Campaign Finance again on the Slabb as my Gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak strikes strawman gold.

O’Bell (now of Magnum fame) was one of Calvin’s “contract” attorneys who wrote me an email a while back telling me how Calvin gave him and 2 other attorneys written instructions to make a check payable to a Senator. He also wrote that he received verbal orders from Calvin for other contributions. O’Bell told me he was instructed to “work the contributions into expenses on a class action case” where he was reimbursed for his contributions.

I really want to post that email because it’s very insightful, but O’Bell has threatened to sue me if I make it public.

Yes, Prisoner’s dilemma is a very real. Squeal first and you get the best deal except when the local prosecutor doesn’t give a sh!t. Here is a portion of the reply:

Car 54 where are you?????


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  1. Since we're talking about CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT here, let's not "pussyfoot" around. If you look at the third link to the Comment to this POST by "PRES", you will see the reference to the "low numbered" Victims of KATRINA case, namely "Maureen O'Dwyer, et al versus The United States of America, et al", Civil Action Number 05-4181, which I prepared and filed on behalf of one of my sisters and about 50 other people on September 19, 2005, about 12 hours before I was abducted by the State Police (the State and the Governor were also defendants), taken to the "Federal Law Enforcement Coordination Center" called CAMP AMTRAK, and brutalized, tortured and falsely imprisoned there. The Maureen O'Dwyer case was assigned to Judge "Duval-Daley-Fayard", whereas the next higher numbered case, "Colleen Berthelot versus Boh Bros.", Civil Action Number 05-4182 was assigned to Judge Porteous. Anyone with half a brain should have known that THERE WAS NO WAY Porteous could stay on the KATRINA cases because of his "troubles" with the Federal Government, and the fact that the levees which failed were federal projects. But the vast majority of "the Plaintiffs' Bar", who were motivated by their "history" of "back-room" deals and "influence" with Members of the Judiciary, put their eggs in Porteous' basket, and as early as December 2005 attempted to have Porteous annoint them to positions of prominence in the litigation, ie. to "the Plaintiffs' Committee". One plaintiffs' lawyer who was shrewder than the rest, name Calvin Fayard, who Duval later called "my close personal friend of long-standing", recognized that Porteous was "toast" (Porteous recused himself in March 2006) and that ALL OF THE KATRINA LITIGATION would wind up before Duval-Daley-Fayard because of the "Maureen O'Dwyer" case, which bore the low number and was assigned to him, not Porteous. So in November 2005, while the rest of us were still trying to figure things out, Fayard took The "Dis-Honorable" Duval-Daley-Fayard, his wife and law clerk, Fayard's daughter Caroline, who was Duval's "other" law clerk, and goodness knows who else to Tuscaloosa "for a football game". Records which have since been removed from the Financial Disclosure Report Form of Duval-Daley-Fayard reflected that the value of the trip was reported by the "Judge" to be $5,000. Whether that sum included the value to the wife and law clerk, or the "other" law clerk, who was Fayard's daughter, is unknown. This trip was no coincidence and was to discuss the "control and management" of the Victims of KATRINA litigation. It is this knowledge, among other things which are equally as sinister and CORRUPT, which got me disbared. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  2. wealthy Manhattan investment banker who was once a top fundraiser for Hillary Rodham Clinton and other big-name Democrats was sentenced Thursday to 12 years in prison for defrauding banks of $292 million by a judge who called the case a “Shakespearean tragedy.”

    Hassan Nemazee, 60, had reached a plea deal in March, admitting that he cheated banks out of $292 million and pleading guilty to three counts of bank fraud and one count of wire fraud. U.S. District Judge Sidney Stein in Manhattan said he’ll get out of prison in about a decade.

    Nemazee was the national finance chairman of Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. He also raised money for President Barack Obama and a long list of other prominent Democrats. He was Sen. John Kerry’s New York finance chairman during his failed 2004 presidential run.

    Read more:

  3. "Latrobes on Royal Street in 2004. Who held a fundraiser for Sen. Kerry that night?"

