Broussard Indictment Links: “This is the end of the beginning” as Val Bracy shines on….

One of yesterday’s top search strings to Slabbed  yesterday was “Val Bracy fired”.  I was curious about the source of the googles and found it on Fox 8’s own website as they ran large segments of the Aaron Broussard extended interview, parts of which are subject to a libel suit against Fox 8 filed by Trout Point Lodge  and its owners Broussard legal associate Danny Abel, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret as they evidently did not like the end result of what Broussard had to say on his ownership of a vacation lodge in Nova Scotia run by (and since sold to) Trout Point Lodge.  Unfortunately Fox 8 updated their video archives for the late newscast reports but the newer story still has excerpts of Val’s Broussard interview sans the credit. Speaking of Fox 8, their segment with Margie Seemann can be found here.

Channel 4 has 2 stories up on their website.  They garnered reaction from Aaron Broussard’s criminal lawyer Robert Jenkins, who does not get high marks from Slabbeds legal team. The Gambitman also chimed essentially saying Aaron, Tom and Karen, you guys are so fucked. Folks if you think Aaron Broussard crying on NBC after Katrina was bad wait until he reports to the federal pen.  BoP may need to start a tissue drive now to stock up.

Channels 6 (NBC) and 26 (ABC) also had coverage.

Over at the Times Picayune the editorial board tackles the newest legal strategy used by the Parish to void the shithouse deal Broussard cut with the River Birch Landfill.  They also covered yesterday’s recusal from the case of every federal judge in the LAED. I pair these two stories as a commenter to each exposes the logical flaws in both.  That recusal in particular stinks in that if these judges can’t deal fairly with the brother of a Magistrate, WTF is Ginger Berrigan doing presiding over the related case involving the son of a senior federal judge Fred JR Heebe, a jurist she once clerked for that also presided over a curious case involving Carlos Marcello back in the day? This makes absolutely no sense given Judge Vance’s started reasons for the enbanc recusal.

The T-P also filed stories on Broussard’s marriage to his former council aid that ended in both divorce and indictment. Curiously absent from Rainey’s coverage is former journalist Ken Trahan who was being paid by the Parish while he worked at the Saints Museum or drunken Constable Antoine “Tony” Thomassie who likely drank to his paycheck.  The T-P’s coverage of the indictment can be found here.


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  1. EXACTLY! Jim LETTEN is SO despicable, he applies sensationalist value to deter from his continued incompetence by including KAREN PARKER…OOOOh.
    How many MILLIONS have these BROADS ILLEGALLY Distributed & BANKED.
    C'mon LETTEN.
    Get the FUCK out of the way, ya BUM ya!
    To quote Jr…..
    He's SLOWER than Dudley Do-Right & He was RIDING BACKWARDS.

  2. ….NOT just the MONEY either.
    They've been perverting legislation to serve themselves, corporations, LOBBYISTS, Insurance Companies, HOSPITALS, Real Estate.
    They put the CLUSTER in CLUSTERFUCK.

    They shell out fortunes to the select few & keep the people arguing about FOOD STAMPS for GOD'S SAKE.

  3. Sop, don’t forget about Steve Mortillaro, the connected lawyer assigned the” judge-in-waiting” paralegal position,anointed to preside over all future appeals of the traffic camera court, another political scandal which was supposed to pay royalties on camera traffic fines to the wife of 24th JDC Judge Murphy and political activist Brian Wagner. Steve received his paralegal, $1,000 monthly check at his home and never worked a day on the job for over a year. Mortillaro should also be indicted in all fairness.

    Also, John Young just rehired the other illegal, fired paralegal, Barbara Namer, after she took a few internet paralegal classes to obtain a so-called paralegal certificate. How about the fact she was only a kindergarten worker before Pres. Coulon and Wilkinson falsely anointed, assigned and paid her as a certified paralegal.Barbara Namer is the wife of ex-radio, political investigative reporter, Robert Namer. Just what investigative information does Robert Namer have on Jefferson politicos to first get his wife assigned to a position she was not qualified for and then get her rehired within a few months after she was fired as a illegal paralegal.

    Shouldn’t Barbara Namer in all fairness also be indicted as having participated in payroll fraud with ex-Pres. Coulon and Wilkinson and made to repay all the illegal paralegal salaries she collected for over 10 years.

    If I was Karen Parker I would be bitching about selective prosecution.

  4. OH…YAH…I hear Jiff HINGLE won’t serve a day.
    He’s all set up to do community service at the MINT.
    Hingle apologizes to LETTEN.
    When does LETTEN apologize to Louisiana’s Eastern District TAXPAYERS?
    He’s has DIRECTLY sanctioned the SAME criminal politicians he is currently half-ass indicting, to STEAL BILLIONS since 2003.
    What a SCAM, Man.

