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Lee Zurik tackles favoritism in Jefferson Parish Government as he profiles John Young

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Merry Christmas Louisiana. Here’s your present from the public officials you sent to the state capitol. A big boost in your property insurance premiums! All from the same folks who have been sticking you with higher rates for years because of their poor oversight and downright incompetence. So get out your checkbook and enjoy your holidays. More increases are on the way.

Just two weeks ago, State Farm policy holders were blindsided with a whopping rate increase of as much as 14% in some parts of the state. Many customers are wondering why there was such a rate increase was implemented. The economy has stagnated, there is little inflation, and prices across the board are down. Insurance rates are dropping in many other states, but Louisiana continues to have the highest premium costs in the nation. There have been no recent serious weather related damages throughout the state. So how can an insurance company justify a rate increase during this troubling economic climate? Simply put, they did it because they can.

In the majority of states throughout the U.S., insurance companies have to file a request to raise rates before the insurance department. Actuaries and other insurance officials scrutinize these requests to be sure the rate request is justified. But not in Louisiana! Continue reading “Jim Brown”

Tueday Music: Special dedication to Jimbo the Clown and the lit and hallucinating buffoons on the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

Louisiana Insurance Commish Jim Donelon

Folks while we celebrate 4 years of Slabbed please join me in re visiting one of my more timeless insurance post, Around the GO Zone in 60 Seconds: Drinking ‘Shroom juice at the Wall Street Journal, Cottages, Community, Warr and Wind Pool whereby I opined the Wall Street journal Editorial Board were a bunch of  “lit and hallucinating buffoons” for writing this OpEd that extolled the virtues of State Farm and Commish Jim Donelon aka Jimbo the Clown.  The sheer stupidity of the whole gang is simply timeless, especially since everyone kinda knows Louisiana Citizens is insolvent, got a going concern opinion and the like.

Well folks, last Friday the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled, in an open and shut case, that Louisiana Citizens did not adjust claims per the consumer protection portion of the state insurance law and was on the hook for bad faith penalties. Despite the split court I’ll add this case was open and shut except in certain results oriented courthouse circles who also know Citizens is insolvent and would give the entity a pass because of it, no doubt to save themselves the insurance assessment that is certainty coming everyone’s way now that the law has been correctly applied.

I everyone hope remembers how Citizens was hijacked and used as the personal piggy banks for insurance industry cronies connected to luminaries such as former Commish Robert Wooley and now Jimbo the Clown himself.  We’ve blogged lots on the Citizens Insurance Insolvency and parade of disaster CEO’s that have stunk up the place.  We’ve also blogged on the Wall Street Journal and the PR plants that spout self-serving crap for big business on its editorial pages. But frankly I never thought I’d blog on Jimbo the Clown bitching a blue streak because the Supreme Court correctly ruled in favor of the policyholder in an open and shut case, especially given his very recent campaign ads where he trumpeted being tough on an insurance company fining them $250,000 for fucking people over after Katrina. I reckon Jimbo thinks the voters in Louisiana are schmucks.

So for Jimbo, the lit and hallucinating buffoons at the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board and for the shills in Herr Hartwig’s boiler room today’s music is for you. ~ sop

What do the New Orleans Saints, Aaron Broussard and Fred Heebe have in common?

Besides Tom Bensen’s prior socio-economic connections to Broussard that is. Simple folks Entercom’s WWL Big 870 Payola Radio.  Coastal Shoring relentlessly advertises there, with Garland Robinette doing some of the voice work for them while taking a so-called $250,000 loan from Fred Heebe, a man who Stephanie Grace wrote an excellent columnn on yesterday as it related to the latest bombshell of Heebe walking away from the Jefferson Parish Landfill contract.  Connecting a corrupt media outlet to the cesspool is nothing new folks as it happens in comments to almost every T-P column written on Heebe anymore and rightfully so.  Robinette is a whore for certain folks but he is also something worse for WWL and everyone that works there including the Cajun Cannon as Garlandfill is also cancer of the type that will end up afflicting everyone associated with the station, which does not operate in the public interest.

I still listen on occasion folks as I have a duty to listen. That said having to listen to Hokie is almost on par with water boarding.  Now when I listen in I try to figure out the non disclosed financial relationships that impacts their content.  And I especially enjoyed Rich Mauti’s heartfelt segment on Jerry Sandusky where he mentioned the failure of our institutions citing the political corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish as an example before he was quickly herded back onto the reservations by Deke Beleiva, who is better than Hokie but still hard to listen to most of the time. Whew that was close one with Mauti eh Deke? Continue reading “What do the New Orleans Saints, Aaron Broussard and Fred Heebe have in common?”

Last week American citizens lost basic liberties courtesy of Obama and the idiots in Congress as Habeas Corpus is no more.

“Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power.” ~ Ben Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack (1738)

Habeas Corpus, like so many of our common laws is inherited from the English. Simply put it is a legal remedy for unlawful arrest and detention that translates from Latin as “You may have the body”.  President Lincoln suspended it during the civil war over the objections of the Supreme Court and President Bush suspended it in 2006 when he signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 for those that were not US citizens as part of the so called War on Terror.  Since the Patriot Act was passed in the aftermath of 9-11 American citizens have lost an array of basic civil liberties in the name of security and last week Obama continued that trend when he signed the National Defense Authorization Act which now allows the military to arrest any US citizen deemed a terrorist even here in the US!

I have 2 links to share on this topic, as it appears the voters in 2012 will face the dark choice between one of the sold out ignorant nabobs from the GOP against a sold out Ed Rust lawn jockey from Illinois. The exception in the GOP field is Ron Paul folks but as Frank Corder reminded me on twitter yesterday he is not likely to get the GOP nomination, IMHO because he is not sold out like the rest. (For you local folks I’d mention Buddy Roemer here but he is bat shit crazy in my opinion.) The first link is from the New York Times’ Andrew Rosenthal:

Most broadly, the bill continues the work President George W. Bush started. Mr. Bush and his supporters exploited the nation’s fear and insecurity after the Sept. 11 attacks (and Democrats’ insecurity about national security) to ram through several unnecessary bills, including the Patriot Act and a dangerous expansion of the government’s ability to spy on Americans’ international communications without judicial supervision. Now, Mr. Obama and the Democrats in Congress have proven that they’re equally willing to curtail civil liberties, and, in the process, further damage America’s global reputation as a defender of human rights.

I think it’s barely possible that Mr. Obama would sign a waiver of military detention when warranted. But it’s impossible to imagine a Republican successor doing that. And that’s the big point. This is supposed to be a nation of laws, not a nation of men we just really hope will make good decisions. I wish Mr. Obama saw that more clearly.

Nope it is clear he doesn’t.  I soured on Obama when he went back on his 2008 promise to South Mississippi to be open to the idea of a multi peril solution to the coastal insurance crisis exposing himself as a simple lying, sack of shit politician that will say anything to get a vote. Continue reading “Last week American citizens lost basic liberties courtesy of Obama and the idiots in Congress as Habeas Corpus is no more.”

Out of the Closet: Southhaven Mayor Greg Davis announces intention to join the Log Cabin Republicans

Davis also finally had to admit to the public what many folks already knew: He is gay.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal is all over this story, which explains why my post on the topic, the first in the new or old media about the why behind Davis’ embezzlement problems has gone viral in north Mississippi today.  Off to the Log Cabin with you Greg as your days in office in Mississippi are winding down quickly.

One day the electorate of this state will see “family values” is just a cheap meaningless GOP talking point as the long list of whore mongers that has used the line to get elected grows by one this morning.