged to a city-issued card. Davis had been sentenced to 2½ years in prison and 2½ years of supervised parole. He had also been ordered to pay $18,814 in restitution.

    Some of that type car purchase stuff will be held against a defendant in a lot of places if properly charged, prosecuted and proven to the juries satisfaction. Probably depends a little on who is in the jury pool and how competent and agressive the prosecutor is I guess.

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