  5. Robert Namer and his FDIC $3million Judgment has been forgotten or what? Robert's brother David Namer convicted of Federal crimes for the second time in Memphis and has been in jail since 2000. Barbara now went online and got HER certificate and was rehired by John Young. John Young voted with all council member's to grant a $160million Freddy Heebe River Burch landfill contract after Freddy's wife Jennifer Sneed "resigned her council seat." ALL 15 N. O. Federal Judges now have been "recused" in criminal Broussard, et. al. Judge Berrigan continues as FEDERAL JUDGE in criminal FREDDY/River Burch investigation when Berrigan ONCE CLERKED for Freddy's DAD who is a "senior" status N.O. Federal Judge and has been a N. O. Federal Judge since 1966. Forty FIVE YEARS on N.O. Federal bench and a Jeff. Parish Judge prior to being a Federal Judge.

  6. I don't see how Berrigan can logically & ethically continue as Judge in the River Birch & Fazzio matters because they are inextricably intertwined with the Aaron Broussard case. You new the Broussard indictment was coming btw when Greg Meffert's sentencing was pushed back to at least May. Don't be surprised to see pre-packaged sealed indictments hit the airways in the next 90 days.

    A NY US attorney involved in the Broussard indictment should raise some of your eyebrows

  7. An Open Letter To:

    TOM “the troglodyte thug” WILKINSON

    Dear Tommy,

    I appologize for the delay my comment concerning your much deserved fate, however Pelican, Placide, Mathilde, view from hell, eyewigger and others who have also have expressed their abhorrence of your presence here on earth, decided to pack up a case of Rebel Yell and go sailing for a weekend party to celebrate your bad news.

    I for one, concur wholeheartedly with the Grand Jury, and join in with them in wishing you a merry fucked-up Xmas and a worst New Year. What else would you, as the supreme bully-mouth degenerate POS, have expected ? I mean really, ‘the yin and the yang’… ‘sow what you reap’, …‘carmalized by KARMA’ … and all that’ ? You of all people should appreciate the most inappropriate timing by the Government in releasing the news to us. Fortunately, we, the citizens and taxpayers of Jefferson Parish, can thank Santa for one of our wishes to have come true. And that wish list includes more :

    1) Your being indicted, along with Broussard and Whitmer, for the abuse of power exercised in illegally giving you the those perverse raises so that you could manipulate a higher retirement pension …

    2) Your being indicted, along with Broussard, Whitmer, Barton, and Gruntz in the massive PAYROLL FRAUD of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS paid in illegal salaries to NON-Elector out-of-Parish attorneys hired contrary to the JP Charter …

    3) Your being indicted, along with Broussard, Whitmer, Barton, Gruntz, Fos, Gandolfi, Roberts Lagasse, Lee, Congemi, Capella, sister-in-law Eula Lopez, et al as principal conspirators in the awarding an illegal landfill monopoly to River Birch …

    4) Your being indicted, along with Whitmer and Tim Coulon, for violation of the campaign election laws of the Parish of Jefferson …

    5) Your being indicted, along with sister-in-law Nancy Cassange, Peter Butler, Jr., Lagasse, Barry Bordelon, et al for the fraudulent hiring of Cassange as director of WJMC …

    6) Your being indicted, along with your brother Fed. Magistrate Jay Wilkinson, for conspiring with Joe Mole and Don Gardner, in an attempt to influence the outcome of a Federal Court proceeding and Federal Judge …

    7) Your being indicted, along with the seven JP Eunuchs, Theriot, Gonzalez, Donelon, Smith, Mendoza, Bonano and Gruntz, et al, for retaliatory acts against AMV for co-operating with the Federal Authorities in their investigation and her filing of a Whistleblower Claim, all done to uncover wrong doing by you and your fellow Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso …

    And Tommy, the above is just scratching the top of the surface of your corrupt diabolical conduct exercised during your 14 year tenure as the most incompetent,unprofessional and despicable person to ever be appointed and hold the office of Parish Attorney in Jefferson Parish … probably anywhere on this planet for that matter … wait till I disclose the abominable underbelly of your additional criminal acts that the Feds may hopefully chose to further investigate …

    Hopefully I'll be sending you Holiday Greetings to your Federal Prison next year …

    Yours truly … your nemesis for life,


    PS: There is also a collateral issue of payroll fraud that Tom Wilkinson is responsible for, and that being the fact that his brother, Fed Magistrate Jay Wilkinson, who was relieved of hearing criminal matterser 2 years ago, has been getting full time pay for part time work … Federal Magistrates are charged with handling civil and CRIMINAL matters … I suggest full pay equates to payroll fraud … it’ that simple …

    PSS: Now is the time for Young to direct his new Parish Attorney to begin suing to recover from Wilkinson, Whitmer, Broussard, Giangrosso, Cassange, River Birch, outside counsel and whomever else is responsible for illegal gains that these Jefferson Parish Political Mafioso have exacted from us, the taxpayers … recovery is mandated in the Charter, the law of Jefferson Parish … it is time to follow THE law in JP and not what these thugs have said and/or say the law is, a la Louis Gruntz, Clem Donelon and any of their disciples that still exist in the Parish Attorney’s Office or those who have previously been hired as outside counsel, including but not limited to: Phelps, Dunbar; Gaudry, Ranson; Burglass and Tankersley, Tommy Anselmo, and any of the other campaign contribution lawyers for that matter !

