Phildo predicts “Personhood” will come back up in Mississippi’s legislature and introduce more government into the daily lives of Mississippians.

Folks we get the best of both worlds today as new AP reporter Jeff Amy has a story in today’s Sun Herald about Mississippi Gov elect Phildo Bryant, the defeated personhood amendment and how he is backtracking off calling 58% of Mississippi’s voters Satan. Here is a snippet:

Some lawmakers already are looking at further ways to regulate or restrict abortion, said state Sen. Michael Watson, R-Pascagoula.

“I think it’s going to be something that a lot of senators talk about because of the amendment,” Watson said Friday, adding that some abortion opponents were surprised by the defeat.

Bryant backed away from comments he made at a rally Monday in Tupelo. Standing next to the Rev. Donald Wildmon, founder of the American Family Association on election eve, Bryant said the defeat of Initiative 26 would mean “Satan wins.”

I was frankly surprised at the attention paid this issue by the nation.  Boss Hogg, as always, had the right talking from the jump:

“If it had gone to the Legislature, the wrinkles in it would have been worked out, the ambiguities would have been understood and eliminated. Instead, these were some people from Colorado who had an initiative they tried twice to pass in Colorado and they couldn’t,” Barbour said. “And they thought, ‘What’s the most pro-life state in the country?’ Well it’s Mississippi. So they came to Mississippi with a half-baked initiative.”

I’ve ripped Governor Hogg a few times here on Slabbed but I’m going to miss him come January because with him you knew this type of crap, brought to Mississippi from out of state religious fanatics would have never seen the light of day.  The incoming Phildo cuddles up with these folks and the charlatan preachers that prey upon weak-minded souls aka the proverbial true believer.  Editorially my personal opinion is that I love Freedom of Religion as much as I love our constitution. It would be nice if the true believers concentrated all their efforts on gaining entrace into Heaven for themselves instead of worrying about everyone else.  After all Freedom of Religion means the government stays out of matters of faith, not help weak minds impose their beliefs on everyone else.


4 thoughts on “Phildo predicts “Personhood” will come back up in Mississippi’s legislature and introduce more government into the daily lives of Mississippians.”

  1. Your soooo right about this sop. Regardless the vote it's a personal chioce of a woman and her family and should always be. Being pro life is a personal choice. Answering to the almighty for anything not repented of is also a personal matter, only this one involves his judgement. The courts are great at playing judge of others and still no matter for the guilty. On the day of judgement they are still held accountable.

    Some of us have more faith in our faith then in the constitution.The constitution is somewhat meaningless to any actions taken in Mississippi, perhaps there's a dollar to be made somewhere. Maybe the state government could have a re-make of the old war posters. Instead of uncle sam wants you to by the powers of state uncle sam owns your ass. As to religion let's see. Moses gave the law and I do recall reading the bible in explaining the moment of life as to scripture.

    1. Jeff Amy's article drove that point home Robert with Kim Bourn, who even involved her minister in the decision. Her decision to go public with her story was a large part of the reason Personhood was voted down in good conscience by those personally opposed to abortion as a matter of faith.

      Think how much more good could be done if the money those wingnuts spent had gone to the Baptist Children's Village instead.

      Phildo owes charlatons like Rev Wildmon too much politically to let this issue go.


  2. Speaking of personhood. What about Carol in Tupelo? Poor elephant is shot up in a drive by shooting and I see no mention of it here!

    Aren’t elephants people too?

    I even see mention of her being Asian, as if her immigration status somehow makes it her fault she was shot.

    Cover up I say! Cover up!

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