Monday Music: Our Alma Mater is appropriate tonight.

I’ve got two or three dynamite things to post and I’ll try to get at least 2 in the hopper for tomorrow plus maybe a bit more to enjoy with coffee and doughnuts. 😉 Meantime I’m not exactly certain who Greg Aymond is but the good folks at We Saw That and especially Central LA Briar Patch are excoriating him and doing it well. :mrgreen:


“Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!”

The 4 City Council people that voted for it did it because the lack of public access and boat ramp was a sore spot with the public as a whole. The 60+ percentage miss on the construction estimate does not speak well for the City’s engineer no matter how it is spun IMHO.

When all the construction is done Old Town Bay St Louis will be rocking place folks.