  8. Motherload: the arrival of a NY US Attorney tells me exactly what we have all been a'blog about: Lettenemgo won't do his job so they had to send in someone from outside the Big Easy. Talk about payroll fraud: paying Lettenemgo his salary as US Atty is Payroll fraud with a capital P.

  9. But the "official" excuse for someone from out-of-town (New York done come to The Big Easy) will be: "Well Tom is Jay's brother, and Jay is a Magistrate in the Eastern District, so we had to bring in someone from 'outside'." BARF! And I didn'd know that Magistrate Wilkinson, Jay, who is "under Federal indictment" Tom's brother, has not handled criminal cases for a year or so. Does anyone have a copy of the Order deliniating the reasons for THAT? Reminds me of Porteous, who couldn't preside over ANY cases involving the United States of America FOR YEARS before his impeachment. The Eastern District (and the Fifth "Circus") is a real CESSPOOL. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  10. The disruption being caused by a part time employee of the EDLA, Magistrate Jay Wilkinson, should warrant his being fired. I also agree with 'Gate about the possibility of payroll fraud if it were to be a fact that Jay Wilkinson has been receiving a full salary for part time duties regardless of the fact that he may have been removed by the Court from hearing criminal matters.

  11. Ashton here’s the links regarding the order by Vance, dated March 8, 2010, removing the criminal docket from Magistrate Wilkinson … documenting a period of 1 year and 10 months to date, that Mr. Wilkinson may have been paid a full time salary for part-time work .

    Federal magistrate steps away from criminal cases after brother quits Jefferson Parish post
    Published: Friday, April 16, 2010, 10:05 AM Updated: Friday, April 16, 2010, 10:09 PM
    By Drew Broach, The Times-Picayune

    Signals that former Jefferson Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson is going down
    APRIL 17, 2010

  12. In all fairness to Magistrate Jay Wilkinson, it should be noted that Magistrate Karen Wells Robey, between Dec. 5, 2008 thru Feb. 11, 2010, a period of 2 years and 3 months, was also paid a full time salary for part-time work as a result of her husband representing another corrupt Jefferson Parish politico, State Sen. Derrick Shepherd. She too was relieved of her criminal duties.

    So what’s our point ?

    These political conflicts are costing the taxpayers of the EDLA a lot of unnecessary, if not in fact, illegal, salaries to be paid.

    Federal magistrate steps aside after spouse's client, Derrick Shepherd, pleads guilty
    Published: Friday, December 05, 2008, 11:10 AM Updated: Friday, April 16, 2010, 11:16 AM

    Former state Sen. Derrick Shepherd sentenced to 37 months in prison
    Published: Thursday, February 11, 2010, 6:15 PM Updated: Thursday, February 11, 2010, 6:33 PM
    By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune

  13. O.K., thanks. A few points: (1) I must have "missed" the fact that Jay Wilkinson was disqualified from handling criminal cases in April 2010, due to his brother Tom's resignation as Parish attorney, because the FBI had confiscated my computer, and I had no computer access. Remember, at the time I was under Federal indictment myself. (2) Jay Wilkinson is not under indictment and, to my knowledge, he is not being investigated for commission of a crime. Pre-KATRINA, I would have given him the same accolades which appear in the Comments to the article. However, two things changed that for me: (a) His "lackey", yes-man obedience to Duval-Daley-Fayard in the "Victims of KATRINA" litigation, and making NO EFFORT to determine what was really going on (between Duval and Fayard, and those who were aligned with Fayard). Magistrates like Jay Wilkinson are not appointed by Congress, but owe their jobs, which come up for review periodically, to Judges like Duval. (b) The disclosure in the Porteous impeachment matter that Jay Wilkinson made certain recommendations in the Liljeberg case which Joseph Mole acted upon. This is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE, particularly (if I recall correctly) since he was the Magistrate on the case (Whether he was or wasn't, making such a recommendation for a case pending in the Eastern District was STILL inappropriate). So, Jay Wilkinson's "stock in trade" has taken a definite "nose-dive" in my book in recent years (I wonder what he'd say about me? At least he still has a job). Ashton O'Dwyer.