    February 4, 2003, Calvin C. Fayard, Jr. had a fund raiser for Kerry at a place on Royal Street right behind (or in front of) the Louisiana Supreme Court. The donations were $2,000 each.

    The Fayard family/lawfirm bookkeeper, Carolyn Mistoler, "contributed" $2,000 to John Kerry on this same date, as did Cathryn C. (Caroline) Fayard.

  4. This email and its contents was "stale" in 2007.

    O'Bell must have given the ODC a different version when they called him in 2008-09. I bet he said he was angry at the time because he had his lawsuit going on in the Middle District claiming Calvin tried to screw him out of retirement funds through less than honest means.

    I don't know his excuse for repeating the same information at least twice after he settled his suit against Calvin.

  5. .Here is a very interesting link to our old friend and NMC dupe FOLO—

    This comment caught my attention—

    In the ongoing Katrina Litigation in the Eastern District of Louisiana, an attorney named Ashton O’Dwyer has been filing several motions seeking to recuse Judge Duval, and to disqualify Fayard and others from being on any Plaintiff Steering Committee in the Katrina Litigation because of their conflict by also representing the state of Louisiana.

    Now, keep in mind that O’Dwyer has been sanctioned by the court for filing frivilous and vexatious pleadings. He’s also been admonished from sending email, etc. to other counsel because of his use of derogatory language. Some say O’Dwyer is a nut.

    According to an affidavit he filed, he received a threatening phone call from Fayard saying “This is Calvin Fayard. There are certain things you don’t do the Fayard family, and interfering with their ability to make money is one of them.” According to the affidavit, Fayard went on to tell O’Dwyer that he can help him with his problems at the Eastern District.

    Fayard’s attorneys filed a response and said he doesn’t remember saying what O’Dwyer says in his affidavit.

    O’Dwyer filed his reply and says he TAPED the phone call, and has since been trying to take the depositions of Fayard and others.

    “Nut” or not, O’Dwyer can write one hell of a brief.


    This commentor was right O'Dwyer is fierce when it comes to the written word applied to the law.

  6. 3/31/03 there was a fundraiser for Kerry at Latrobe’s, according to this:

    “Kerry makes pitch for support – Presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry , D-Mass., swept through New Orleans on Friday for a pair of small gatherings, one to raise money and one to make his pitch to potential supporters. Kerry answered questions from about 30 people at a French Quarter reception and later dined with about 65 supporters who donated as much as $2,000 each for the privilege. Many of co-host Calvin Fayard's fellow Louisiana trial lawyers attended an event this month for one of their own, Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., who also is seeking the presidential nomination. But the Denham Springs lawyer said he supports Kerry out of friendship and because he likes Kerry's "life experience" and grasp on a range of national issues. "John Edwards is a good friend also," Fayard said. "I'd love to see him stay in the United States Senate." Other hosts included New Orleans lawyers Allen Usry and Vernon Thomas … .” – 2.22.03 TP
    “’Mississippi River strategy’

    In Arkansas, Kerry should get help from Clinton, retired Gen. Wesley Clark and the state’s two Democratic senators. And in Tennessee, one of Kerry’s strongest supporters, U.S. Rep. Harold Ford of Memphis, is fueling an active campaign. The state also has a Democratic governor.

    … Kerry wound up his afternoon at a small organizational meeting with key supporters, who he hopes will begin to raise money throughout the state. Leading the charge is Calvin Fayard , a Denham Springs trial lawyer who is a longtime Kerry backer, sources close to the campaign said.” – 3.6.04 TP
    “Raising money

    Wednesday evening, Kerry consorted with some of the state’s top donors at a private gathering at the St. Charles Avenue home of Robert Ramelli, the owner of a local janitorial services company.

    Then it was on to a laid-back — but lucrative — fund-raiser at the Foundry banquet hall in the Warehouse District, organized by Denham Springs trial lawyer Calvin Fayard and his wife, Frances.

    The event attracted several hundred supporters, each of whom paid $1,000 or $2,000 to rub elbows with Kerry as well as some of the state’s most powerful elected officials, including U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, U.S. Reps. William Jefferson and Chris John, Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu and Mayor Ray Nagin, who flew back from a day trip to Washington, D.C., to attend the function.

