EEEeeeeuuuu! Southaven Mayor Greg Davis leaves a bad taste in the taxpayer’s mouth. Why a politician’s personal life matters.

I know most of the story and may know the whole story. This is not a surprise to most,if he does his job well, what business is it of yours what he does on his private time. I may not agree with what he is doing, but there have been times others have not agreed with what I did. The majority of the citizen thinks he is doing a good job as mayor. It will be up to the citizens of Southaven to decide his fate. Your spoon may break while you are stirring the pot. ~ legalegale from Indianola


Just curious, because some parts of the story are appalling. I will not judge anyone based on how they choose to live their life, as this is a free country. But, what if someone is hurt in the process of living said freedoms? That is my ONLY point, as otherwise I could care less. And I am not stirrng the pot. PUBLIC INFORMATION is not stirring anything. ~ I am not a hater from Memphis.


An “unshareable need” is a term used by Dr Donald Cressey, a sociologist and white collar crime theory pioneer. Anyone with an auditing background (like myself) has studied Cressey’s work. Examples of unshareable needs include addictions to booze, gambling, drugs, and sex. I have seen familial pressures also rise to the level of an unshareable need. Long ago I uncovered an embezzlement in a local government. The perpetrator used to money to pay for a story book wedding in that instance.

In Tom Porteous’ case he had a mistress on the side as well as problems with booze and gambling. Those addictions were used by those that enabled him as the hook to control the man.


And on the subject of “a nasty taste in the mouth.” Why no mention on your blog of the State Auditor busting Republican mayor of Southaven, former rising star congressional candidate Greg Davis spending $170,000 of the city’s money on frolics to gay destinations, Cayo Hueso and San Francisco, as well as counseling to “cure” his penchant for sodomy? He’s a doozy, okay. Talk about “that ain’t doughnut glaze on your backside matey.”

Greg Davis is neglected no more Hendry though I gotta give up one of my secret blogging secrets to make this post, sticky subject matter it is, sing: the Topix forums.  I’ve never posted to them and likely never will folks but the reading is excellent.  I found out the skinny on David Carmadelle’s child molesting quasi step dad Jerry Dantin via Topix months before anyone in the main stream media knew anything (Given the mass hysteria surrounding Jerry Sandusky you wonder how Carmadelle and his police chief got a pass on what Dantin did that little boy.) Lest I digress.

Given a bunch of grifting gay men in Jefferson Parish/Nova Scotia tried venue shopping a defamation case against me to a judicial hellhole in Nova Scotia because I called them girls and busted their ass for lying to Canadian courts I guess its only fair I get to point out the chat room chatter is that GOP stalwart/Southaven Mayor Greg Davis is gay along the lines the locally chat room chattered Nunny and folks this goes way beyond just a bit of doughnut glaze.

The bottom line here folks is if a person can’t conduct their personal affairs with any sense of self decency, how the heck should anyone expect them to conduct public business in any other manner. IN the private sector my clients tell me to the person they choose their upper level managers using that criteria as a major determinate.  The refrain is the same just put a different way: “If they can’t run their private life how can I expect them to conduct business for me?” It is simple logic that can’t be argued against.

So why do I bring up Southaven Mayor Greg Davis and the fact his private life is a shambles?  Mainly because he stole $170,000 from Mississippi’s 3rd largest city and the news cycle does not favor the guy as the latest allegations are he used City funds to dole out political contributions.

Mayor Davis needs to realize that unfortunately, perception is reality and when living in the deep south, rumors fueled by facts that can be read different ways (oldest daughter not speaking to him, middle daughter telling friends some pretty unfortunate reasons for the divorce, etc) will bring about your downfall. You are an elected official, you now no longer have the “expected” right to privacy. You are no longer a private person, you are a public figure. You wanted to run, nobody forced you. You wanted to cheat, errr, the perception that you cheated, thus causing your divorce, is something that I take into account of you wanting to run my city. And to those of you saying “what does it matter how he runs his personal life as long as he runs the city properly?” Well, it does. If you can’t keep your family together (which is more important than running a city), how am I to believe that you can run a city properly?


This is the truth. He has been gay now for 5 years. Multiple relationships. His ex wife will tell anyone that will listen. He is now in a committed relationship with a male in Starkville. He uses tax payer dollars to drive to Starkville every other weekend. He also uses tax payer dollars most every night at the Chop House to get hammered. He has been good for the City but he has run his course. I have a feeling the State Auditor will see that he is gone. If not in jail, out of office.