  14. Of course Jay Wilkinson still has a job … AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM … most all of these Jefferson Parish Politico Mafiso still have jobs no matter what criminal acts they have performed … think Peggy Barton and Louis Gruntz and Deano Bonano … and for those who don't have Parish jobs, they or some family member is being taken care of through the back door … just think of Porteous' son as Council aide to Council appointee Mike "da thief" Thomas … or Bonano being fired by Young, only to become Roberts' Council aide … remember Eddie D, now a Council aide himself … and on and on and on …

    I'll bet these scumbags aren't laughing so loud now that they know that white politico homeboys like themselves are going to pay the piper … it's all about consequences … REAL consequences !!!

    And just to let these thugs and their co-horts know … I am getting e-mails by the hour describing the criminal acts and cover up of those same acts …

    Did these thugs really think people liked them ???

  15. I have referenced two articles which I believe give my following analysis credibility:

    Like TheRiot before him, Mr. Rainey chose to commit the tortious act of putting Anne Marie Vandenweghe in “a false light” for public view with his unwarranted and gratuitous inclusion of her name to a list of para-legals whose employment in that capacity could be and/or was questionable. First of all, AMV was not a para-legal; she was in fact, as Mr. Rainey well knows, the Assistant Parish Attorney in charge of public records; and a person with whom he maintained a civil working relationship during the early days and months to follow, relating to the burgeoning demand for public records concerning Whitmer’s insurance shenanigans, River Birch, etc.

    TheRiot, with full intent and with malice, chose to defame AMV by putting her on administrative leave the same day he took similar action against Wilkinson, a person whom the public readily believed to be one of the major figures in the exploding Jefferson Parish Corruption Scandals. Wilkinson resigned much to the dismay of TheRiot; however AMV was ordered back to work since that anvil of evidence against her that TheRiot purported to have had, has apparently disappeared into thin air … Hmmm …

    In truth and in fact, the supreme irony is that Aaron’s re-hiring of AMV, a person whom he knew to be both competent and professional, and yes, a former JP Council person; and whose character was continually defamed and maligned by the retaliatory actions of both Whitmer and Wilkinson, contributed to her and her staff’s initial uncovering of the para-legal payroll fraud scandal in the first place … and Broussard, Parker and Wilkinson can thank that payroll fraud preacher felon Kenny Trahan for that tip-off !!!

    Neither the con-man Letten lackey Goyeneche or the La. Legislative Auditor's Office knew anything about this matter … in fact the details of this payroll fraud were laid out in detail and in the particulars in AMV’s original and amended Whistleblower claim filed with the JP Personnel Board and of course made part of the public record. AMV was never contacted by Goyeneche or the La.Legislative Auditor, both of whom should be ashamed and embarrassed to take credit for the unveiling of this payroll fraud …

    Given the Times-Picayune’s failure and/or refusal to report pertinent news of AMV’s Whistleblower proceedings, buttressed by the subsequent La. Legislative Auditor’s report; her successful Public Records lawsuit affirmed by the La. Supreme Court; and her definitive and explosive Federal lawsuit now given unquestionable veracity by this indictment; and coupled with the failure and/or refusal of Phelps, Dunbar to perform the necessary due diligence as required by the Canons of Ethics to correctly identify their real client, the taxpayers of JP and investigate AMV’s allegations of wrondoing; and not to collude with the thugs who hired them to cover up wrong doing … it is reasonable to conclude that there has been and continues to be a conspiracy to retaliate against Anne Marie Vandenweghe for DOING THE RIGHT THING !!!

    Mr. Young … STOP DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE … that is the right thing to do.

    Aaron Broussard, ex-wife, lawyer indicted on payroll fraud charges
    Published: Friday, December 02, 2011, 11:12 AM Updated: Saturday, December 03, 2011, 12:19 PM
    By Richard Rainey, The Times-Picayune

    Aaron Broussard's marriage, enhanced pay for wife, figure into indictment
    Published: Friday, December 02, 2011, 10:21 PM Updated: Saturday, December 03, 2011, 12:16 PM
    By Richard Rainey, The Times-Picayune

  16. Lets not forget Kenney Trahan, a name that came up a while back. Maybe not a big fish , but a fish all the same.

  17. What the fuck Whitmergate, I know a hell of lot about that no good cock-sucking Wilkinson too. And you’re not the only person who has no use for that MFer Wilkinson. He will live in the bottom depths of this hell hole of all HellHoles called Jefferson Parish and he should.

    Tommy, how about those $5000 dollar fees to fix things up in the La. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ? Was the Judge a big fat ass female whose name begins with a C ?

    Yea Tommy, how about your deals to fix DUI cases in Greffa’s Court ? I'll bet DC can tell the Feds the who and when.

    And Tommy about your having your suck ‘em up Debbie Villio close landfills down to help out Heebe and Ward so that River Birch would have a monopoly in the landfill business ? Does the name Gerald Webre ring a bell ?

    How about it Tommy, hiring your niece for 2 months during the summer and having her paid the full salary of a para-legal for a year ? Now that’s fucking payroll fraud my brother.