    In all, the fund-raising effort produced a total of $1 million: $500,000 for Kerry’s campaign and another $500,000 for the Democratic National Committee, a campaign spokeswoman said.

    Earlier this week, Kerry’s campaign announced that the senator had raised $54.8 million in donations during the first quarter of 2004, beating President Bush’s fund-raising totals and breaking the previous quarterly fund-raising record for a presidential candidate by more than $2 million.

    Wednesday’s draw appeared to confirm the campaign’s momentum, and helped Kerry exceed his goal of raising $20 million in 20 cities in five weeks, said campaign spokesman Michael Meehan.

    Among Kerry’s top fund-raisers in Louisiana were a handful of trial lawyers, including Fayard , Daniel Becnel, Allen Usry, Stephen Murray and Frank Dudenhefer. Others included former gubernatorial candidate Claude "Buddy" Leach, former U.S. Sen. J. Bennett Johnston and former state Rep. Sherman Copelin.” -4.22.04 TP
    “Louisiana donors show love to Kerry

    Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is collecting some generous friends in Louisiana. His campaign recently released a revised list of his top fund-raisers around the nation, including Lake Charles lawyer Drew Ranier, who rounded up more than $50,000 for the candidate, and New Orleans businessman Robert Savoie, who pulled together more than $100,000 in donations. Ranier joins the list of 298 "co-chairs" for Kerry, and Savoie, whose information technology company has several federal government contracts, joins Denham Springs lawyer Calvin Fayard on the elite list of Kerry "vice chairs." The Center for Responsive Politics, which is tracking the donations, said Kerry’s fund-raisers have collected at least $41.5 million for him this year.” -8.22.04 TP
    “While the Republicans convening in New York had the national spotlight on Wednesday, a smaller, far more Democratic gathering took place in Metairie, where bookstore customers waited for hours on a sweltering day to spend a few seconds with President Clinton and get him to sign copies of his book "My Life." … He arrived about 1:30 a.m., stayed at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans, took a morning walk though the French Quarter, ate breakfast at Cafe du Monde and attended a $10,000-a-head Democratic party fundraiser at the St. Charles Avenue mansion of high-profile trial Lawyer Calvin Fayard .

    Among the notables in attendance were U.S. Rep. William Jefferson and his daughter, state Rep. Jalila Jefferson; Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu; New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and his chief administrative officer, Charles Rice; and Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee.” -9.2.04 TP
    (Pro’ly a typo here) “MRS. CLINTON IN SEASIDE: A string trio serenaded first lady Hillary Clinton with New York, New York as she arrived for a private dinner party Tuesday night in Seaside. She was the guest of Baton Rouge, La., lawyer Carl Fayard at his Florida beach home. Fayard declined to say whether the event was a fundraiser.” -10.12.00 TP
    “Hillary's N.O. event Hillary Clinton, who lagged behind John Edwards in Louisiana fundraising in the first quarter, will surely raise big money when she visits New Orleans at 5:30 p.m. Friday at the St. Charles Avenue home of Calvin Fayard , a longtime Democratic Party supporter.” -5.14.07 NO CityBusiness

    AOD is a helluva boxer; maybe Dambala would like to help him wind up a haymaker:

  7. "(Pro’ly a typo here) “MRS. CLINTON IN SEASIDE: A string trio serenaded first lady Hillary Clinton with New York, New York as she arrived for a private dinner party Tuesday night in Seaside. She was the guest of Baton Rouge, La., lawyer Carl Fayard at his Florida beach home. Fayard declined to say whether the event was a fundraiser.” -10.12.00 TP"

    Take a look at the August and October, 2000 contributions by the Fayards (Calvin, Cynthia, Chalyn, Caroline, and Trey), Blayne Honeycutt, Hugh Sibley, Frank Dudenhefer and others in Fayard’s circle of friends and colleagues to the following:




    Who was the best customer that October night for the car rental agencies in the Seaside and neighboring areas; the limousine services in the area; the private aircraft and pilots chartered from Hugh Sibley and others to ferry people to and from the event; the rent on the house next door where the Fayard home furnishings were stored; the office staff that spent hours helping get all of these things organized, etc., etc.

