9 thoughts on “About the fools stupid enough to hire a lawyer because he does commercials with a band singing his name……”

  1. Great way to kick off the week. I can never get over an ambulance-chasing, high-volume, settlement lawyer paying various, local musicians to start his jingle with: "He's a man of integrity, and he want to be your attorney." Oh Chip, how many large jury verdicts have you obtained for your clients? And then there was that little Porteous matter.

  2. Sock, that little Porteous matter was not so little as we found out … apparently Rhonda Danos, Porteous’ secretary emulated Lori Marcotte, by going into the travel business on the side … that way good buddies of Porteous could get cash to Porteous … lawyers like Chip Forstall would buy plane tickets cash and not use them … Rhonda would cash them in … and voila ! … the alchoholic, whoremongering, gambling judge had some party money. Plattsmier punts again.

    Oh … yea … I almost forgot imaangry … hopefully, if or when you get run over by an ‘18 Wheeler’ your phone will not have been smashed so you can call Michael Hingle before grabbing that insurer’s check with that crushed hand and broken arm while your laid out unconscious on the interstate highway …

    Best part is disclaimer about singer's being PAID!

    ~ Chip FORSTALL & Gibby ANDRY
    should glue their bald heads together
    & make an ASS ~

  4. I personally been sold out by Mr. Forstall. I called to speak with him. He tells me ‘this conversation wasn’t necessary’. He went on to ramble about all the cases he had and his gambling escapades. I was never more humiliated in my life. I wanted to tell him that his associate Willie Mura didn’t deposition my doctors. I had cervical herniated disc at 3 levels impinging on my spinal chord. Also, I had nerve oblation in my lower back. Well anyway, from the slip and fall accident I was offerered only medical of $190,000 + 10,000. Not a dime for pain and suffering or lost income. He told me I was lucky to get that and if I wanted to go to trial and lose , I owed him his expenses. I know, I should have gotten another attorney , but I screwed myself thinking that I had some recourse after signing that check. Lawyers don’t sue lawyers. I still can’t believe a lawyer could be so lazy and forego over hundreds of thousands of dollars. He may have taken care of his other clients, but he treated me like shit. 2 and a half years later , I can’t walk a half a block or climb stairs. Every second I feel some kind of pain caused by the accident. I guess I was really stupid to think the brother

    would take care of me. Oh, after his fee and expenses, a reduced health insurance settlement, I am ashamed to say what I got out of the $200,000. I’m still receiving bills I can’t afford to pay. It was a nightmare and tragedy……

  5. From the looks of it you were judgment proof, yet you took in the threat of being exposed to his costs if he lost? That you had to eat his expenses on a loss is a new one on me. Perhaps you can post a copy of your retainer for all to see.

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