    Tommy, about your representing Chick Foret’s father to sue Chick under his professional insurance policy to recover monies lost as bad investment advise ? Really Chick is that true ?

    Hell, there is nothing this POS wouldn’t do to fuck people over or intimidate them with his bully Nazi ways. WTF was that baseball bat all about ? And next to the crucifix ?

    Hey Tommy, you smell that fucking air ? No not that air in the Council Chambers you liked so much. It’s that hellish smell of prison air you’re gonna live in soon.

    And soon is not soon enough for me either Whitmergate.

    What the hell. Don’t get me started.

  18. I neglected to comment on this before, but I wanted to point out the complete disparity between Ms. Seeman's response and that of John Young. Mr. Young began by saying what a "sad day" it is for Jefferson Parish, while Ms. Seemam began by saying what a "great day" it is for Jefferson Parish. Last week, I saw the exact same intro in an interview with Belly Nungesser in response to the Hingle plea (or rejection thereof). "It's a sad day for Plaquemines Parish . . . "

    How can the prosecution of criminals who steal from the taxpayers ever be considered "a sad day"? The sad days were when they were perpetrating their crimes in an arrogant manner, never thinking they would get caught. It still goes on daily. Is it a sad day when a bank robber who steals $3,000 is prosecuted? I HATE THAT "SAD DAY" BULLSHIT.

    I'm with Margie Seeman; when crooks get their comeuppance, it's a great day. Maybe it's just a sad day for these guys because their buddies have been busted and it hits a little too close to home.

  19. Whitmer attorney Patrick Fanning, "good news is my client was not indicted." Whitmer must be "deep throat" and is assisting the U. S. Gov't NOT to be indicted. Whitmer had to KNOW all about Parker and payroll fraud's. Wilkinson bro, "U. S. Magistrate Wilkinson HAS TO KNOW ALL ABOUT BRO'S PART IN PAYROLL FRAUD AND RIVER BURCH."

  20. To Patricia " Fag" Fanning: I've met you before and can honestly say you're just one fine Piece of Low Life Shit, POLLS. You're bragging but your "Deep Throat " boy is not out of the playground woods just yet, even with you and the" Great Dane" Ciolino perfuming his rotten asshole and polishing his stinking turds.

    Perfume and Polish are not long lasting things especially when it comes to stinking JP assholes.

    You can spray, spray, spray and polish, polish, polish but the stink ain't going permanently away.

    Have a sweet smelling, waxy day you POLLS.

  21. NAAS:

    I don't know. All I know is that Jim Brown is Jiff's brother-in-law. The photos have been posted here previously. I wonder if they're still on JB's website.

  22. Wow. If you can't stand the heat, you better stay out of THIS kitchen. Not for the faint of heart. It seems that there are some really profanely vindictive slabbers with regard to TW. So glad that I have no beef here…….

  23. Tim Whitmer's absence from the payroll fraud indictment scene has been duly noted. Wilkinson would know where all the bodies were buried but Whitmer would have a good bit of useful knowledge too. Important to remember that like Greg Meffert, Whitmer's wife Dawn is involved in this. Meffert manned up to save his wife which is as noble a reason as exists IMHO.

    There has been lots of street talk about WIlkinson being proactive in seeking a deal, ostensibly thinking he could dangle only a little of useful info as bait but was turned down. That could also indicate someone else beat him to the punch.

    I think by now everyone has gotten the idea this is the first set of indictments to be handed down. The big prize is Team River Birch, this is just the opening ball squeeze.

    'Gate the story about Chick Foret steering his pop to Tom WIlkinson is priceless. Back in the day word is Wilkinson was a true fixer in the Jefferson Parish legal system. The stories I bet ol' Tom could tell.

    And yeah Misbhavin you get the feeling the TWs are roundly despised by the peons at Yenni, Tom WIlkinson in particular.


  24. For what it is worth, at the first Status Conference before Duval-Daley-Fayard in the "Victims of KATRINA" case on March 24, 2006, after Porteous recused himself, sua sponte, because of his "troubles" with the Federal Government (which he may not have realized were just "beginning"), Duval-Daley-Fayard asked me not to object to the assignment of a Magistrate other than Jay Wilkinson to preside over the "Broussard Flood" litigation. At the time, I was the ONLY lawyer to have filed a Broussard Flood Class Action in Federal Court, Duval had "hand-picked" Jay Wilkinson to work with him in the KATRINA cases (so much for "random allottment") after Alma Chasez was recused on Motion from the United States because she had flooded. Wilkinson would also have been recused from ALL of the KATRINA litigation if I had not agreed, because his brother Tom Wilkinson was the Parish Attorney for Jefferson Parish, who would have supervised the Broussard Flood litigation. I agreed, which was one of my biggest mistakes in the Victims of KATRINA litigation. Duval-Daley-Fayard later threw my case out of Federal Court, where it wound up (perhaps with Jay Wilkinson's and Tom Wilkinson's knowledge) before State Court Judge Peytavin, whose son and son's law firm has represented Jefferson Parish for years. And "control; and management" of the case was handed to Darleen Jacobs and a few others who have not put a penny in their clients' (and mine) pockets in over 6 years, and who will do NOTHING about the obvious conflict of interests involving Peytavin and his son (and the son's firm). This CORRUPTION makes "payroll fraud" and the Performing Arts Center, and goodness knows what else look like penny ante child's play. I sure would like for "Motherload" to share with us what it is that he or she believes constitutes criminal conduct by Members of the Eastern District. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  25. AROD: And correct me if I'm wrong but it was during Darleen Jacobs' deposition that Lil' Napoleon stated he did not order the pump operators to northern Louisiana which was in direct conflict with his prior statements to the media that he had done so to save their lives.

