About the latest dust up in the Louisiana Home Elevation Program……

Folks all I can say is the latest news of Orleans Shoring running undercover stings to eliminate the competition brings this whole home elevation deal to a level of nasty not seen since Julie and Patrick Quinn’s divorce proceedings were raging as the general public gets a peeksie at some of the reasons that Quinn was redistricted out of the State Senate (and John Young’s bed).

I mention this because last night we received a contact or two on the topic including one person that gave us the skinny on Orleans Shoring owner Christian Cancienne’s prior criminal record distributing hard drugs. We already knew Christian Cancienne from the Katrina litigation folks and he was about as useless as Eric Paulsen’s legal team in Paulsen v State Farm. But ol’ Christian does have a nice jingle and some of the best former politicians money can buy to snap up a cool quarter of the market.

Hopefully in the process folks I hope everyone will understand how absolutely feckless the current contractor licensing process in Louisiana is in its current incarnation and that is the real story here.

Meantime people are looking to Slabbed to cover this issue and something tells me there is plenty enough dirt on Quinn and Cancienne to make this topic a good fit here.


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  1. If Slabbed looks beneath the skin of this program they will see none other than Sen. John A. Alario.

    "State officials should have realized that back in June, and in fact, the state initially balked at sending out invitations. But the administration reversed course after J.T. Curtis Jr. emailed state Sen. John Alario to complain that the state was backing out on a promise to help after his company, American Building Products, which had spent $20,000 to rent the church and on advertising."

    For those media members or concerned citizens who want to learn more there is good news because: <a href="http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCgQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2 Fwww.legis.state.la.us%2Farchive%2F2011%2F2842.pdf&ei=1LrLTvPKOIaQsQLkxrH-Dg&usg=AFQjCNHORGg7YDTJMxcPugEOMRlIj9OJLg&sig2=4PIBNWeC1hGu5Q9Q3HtydA” target=”_blank”>http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&a…” target=”_blank”>Fwww.legis.state.la.us%2Farchive%2F2011%2F2842.pdf&ei=1LrLTvPKOIaQsQLkxrH-Dg&usg=AFQjCNHORGg7YDTJMxcPugEOMRlIj9OJLg&sig2=4PIBNWeC1hGu5Q9Q3HtydA

  2. Pres: The "invitations" you mention above were regarding what exactly – the committee meeting you linked or something else? What "help" had the state promised?
    …I am trying to read between the lines, but got lost.

  3. "Alario said he simply passed Curtis' email along to Rainwater as a constituent service and had no further interest in the event's success."
    jt curtis along wth the shutter company are located in senate district 10, martiny. no constituent of alario was involved here. amazing how easily the bs stacks up with these jokers.

  4. I am glad you're covering this slabbed. This guy was a drug dealer and so was his father.
    They total up to 13 convictions between them! The esteemed senator is now working for convicted felons.

    Also heard they removed the father from the company when he hit and KILLED someone while driving drunk – in order to protect all of his "hard earned" money.

    I can't wait to see what slabbed digs up. This guy is the dirtiest one in the program. the only way 1 company which was transformed from a bankrupt plumbing firm gets 25% of all the work in the HMGP is: Orleans shoring had to have the coveted homeowner list before anyone else.

  5. Thanks jr, I hadn't read that article before. Very enlightening…and surprising that Pres would even bring it up here as it seems to shine negatively on ABP as much if not more than it does on Alario. Pres, are you not involved in ABP?

  6. I have quite an earful if slabbed is interested. From Orleans to Coastal. Contact me and I will be happy to inform your readers regarding the truly dark underbelly of this disgusting display of greed and avarice that has become the elevation grant program. The dirty dealing and payoffs reach the top of state government.

  7. rudyoreilly November 24, 2011 at 9:22AM
    These promissory notes will be the end of the HMGP. If every contractor forces homeowner to pay back their road home $30K, homeowners will lose their homes. THOUSANDS of people spent the road home money on cars, furniture, clothes etc. These people will be foreclosed on and will lose their homes.

    How many homeowners who decided to elevate will lose their homes? Thousands? I guess these contractors will end up owning lots of elevated homes.

  8. John,one thing that interests me is Orleans moving that old school and historic residential structures out of the medical center project. One of the NOLA commenters mentioned how badly Orleans under bid that project and if memory serves they left 100% plus of their bid on the table.

    In bid markets this nugget from game theory explains it.

    Either Orleans needs a new estimator or Cancienne took that job at a loss in exchange for the free PR afforded the company by the local media. Jill Hezeau interviewed Christian Cancienne last week as Orleans SHoring, with a huge Orleans Shoring banner attached, was moving the old McDonogh school for the new med center.

    What I can say is the more I delve into this topic the more questions I have, especially in light of the completely incompetent way this has been handled at the state level by Team Jindal.

    I have a link or two saved for another dedicated post. I think the Hammerman is onto something at the T-P and I like construction topics.


  9. This is how screwy this whole mess is. A friend owned an auto body shop for his entire adult life. He is now a licensed home elevation contractor. How he passed the licensing test or whatever escapes me. He is subcontracting under this and another company. He stated he made 30K last month.
    Sop, you are correct….screwy in St. Louie.

  10. In Louisiana there are no minimum net worth requirements to get a residential license. For a commercial contractor the minimum is $10K.

    You do not necessarily need prior experience either but there is a test. Louisiana's is reputed to be fairly easy. You take a review course before the state test to gain the knowledge to pass it.

    What you are seeing is how an unregulated market behaves. Seems to me to try and make any rules after the fact would cause more problems than it solves.

    Rumblings in the blogosphere indicate that the elevation grants are totaling 80% or more of the structure's value. Demo and rebuild would seem to make economic sense, especially when you consider the concrete slabs that are being lifted were not designed to be off ground.

    I wonder how long the warranty period is for these jobs? It is not uncommon to see 5-10 year warranties (and longer) in commercial construction.


  11. It is typical for movers to bid at a loss and get more jobs because of exposure. Can people bid government projects at a loss legally?

    1. John my experience is that contractors that bid jobs at a loss do not remain in business long. To answer your question there is no law against a contractor commiting economic suicide.


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