In Mississippi if you steal $170,000 with a pen and especially if you are an elected official you get a chance to pay the money back and avoid criminal prosecution, such fate normally reserved for low-level employees that steal a couple of thousand dollars. Davis’ refusal to resign office could be a game changer in this instance folks.  We’ll keep our eyes on this one. File this one under family values.


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  1. Thanks for the excellent report on our boy. As you, I do not give two toots about his sex-life, orientation, preferences, or his little boyass in Starkville. I do care about the fact that he has stolen the city blind. I also care that he may not be prosecuted. Mostly I care that he was the golden boy for congress, as good as the repubs could come up with, or should I say what they came up with. He is a thieving piece of shit.

    Thanks again for a great job of work!

    PS Boy the shit keeps flying locally about Gray Tollison. I half-way expect to see the townsfolk with pitchforks and torches doing the Occupy Oxford thing outside his dad's ostentatious digs on the picturesque square. Thank goodness we got a riot squad complete with mounted officers.

  2. I had a family member FINALLY come out of the closet when that person was in his/her mid-fifties.

    The havoc that his/her dishonesty created within our family is of an EPIC scale.

    If you are gay, accept it, and get the fucking hell out of the closet already.

    Oh, and stop supporting anti-gay politicians, So what if you like your money? Choose the pro-gay politcians, and watch their fiscal policy shift to reflect your fiscal values if you are underwriting them . (Magic!)

    Note to self-deluding assholes: if you vote against gay civil right,s you are NOT a real friend to your gay friends. I speak as the descendant of a signatory to the Confederate Constitution who spend decades figuring this out with respect to the race issue.

    Gay dudes supporting anti-gay politicians are the ones for whom the secrecy and shame have become part of their kink. Nasty.

    Fuck them. My gay friends deserve better than that kind of asshole boyfriend,

    (Yes, they have hit on me when they were drunk. No, it did not work. And no, I did not take offense or beat them up for it. If a hot woman hit on you in inappropriate circumstances when she was drunk, would you beat her up for doing so? You'd be embarrassed and flattered and you'd get her home before she got hurt by someone less honorable. Same protocol here.

    Gay men deserve lovers who respect and honor them, and my sister in-law and sweet debutante nieces sure as Hell deserved a better Dad.

    Those dear ladies all accept their gay friends, and they would have been good to my blood kin had he come out in good faith.

    Instead, he fucked over EVERYONE from his wife, to his lover, to his kids. He and his kind piss me off.

    If you want to be Republican, use a libertarian, anti-tyranny argument, and seperate Chuch and State. The gay guys may be going to Hell, but that is their business with God, and they should enjoy full civil rights even if they are damned to a lake of fire for all eternity. Christian compassion should make sure that no one dies alone while their life partner is freaking out in the hall, forbidden from entering to provide comfort.

    I have no comment on whether being gay is right or wrong. I'm not gay, so I do not have any sense of the torment that must be involved if you ar trying to wrestle this out.

    But I did have neices and a sister-in-law in my house in the first, raw, broken hearted stages of their grief that they had been betrayed, and I don;t care a whit about the angst of and internal torments of a person who would hurt and use good people to provide cover so they could be hypocritical cowards.

    I can here my grandfather saying: "Yeah, so tell them what you really think, why don't you?" so I am going to stop now.

  3. It is never the secret that causes problems. It is always the coverup/conceilment of the secret that makes a mess of things.

    As I recall there was a member of congress from Jackson back in the day that had closet problems. I do not think there are many places in Mississippi where an openly gay person could win public office except places like Bay St Louis here on the coast. That fact helps keep the closet stocked IMHO.

    I do not imagine Greg Davis has many choices these days financially or else he wouldn't have raided city funds to pay for therapy or those trips. He needs a sugar daddy.


  4. The thread that ties North Mississippi's Three Stooges of moral degeneracy (Tommy Freeland, Gray Tollison and Greg Davis) together is their lack of character, not their sexual predilection. Fact is that each of them trashed their families, their wives and children, in order to satisfy their own selfish "needs" of the moment.

    Their marital and family failings were merely the tip-off that these guys value their short-term personal desires over the legitimate expectations of their spouses and children.