    According to Lil' Napoleon the evacuation emergency plan had been originally drafted by Coulon and all pump operators were robotized to leave at a certain time without orders from the Administration.

    For that lie alone Lil' Napoleon should lose his law license and then be staked out naked on Grand Isle at low tide during the blue crab migration run.I hear female blues just love to bite on small wiggly things.

  26. To LOCKEMUPTIGHT: Pardon me for equivocating, but there have been SO MANY lies told that I haven't been able to keep up with them, particularly since I was disbarred in early 2008, and haven't attended any of the depositions take by Darleen Jacobs in the State Court "Broussard Flood" proceedings (where my Federal Class Action was shuffeled by Duval-Daley-Fayard and Jay Wilkinson). You know: Was there a "Doomsday Plan"? What did it say? How did its contents differ from from Broussard's television and radio interviews, post-KATRINA? If there was a "Doomsday Plan", was it "triggered" by the severity of the storm as it bore down on Louisiana or something else? Even if "something" in place mandated evacuation of the pump workers, why send them 200 miles away, and why turn off the pumps when they were needed the most in their entire existence? Broussard and others within Parish Government stayed in some sort of an "Emergency Operations Center". Couldn't the pump workers been put in a cornet somewhere and saved property owners in the Parish hundreds of millions of dollars? If the pump workers had stayed at their posts, would ANYONE have been injured or killed? So, Lockemuptight, I suggest that you ask Darleen Jacobs to send you or SOP for POSTING to SLABBED the transcript of "CryBaby" Broussard's deposition. It is my recollection that there are unexplained inconsistencies within that transcript. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  27. One can only hope Whitmer's name is on an indictment yet to be served. I met with him several times when I started looking closely at Jefferson Parish politicans and their activities. Whitmer never looked me in the eye when talking to me… that tells you alot right there. Same with the arrogant pig Wilkinson…never any direct eye contact…

    and, please Santa , when you are packing your bag for your big trip in several more weeks, please don't forget the indictment with LaGasse's name on it…

  28. Wow…….. I guess Ignorance IS Bliss, sop81_1. How much of this do you reckon' to be valid?
    I guess I'm happy to be so unaware and uninvolved.

  29. My, my misbhavin … aren’t you the coy one, or is it, the confused one …

    Having read your comments cited below, you seem to be at once critical of commentaries relating to TW (is that your Tommy or Timmy or both) … and at the same time claiming to know nothing about nothing … an obvious contradiction one could reasonably conclude… Hmmm …

    Tom Wilkinson and Tim Whitmer lack any moral conscience whatsoever, and are certainly the legitimate subject matter of any profane adjudication … likewise it is the vindictive character of both Tom Wilkinson and Tim Whitmer that is at issue and warrants critique, not that of the commentator …

    Both of these TWs, and Tom Wilkinson in particular, are deserving of what the worst may bring … and that sentiment is neither profane or vindictive … it is rather a declaration of this simple truth … JUSTICE !

    Cited comments:
    misbhavin PERMALINK
    December 5, 2011 2:58 pm Wow. If you can’t stand the heat, you better stay out of THIS kitchen. Not for the faint of heart. It seems that there are some really profanely vindictive slabbers with regard to TW. So glad that I have no beef here……

    misbhavin PERMALINK
    December 5, 2011 7:29 pm
    Wow…….. I guess Ignorance IS Bliss, sop81_1. How much of this do you reckon’ to be valid?
    I guess I’m happy to be so unaware and uninvolved.

  30. KENNY TRAHAN …talk about payroll fraud … preacher fraud … fan fraud … we are reminded with this previous comment:

    youstabbemweslabbem PERMALINK
    December 4, 2011 11:07 pm
    Lets not forget Kenney Trahan, a name that came up a while back. Maybe not a big fish , but a fish all the same.

