Economic Monday: Let’s see how scapegoating mexicans is working out

Simplistic solutions to complex problems rarely lead to good results:

Farmers strain to hire American labor in place of mexican migrant labor. File that one under no good deed goes unpunished as faux conservatives such as Michelle Bachmann actually take pride in f&cking up the 1% of the workforce that was actually working and producing a positive contribution to our economy.  I’ll add I am hearing stories about local construction companies paying their American workers less than the Hispanics they replaced.  This means the relationship of wage rates to productivity is alive and well folks.  Call it the Bachmann boobie prize for ignorant economics.

Meantime the economic data stream continues to indicate that Alabama’s politicians are among the most ignorant in the country on the issue as this snippet from an October Bloomberg Op-Ed indicates:

Due to what one commercial landscaper called Alabama’s “negative atmosphere,” legal Hispanic residents are leaving the state, creating shortages of workers in construction and agriculture. As Bloomberg News reported in June, the post-tornado reconstruction of Tuscaloosa has been hindered by a lack of skilled labor, partly because, after the law was passed, Hispanic tradesmen began leaving the state. Meantime, during the recent harvest, tomatoes and other crops were left rotting in north Alabama’s fields.

While political/economic shills and their media lackeys tell you how great black Friday was lest we forget Q3 GDP was revised down 20% less than a month after the same political/economic shills trumpeted the initial Q3 GDP figure as proof the tide had turned. I’ll note even the Toolman questioned the stuffed shirt ivory tower Tulane economist a bit harder this morning as people seem to be catching on to the puff and quietly revise economic activity down game, even the Toolman himself. Continue reading “Economic Monday: Let’s see how scapegoating mexicans is working out”