    Putting the contributions and event costs together, I’d personally call it a fundraiser.

  8. Hello slabbed, I read this and as soon as I see an attorney involved in the extortion of our lawsuit awards I further understand the depth of corruption. Damned the constitution full speed ahead. How is that pronounced Frank DaFarthead? Is that German? But oh yes they can fix shit at the clown show in the Eastern Districk. Hail Hitler Frank.

    I use to know people on coke who thought they were the answer to the world. That the sun rose and set in their asses. I see a lot of the same with these uh, uh, ???? $ If it wasn't for Satan the Devil leading these folks around by their nose just how in hell (get it ) would they survive? I mean lake, Big Lake of FIRE!!!!

  9. Putting aside for the moment the possibility of illegal "conduit contributions" to candidates for Federal Offices, for which the "Donor" received reimbursement from a third-party, does anyone know if any of the contributions were, indeed, worked "into expenses in a class action case"? If so, then other crimes may be implicated, including fraud, theft, and conspiracy to commit same. If a fraudulent or inappropriate "expense" was submitted to the Court, and approved, then that "expense" came out of someone's pocket, ie. other plaintiffs' lawyers' or, if the defense had to pay attorneys' fees and expenses, out of the defendant's pocket. Contributions to a political candidate could NEVER be a legitimate litigation expense. Also, is there any criminal lawyer out there who might opine that the Statute of Limitations has not yet run on crimes which are still being "covered up" by virtue of the Doctrine of Continuing Offenses? Thank you. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  10. Ashton:

    Several years ago I was part of a casual conversation with Calvin, Wendell and 2 Baton Rouge attorneys. All of them were part of the plaintiffs' counsel in the Bayou Sorrel class action case that wound up in Judge Haik's court.

    The conversation turned to a fundraiser Calvin, Wendell and others were putting on for Bill Clinton. The cost was a $10,000 contribution. For that price, the contributors were flown by chartered airline to DC or somewhere for a private dinner and photo op with the President.

    Calvin and Wendell asked the 2 Baton Rouge attorneys to each make a contribution. Those attorneys said they didn't have the funds to make that kind of donation. Calvin and Wendell immediately offered a solution: make a low interest signature loan with Calvin's bank, pay back the interest on the loan, and work the $10k and interest into their expenses and costs on the Bayou Sorrel class action case.

    I've never seen any loan documents, or the billing records for the Bayou Sorrel class action settlement, but I have seen the 8×10 photos of each attorney grinning with President Clinton at their side.

  11. To: NAAS: Well, I guess it would be too much to expect for "Lettenemgo" or his minions to drop some subpoenae duces tecum in an effort to obtain billing records (and I assume "Court Approval") in class action cases: Too "STALE". AROD.

  12. AROD: I am understanding you correctly. Your class action Katrina suit was filed first and before the Fayard Katrina class action suit. And with your removal from Federal court and the bar along with dismissal of your class action suit, the said Fayard class action suit became the prominent class action suit before Judge Duval.

    And do you think that was the primary motive that resulted in State goon squads picking you up, your torture, removal from the bar, having your class action suit dismissed, you being labeled a "nut" and all the other unconstitutional crap dished out to you.

    What ever happened to your Katrina plaintiffs, i.e. sister and other 50 claimants. Did they lose their legal rights.And whatever happened to the Fayard Katrina suit.

    Isn't the Fayard trip to Tuscaloosa for a football with Judge Duval akin to the same thing, lawyer-Judge ex-parte influence buying, that got the infamous pOrteous removed.

    And if you still have Calvin Fayard's recorded telephone message in which it is alleged he threatened you with interfering with his money making class action suit and that he could influence your political persecution status in Eastern District – Don't you have him by the "family jewels" in some kind of civil suit with financial damages, if not criminally or ethically.