    What to do about this role model hypocrite … brûler au bûcher me semble un peu dur … well burning at the stake may seem a bit harsh, but having him beating off in prison with Broussard and Wilkinson can be punishment enough …

    There is no record of any work product by Trahan as a para-legal in the JPPAO … NONE … so what was he getting paid for … to work on Aaron’s Saints Museum that’s what … a private business … Saints or no Saints, that’s absolute payroll fraud … and it wasn’t until this scumbag showed up to sign up for health insurance did anyone even know he was on the payroll because he certainly wasn’t at the Parish Attorney’s Office doing any work …

    So what did Peggy Barton do … well after illegally altering the para-legal organizational chart in attempt to cover up her complicity in the payroll fraud that included Parker, Trahan, Thomassie, et al… and coming up with some lying story that Trahan was working with the Parish’s PR Dept … Barton counseled Theriot to “let Trahan go” ASAP… there … gone … end of problem JP style … no consequences for covering up payroll fraud … well not until NOW Peggy …

    Not only is Trahan a fish … he’s a bottom feeder who needs to be netted, gutted and served up in prison …

    And now with the indictments being handed down BARTON needs to be fired … it simply is not credible that she knew nothing when in fact she is as guilty as Broussard, Wilkinson and Parker, not only in the payroll fraud scheme, but the UNLAWFUL ALTERING OF PUBLIC RECORDS !!!

  31. Whitmergate, there ARE actually people in this world who have no inside knowledge about every nuance of political wrongdoings. Unlike you, they are not privy to all of the quasi facts about everyone and everything. I'm not coy. And I am not confused. If what is said here is, in fact, true about either TW, I am just blown away. And I can address the moderator or whomever any time I choose, KNOW IT ALL.

  32. Misbhavin … I apologize if I hurt your feelings as that was not my intention … And yes you can address anyone you please … And I don't know it all, I just know a lot

  33. Gate', i.e.recently honored and appropriately named "KNOW IT ALL" : I'm confused here about Ken "Williams Blvd.Baptist" Trahan. We know he does radio commercials, some sports commentating and is "the Man" and emcee for the Saints Hall of Fame induction celebrations.

    But how was he an employee for "Aaron's Saints Hall of Fame" and how is that a private business of Aaron's. Are we also talking about the Kenner Saints Museum some of which moved inside of the remodeled Superdome.

    Lastly, can you prophecy me the correct point spread for the Tigers – Pachyderm game so I can place a few large peanuts on the Tigers in Vegas, or should I check with Kenny "Williams Blvd.Baptist".

  34. Apology graciously accepted. In no were my feelings hurt. Please kindly remember that there are bloggers here who have no agenda. Some just seek information. I am one of those.
    And yes, you are very well informed, Whitmergate.

  35. misbhavin:Don't you know spanking a child is prosecutable by law. Exception:Those involved in the JP Political Scandal and on those MF's we can use baseball bats and dull guillotines.

  36. aaron broussard created the saints hall of fame. ken trahan is the chairman/gen manager. the assumption that trahan was paid as a paralegal to work at the saints hof is a good assumption.

  37. jr : Seems like any work that Trahan would have done at the Kenner Saints Hall of Fame would have been payable from the Kenner city budget since that is where the fees for the museum was/ are collected; and/or partially by the Saints ownership for induction planning and ceremony expenses..

    In no case can I see Trahan even thinking about doing paralegal work in, at or for the operation or general management of the Saints Hall of Fame chargeable to the Jefferson Parish Attorney's Office.

    However, I would suggest he be nominated unanimously and inducted immediately into the Broussard Hall of Shame with Letten as emcee. Hopefully, some of Kenny's most notable "Williams Blvd. Baptist" homilies can be played so that he himself can listen to what he espouses others to do as Christians.

  38. Ashton I recently met with our N. O. U. S. Attorney's office and provided filed LAED Judge and attorney's proved corruption. I cannot say more right now. Criminal investigation is continuing and one material conspirator with knowledge of this corruption has now been questioned. U. S. Attorney's office also has evidence of two other material witness's who admitted same to an assistant U. S. Attorney.

  39. Very interesting session enlightened efforts to the present criminal investigation. Targets connected to LAED court members for rulings for their connected contacts. Use of 5th circuit case's for cover.

  40. OK here's more for all you Val Bracy junkies (including me) … continuing exerpts from her interview with Tom Wilkinson:

    "VAL: What does Karen Broussard do in your office ?

    TOM: She is assigned to the identification technology department. they work on employee id's and things like that.

    She has a position in my budget…

    She's paid out of my budget. SHE DOESN'T WORK FOR THE PARISH ATTORNEY'S OFFICE. She works for the ID department.

    VAL: Why your budget ? Why your department ? Why is she considered a member of your department ?

    TOM: She was hired here in the waning months of the COULON Admin and then shortly there after there were some discussions about this id dept. needing additional help so in lieu of creating this new position and I guess hiring a new person they just transferred Karen over to that position and kept her on my payroll.

    VAL: Why ?