    Could Joyce Freeland be shocked that her main squeeze is trying to pour the fat to somebody else's wife given his adulterous track record with his FIRST wife?

    Can Gray Tollison's constituents really be surprised to learn that Gray is a me-first to the life boat, wives and children last sort of guy in light of his divorce and 47 years of very little to no character whatsoever? Why wouldn't he cheat them out of their votes?

    As for Greg Davis, is anyone really caught off-guard that this reprobate would pervert the political process by stealing city funds to support a political organization after shaming his beautiful wife and children? I predict a careful look at the Secretary of State's campaign finance records will reveal other contributions, including at least one to an-out-of-district candidate, damn generous for a guy who says he's broke. Hint: he uses the name "Charles Davis" leaves off the "G" part but discloses he is mayor of Southaven. And why out of district? Inquiring minds want to know.

    The take-home lesson for all three of these jerks is that past behavior is the best predictor of the future. Doesn't mean you can't redeem yourself. Doesn't mean you can't can't change. Doesn't mean your sins aren't forgiven. Just means a me-first kind of jackass like convicted cowardly piece of shit woman-beater Tommy Freeland is likely to be the source of more bizarre follies not less. Likewise, if I were a Republican operative I should view Gray Tollison's loyalty as a transitory commodity, and value it accordingly. As for Greg Davis's little catamite . . . . I cannot even go there except to say that public health officials recommend safe sex precautions.

    The operatic world had Carreras, Domingo and Pavarotti. North Mississippi has these three weasels. What a ripoff!

  5. It's not their sexuality that causes the problems.

    It's their failure to recognize it.

    By staying in the closet, they manage to deceive their families and friends. They learned that hypocrisy and lying are the only ways to survive. Is it any mystery that this pattern of lying carried over to his job as mayor.

    As written in a previous comment "If you are gay, accept it, and get the fucking hell out of the closet already."

    Mayor Davis ran on the right wing, family values Republican platform. It seems that those who shout the loudest are the ones who have the most to hide.

    Now, if only Rick Santorum would man up to the truth.

  6. One more indescribable piece of shit bites the dust. What nobody remembers is the real people who were washed out of the Repub primary back when fairy boy here lost to Travis Childers.

    There were some real stand-up humans that got chewed up in that race. In the end Travis got it and did just fine. But the human price was big. You got a prevert and a conspiracy of preverts worthy of Colonel Bat Guano. And so goes the American Republic right down the shit tube. (Because guys like hissonor take it right UP the shit tube! All the while riding the sorry assed hypocritical steed of "family values," or "Christian conservatism.")

    They say a lack of empathy is the core trait of a psychopath. How much empathy did this jackass have for his constituents, his family, those 3 daughters of his, the poor sad losers that supported him politically, the jerks on the receiving end of his genetic material down to the gay baths in Toronto, Cayo Hueso, San Francisco. Good ole glory hole Greg was more interested in scratching his itch than in honoring his family, his job or his oath of office — never mind the commandment about stealing, and the admonition in Leviticus with respect to "a male lying with another male as with a female." It must be a bitch being a Bible believing Christian with an insatiable hunger for sodomy.

    He reminds me of nobody more than Tommy "you know you want it as much as I do" Freeland, convicted woman beater. Incidentally, did you see Joyce Freeland's affidavit in the 2255 case where they are accused of ineffective assistance of counsel? Belle South, God bless her, put it on her website. Poor Joyce lays off their probs to "cyber-bullying." That's rich! Actually repeating the truth has transmutated to bullying, while she and her delightful duly convicted woman-beating husband merely character-assassinate for fun with no regard for truth or fairness.

    Not to neglect the "other guy" of the three weasles of the Northern District: Gray Tollison (and by extension, Whaley the Yazoo Pig Boy Barbour, Gray's new uncle in law). Any word on the pending pardon of DUI-killer Greg Patrick Gibbes? The parole board ain't talking, lays it off on the Secretary of State's office, they connect you to the Goobinor's office but nobody answers, nobody will say if the disgusting piece of shit, scumbag from hell (or should I say Yazoo City) pardoned the murderous little bastard.

    Thank God for equal justice under the law in the Magnolia State (equal for rich, well-connected white fucks that is — not so hot for the rest of us)

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