  13. To LOCKEMUPTIGHT: This will respond to your questions in "stream of consciousness" fashion. Preliminarily, let me state unequivocally that I believe The "Dis-Honorable" Duval-Daley-Fayard and his "close personal friend of long-standing", Calvin Clifford Fayard, Jr., to be CORRUPT. If it kills me, I aim to expose their corruption for all to see. (1) The "deal" for the control and management of the "Victims of KATRINA" litigation was sealed during the November 2005 trip to Tuscaloosa by Fayard, Duval-Daley-Fayard, his wife and law clerk, and Fayard's daughter, who was Duval-Daley-Fayard's "other" law clerk. Who else had to be present to agree to "the plan"? And this trip was not disclosed to the litigants or their counsel at the Status Conference of 3/24/06. (2) My "main" KATRINA case (but there were others) was summarily dismissed by Duval-Daley-Fayard on July 19, 2006 in Record Document No. 788 "on-the-papers" without oral argument, much less discovery or a trial. This was done by Duval-Daley-Fayard and his wife/law clerk (the "surrogate" Judge of Section "K") intentionally, in order to discredit me, to marginalize me and to get rid of me, so that "the plan" hatched in Tuscaloosa could be implemented and Fayard given "clear sailing". (3) My clients, who numbered approximately 2,000 – not 50 – lost whatever rights they had West of the Industrial Canal, when Duval-Daley-Fayard summarily dismissed "the Levee case" on-the-papers, without any discovery or a trial. Since Calvin Fayard did not represent any "Levee Plaintiffs", this dismissal did not interfere with "the plan" which had been hatched in Tuscaloosa. My Broussard Flood plaintiffs still have rights, although I am sceptical about the integrity of that litigation (the Judge's son represents Jefferson Parish in other litigation, and has for years) I also have concerns about the lawyers who are prosecuting the Broussard Flood case, who could "care less" about the Judge's obvious conflict of interests. (4) Fayard has two cases East of the Industrial Canal: (a) His MRGO case in which Duval-Daley-Fayard granted him "favored nations status" from day-1 and ruled in his favor (some of my former clients could benefit from that decision, if it is affirmed), and (2) the Washington Group International case, which the Fifth "Circus" resurrected. I also had claims in that litigation, but I was summarily dismissed like a piece of garbage, because Duval-Daley-Fayard was afraid of anything happening in that case which might adversely affect Fayard's MRGO case and what had been decided in Tuscaloosa. However, now that the Fifth "Circus" has spoken, and reversed the dismissal of claims against Washington Group International, Fayard has jumped on the bandwagon and is trying to make a significant monetary recovery against Washington Group International (or so I hear). (5) My MRGO case, Civil Action No. 06-1885, was filed on April 3, 2006, a month or so BEFORE Fayard's MRGO case. However, my clients and I were never given the time of day by Duval-Daley-Fayard, who clearly favored Fayard at every turn, and continues to do so, as part of the Tuscaloosa plan. (6) The filing of my initial KATRINA lawsuit on September 19, 2005, against the United States, the State and the Governor, among others, withing 12 hours of my abduction from my home at 5 minutes past midnight on September 20, 2005, indubitably had something to do with my being take to Camp Amtrak, where I was "taught a lesson".Camp Amtrak was a Federal Law Enforcement Coordination Center, which was "run" by a number of Federal agencies (including the U.S Department of "Injustice", the FBI and Lettenemgo's Office), although State-employed "goons" performef hour-to-hour operations, under Federal supervision. (7) My suspension and disbarment happened for a number of reasons, ALL CORRUPT, but primarily due to my filing Civil Action No. 08-4728 against Duval-Daley-Fayard and Members of the Plaintiffs' Bar for CORRUPTION. Although this lawsuit is available on PACER, I wish SOP would POST it on SLABBED, because it will answer a lot of questions and expose a lot of corruption. (8) Porteous' recusal was pre-ordained because the KATRINA litigation involved the Federal Government, and Porteous was precluded, because of the Federal investigation which resulted in his impeachment, and the fact that he was disqualified from presiding over cases involving the Federal Government. Fayard and Duval-Daley-Fayard, and Duval's wife and law clerk, and Fayard's daughter and Duval's "other law clerk, KNEW ALL OF THIS TOO WELL when they all travelled to Tuscaloosa in November 2005. (9) Fayard's attempt, in July 2006, to get me to compromise my integrity (all pleaded in C.A. No.08-4728), had nothing to do with "political persecution status" ( I was unaware of that at the time, and I still am in DISBELIEF), but with Duval-Daley-Fayard's summary dismissal if my main KATRINA case on July 19, 2006. I hope I have answered all of your questions. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  14. "The “deal” for the control and management of the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation was sealed during the November 2005 trip to Tuscaloosa by Fayard, Duval-Daley-Fayard, his wife and law clerk, and Fayard’s daughter, who was Duval-Daley-Fayard’s “other” law clerk."