    TOM: I think it was just an administrative position and instead of having to create a whole new position and fund it they just left her on my paroll.

    LET'S PAUSE FOR A MOMENT FOR SOME BACKGROUND UP TO THIS POINT … Karen, from the get go, didn't like "the type of people" she had to work with on the 7th floor, so she went up to her husband's office on the 10th floor and told him so … next thing we find out is that Deano Bonano facilitates an "assignment" for Karen in a closet at the EastBank Library … off course she's never there because Bonano has hired an assistant to to do the actual ID work under his watch as Homeland Security Advisor for JP…


    VAL: Would and ID management position pay $54,000 a year typically?

    TOM: I don't know.

    VAL: Could she have been left on your budget because she was {beeing} paid $54,000 and it made sense to pay a Para-legal Supervisor that much but not someone who worked in id Management ?

    TOM: I don't agree with that. There was a decision made by the administration to transfer her over to that dept and keep her under my budget.

    VAL: Did she ever work as a para legal supervisor in your office ?




    VAL: Do the rest of YOUR PARA LEGALS have para legal experience ?

    TOM: I'd have to look over the list of all of them.

    VAL: Would you expect and want your para legals that work there …

    TOM: If they're, if they're, if they're doing true paralegal work. yes. BUT THEY may have used my position to fund her in another job, I mean in lieu of creating a whole new job.

    VAL: Does that semm appropriate ? I mean why not just put her in ID management ?

    TOM: Tou's have to ask the administration that question.

    VAL: So did you agree with the decision to make her a para legal supervisor even though she was working in ID Management?


    VAL: So you were told she was going to work for you ?

    TOM: she was out in my budget, correct"

    SO THIS THUG WILKINSON wants us to believe that he was just taking orders … then from whom … the Administration ? … prior to Whitmer's illegal alteration of the organizational chart, the Parish Attorney was accountable to the Parish President…Whitmer's illegally had the PA account to him … and there's no wonder… given the $$$ amounts in raises that these thieves gave themselves to further enhance not only take home pay but for the real prize, much larger retirement benefits !!!

    Wilkinson's two Deputy Assistant Parish Attorneys, Louis Gruntz and Peggy Barton are as every bit charged with knowledge of this payroll fraud as is Broussard, Whitmer, Wilkinson and Parker …


  41. Having read comments on several blogs including this one, I am beginning to believe people have become confused. Aaron Broussard and Tom Wilkinson ARE THE BIG FISH, as much as Whitmer and certain Council members who have yet to be indicted.

    This is a top down indictment that makes me believe that Broussard and Wilkinson are going to be the subjects of further indictments that include and join Whitmer, certain Council Members, and some et al (Bolotte, Cassange, Fos, Gandolfi, Gruntz, Barton) concerning matters such as:

    1) the criminal conspiracy to award River Birch an unlawful landfill monopoly

    2) paying Hubbard millions of dollars in undocumented work, some $32 Million within 6 months of Katrina coming ashore

    3) the insurance scams of Whitmer, his wife Dawn and the Coulons (Tim and his son Chris)

    4) extortion of campaign contributor contractors in quid pro quo RICO arrangements such as the IT contract with BBE&C

    5) you gotta believe that this boondogle fraud, the JPPAC contract, could not have been prolonged without a conspiracy of corruption by and between Broussard, Whitmer, Wilkinson, Lagasse and Bolotte

    And that is just a few scenarios that I can recall off hand at this moment …

    So is the idea is have the BIG FISH Broussard and/or Wilkinson turn on the WHALE, Heebe … don’t count on it … Broussard and Wilkinson as well as the other confederate thugs, Whitmer et al, are every bit as arrogant as their fellow Jefferson Parish Mafioso Thug … Mark St. Pierre.

    And like St. Pierre let them go to trial … be convicted …and sentenced to and 17 1/2 years … who cares. Oh I almost forgot … Merry fucking x-mas Mark !!!

  42. Looking over these two T-P articles cited below and considering the reliable rumors tossing around, I wonder if there is any correlation between these two events ?


    “Last week, prosecutors filed a document related to Meffert's case under seal. They said disclosing it would "interfere with a legitimate governmental interest."

    Greg Meffert sentencing pushed to May(24th)
    Published: Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 7:30 PM


    ‘The federal trial for alleged payroll fraud in former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard's administration has been postponed to May 14.”

    Aaron Broussard, Karen Parker, Tom Wilkinson get new trial date
    Published: Thursday, December 22, 2011, 4:16 PM Updated: Thursday, December 22, 2011, 4:18 PM
    By Richard Rainey, The Times-Picayune

    The way I see it is that there is no way that you could have an operator like Mark St.Pierre, a certified Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso by birth, not direct Meffert to make advances toward Jefferson Parish politicos like Broussard, Roberts, Lagasse, Capella or Lee about getting business with the Parish.

    We’ll see very soon how this plays out, if at all.

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