How about a nightcap: Who wants to talk about Jennifer Sneed’s ethics case?

But alas all evidence of the phone conference scheduled on the case just this morning has disappeared from the docket though it will briefly live on in the google cache.


EEEeeeeuuuu! Southaven Mayor Greg Davis leaves a bad taste in the taxpayer’s mouth. Why a politician’s personal life matters.

I know most of the story and may know the whole story. This is not a surprise to most,if he does his job well, what business is it of yours what he does on his private time. I may not agree with what he is doing, but there have been times others have not agreed with what I did. The majority of the citizen thinks he is doing a good job as mayor. It will be up to the citizens of Southaven to decide his fate. Your spoon may break while you are stirring the pot. ~ legalegale from Indianola


Just curious, because some parts of the story are appalling. I will not judge anyone based on how they choose to live their life, as this is a free country. But, what if someone is hurt in the process of living said freedoms? That is my ONLY point, as otherwise I could care less. And I am not stirrng the pot. PUBLIC INFORMATION is not stirring anything. ~ I am not a hater from Memphis.


An “unshareable need” is a term used by Dr Donald Cressey, a sociologist and white collar crime theory pioneer. Anyone with an auditing background (like myself) has studied Cressey’s work. Examples of unshareable needs include addictions to booze, gambling, drugs, and sex. I have seen familial pressures also rise to the level of an unshareable need. Long ago I uncovered an embezzlement in a local government. The perpetrator used to money to pay for a story book wedding in that instance.

In Tom Porteous’ case he had a mistress on the side as well as problems with booze and gambling. Those addictions were used by those that enabled him as the hook to control the man.


And on the subject of “a nasty taste in the mouth.” Why no mention on your blog of the State Auditor busting Republican mayor of Southaven, former rising star congressional candidate Greg Davis spending $170,000 of the city’s money on frolics to gay destinations, Cayo Hueso and San Francisco, as well as counseling to “cure” his penchant for sodomy? He’s a doozy, okay. Talk about “that ain’t doughnut glaze on your backside matey.” Continue reading “EEEeeeeuuuu! Southaven Mayor Greg Davis leaves a bad taste in the taxpayer’s mouth. Why a politician’s personal life matters.”

Joe Caldarera’s ass is being roasted at the Legislature: A Non performing Arts Center Update.

Just got a text from the Wino. Meeting on JPAC in progress right now here. They are talking about going after the Parish for the state money squandered to this point.

“Open season by the contractor against the owner”


We have several items of interest floating about….

I’m literally going to be from one end of South Mississippi to the other today so I have little to no time for blogging but here is a post for everyone so moved to comment. Here are a couple of items I know are floating about:

Dominick Fazzio’s lawyer has a serious conflict of interest and all the BS about River Birch not paying for Fazzio’s legal team has been exposed as just that, bullshit.

Garlandfill Robinette being a payola fueled whore on Entercom Communications remains in the news as we receive word he gave Fred Heebe the lot he claims secured the nonexistent $250,000 loan he got from Heebe in exchange for shilling for River Birch after Katrina.  We know from the wiretap transcripts Fazzio never issued a 1099 to tax report the payments to Henry Mouton and I bet Garlandfill was both written off as an expense on the River Birch side and also not tax reported.  Predictably when it smells extra bad and there is publicity to be had, legal apologist Dane Ciolino will be about like a fly on shit pretending to be an ethics expert. The self serving rationalization he posits on Robinette’s role in the River Birch saga are stunningly dishonest folks as I’ll note Ciolino was one of Tim Whitmer’s early legal shills.  I think Dane and Garland must certainly get on well.

Jason over at American Zombie has rolled out an excellent post on the Camsoft suit in Baton Rouge.  Sometimes you have to travel to another state to find out what is going on in your own but Chip Reno over at the Jackson Mississippi based Talon Group has come up a time or two dating back to Mark St Pierre’s trial.  I’m going to have something on the same pleading with some luck but I’ll note for now that Reno and our own Gov elect Phildo Bryant are joined at the hip.  I understand Reno is a former Jackson City Councilman but what interest me the most is the cross-pollination he has going with Phildo.  Make no mistake the role Reno played in the techno fleecing of the City of New Orleans is major deal.  Here is a snippet from the Zombie:

How…for the love of Dambala…….the fuck… Ed Burns not in jail? How did Ciber completely skate out of this bullshit? They hired Reno and The Talon Group to pimp their private services but instead of paying for it…they bundled the cost of the Talon Group’s services into the City of New Orleans tab….the 56 million dollar tab. Continue reading “We have several items of interest floating about….”