    Ashton: do you remember if your ears were burning that November 2005 weekend? It's logical to presume your name and publicized activities were prominently discussed in Tuscaloosa.

  15. AROD: Thank you for your explanation. However, two last questions if possible and only if your answer does not compromise your position. Do you have any recorded telephone recording of Fayard calling you discussing you 'interfering with his family's money making business' and his offer to get you out of your political persecution in the Eastern District.

    And finally, this may sound stupid but who is Duval- Daley- Fayard . If it is Judge Duval explain his relationship with Fayard and Daley, other than fact that Calvin Fayard's daughter is Duval's law clerk.

    To me the fact that Fayard's daughter is Calvin Fayard's law clerk should be enough ethical conflict for perpetual recusal motions by opposition litigants every time Fayard's civil cases appear before Judge Duval.

    Thanks, God Bless and I apologize for having you recall the past as I know that must be burdensome for you.

  16. Yes, you're "right", Lockemuptight. Recounting all of this causes me more than a little "agitation", but I've learned to live with it for the past 6-plus years. Remember: "Adversity diesn't BUILD character; it REVEALS it." What is most frustrating to me than recounting the details of "unpleasantness" that I have lived through is the fact that (1) Lettenemgo, the Federal Bureau of Constipation, and the U.S. Department of "Injustice" will not do anything about what was done to me at Camp Amtrak on 9/20/05, BECAUSE THEY AND THEIR EMPLOYEES WERE COMPLICIT, and the fact that (2) The same "Gang of Thieves" won't do anything about Duval's and Fayard's corruption, because as of today their single client, the United States, is "winning", having lost ONLY Fayard's MRGO case, which they can "handle" (it involves a helluva lot less people that the "Levee Breach" or "Outfall Canal" cases, and therefore a helluva lot less money), and they believe the MRGO case will be reversed on appeal. Whether I have a tape or not is something that I do not wish to reveal unless ORDERED to do so. I KNOW what was said by Fayard when he called me on July 20, 2006, the day after Duval's dismissal of my main KATRINA case. That COCKSUCKER offered to intercede on my behalf with Duval to attempt to have Duval CHANGE a decision that had already been reduced to writing. In other words, that COCKSUCKER was soliciting my consent for him to communicate ex parte with Duval, whose ear EVERYONE knew Fayard had, either directly, or through Duval's wife and law clerk Janet Daly ', or through Fayard's own daughter who at the time was working for Duval as a law clerk. And if all else failed, then Fayard or his surrogates or go-betweens could use Joe Bruno, who was talking to Section "K" ex parte on a daily basis. I IMMEDIATELY told him in no uncertain terms, "Calvin, that would be unethical", and in any event I had already filed a Notice of Appeal. I have not spoken with that COCKSUCKER since that day, other than for him to approach me in the hallway at Federal Court to tell me, "I don't want your money", and returning a witness fee attached to a subpoena (I was never able to take his deposition). Duval's wife's name is "Janet Daley". She previously clerked for Duval's former law partner George Arceneaux, who died in office. Janet Daley is the surrogate Judge of Section "K". If you need further explanation, call me. I don't know when Caroline Fayard commenced her tenure as Duval's law clerk, but she was "on board" as of November 2005 when she personally organized the trip to Tuscaloosa, something I didn't learn about until years later, since Duval didn't disclose it. Nor did he disclose the trip to Nantucket for Fayard's wedding in September 2003. At the first Status Conference before Duval in the KATRINA litigation, held on March 24, 2006, we were told that Caroline Fayard, who was still a law clerk, would not be working on the KATRINA cases, which begs the question: (1) What had she been doing between November 2005 and March 2006? (2) Was she acting as a "go-between" for "Daddy" and Section "K", whether Duval himself or her "sister" law clerk, who was (and is) Duval's wife? (3) Same questions for the period between March 2006 and when she left Duval's employ in the lare summer 2006. Fayard's ("Daddy's") telephone call to me on July 20, 2006 strongly suggests that "conduits", "go-betweens" or "messengers" were not not needed between Duval and Fayard, and when Fayard wanted to speak with the Judge, he just picked up the phone – the "private" phone. I hope this covers it. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  17. Ashton:

    Calvin could give the defense bar lessons on how to bill hours and expenses. The man seemed to bill for everything when I worked there. I'd wager that he billed 1 or more class action cases for hours and expenses on the day of his Nantucket wedding in September 2003. I'd even wager he billed cases on each day of his "honeymoon".

    It is my reasonable belief that the records for every case-related phone call he made from his cell phones, hotel rooms, residences and offices between August 29, 2005 and August 29, 2006 have been copied and attached to his billing for 1 or more class action cases.

    It would be no surprise to me if he and his staff billed the Katrina litigation for every expense and cost related to making the 2005 LSU-Bama game date with his daughter and the rest of the court; making any and all travel and lodging arrangements; purchasing momentos; meals; tickets (he has season tickets); etc. His staff time would include his bookkeeper, his former executive secretary, possibly his former paralegal, and the student worker. I can give you the names in an email.

    Perhaps there are putative class members or claimants in his Katrina cases that have a right to review those billing records? I would start looking at the time & expense records for that settlement that didn't hold up on appeal recently.

  18. NAAS: Boy if the DOJ or La. ODC could just get their hands on Calvin's billing records for class action suits ( during November 2005) possibly claiming expenses for an ex parte communication and bribery of a Federal Judge's trip to Tuscaloosa. It would make this latest recusal of the entire Federal Eastern District bench of Judges, in regard to the Broussard-Parker-Wilkinson case, appear to be hypocritical and just BS propaganda.

    Instead of self recusal Congressional impeachment would be more deserving.

  19. And I have been saying since the Fall 2007, when Duval-Daley-Fayard's CORRUPTION first became apparent to me, that what he and his cronies did in the "Victims of KATRINA" litigation makes what Porteous did look "penny-ante" and like an altar boy. But there is no accoutability'ecause THE FUCKING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS THE BENEFICIARY OF THIS CORRUPTION. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  20. Lock:

    The ODC passed on taking a look at Fayard's billing records. I gave them dates, cases and facts. There seems to be a whole different set of unwritten rules for class action attorneys. I gave them the docket number for a suit against Fayard in Philadelphia, PA by Arnold Levin who accused Fayard and others of billing more than 24 hours in a day. Levin issued subpoenas for their time and expense records for all cases they worked during certain years. The case is settled and sealed.

    As far as the DOJ, often billing instructions came from Calvin to his secretary over the telephone. Many times the billing was mailed, faxed and emailed. Many class action settlements are in federal courts.

    Here's a thought – a class action lawsuit against the class counsel in those cases. The billing is usually sealed by order of the court after a motion filed by class counsel. The class members rarely, if ever, get a chance to look at the billing records, much less conduct any forensic review. If the fraud hasn't been discovered, can the claim prescribe?

  21. Ashton:

    Did you happen to notice the state trooper and ethics investigator knocking on the front door of your neighbor, Calvin Fayard, earlier this week?

    I heard the same thing was going on at all the Fayard residences, but nobody seems to be home.

    Where are the Fayards? I know at least 2 of them, maybe more, are in South Africa. Are they evading service of some kind?

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