File this one under Party is only skin deep: North Mississippi Nabob Gray Tollison switches to the GOP

I had a good laugh yesterday courtesy of Jr’s comment on the post about that asshole masquerading as a school board member Michael Delesdernier because in all my time online with him, I’ve never ever seen an expletive used as Jr is squeaky clean that way.  Jr is upset with another lying sack of shit, former St Tammany assessor candidate Trey Blossman. So if Trey Blossman is a “pigfucker” I don’t know what that makes Mississippi State Senator Gray Tollison but it is something worse folks.  Before we get to that allow me to share the story behind how this story of North Mississippi jackassery made these pages sans Nowdy, who is greatly missed here.

I glanced at stats yesterday afternoon and noticed one of Nowdy’s archival posts on Obama’s belated  nominee to be US Attorney for  Mississippi Northern District in Felicia Adams getting some unusual traffic from the search string Gray Tollison divorce. I mention this because the early word was that ol’ Gray was Obama’s choice to be Northern District US Attorney. Yesterday, after standing for re-election Tuesday as a Democrat in Mississippi’s shrinking democrat country, Gray swapped parties.  I think if I were a voter in Oxpatch I’d be more than a little pissed about the bait and switch as Gray certainly likely would have drawn a democrat opponent if he had swapped parties pre-election.  The cut to the political partisans there had to be deep as we all witnessed the spectacle of Gray cuddled up with Boss Hogg yesterday making the announcement.

Duplicity and the Oxpatch bar is nothing new on these pages as these guys take the term ratfuck to a whole other level as we witnessed in the Scruggs prosecution, which the Tollison family had plenty to say about back in the day.  Hidden agendas and advancement of self-interest is the real story there and we saw it play out real-time yesterday at the news conference in Jackson.

I normally go visit with the Daily Journal on the traditional media side and NMC on the new media side to glean news from that part of the state. NMC has been quiet thus far on the subject of his new republican state senator but I’m certain offline political circles there are buzzing on the topic.  Tollison, of course, did not make the cut with Obama as his divorce is evidently very nasty and salacious. I mention that because it appears certain power members of the bar in Oxpatch have a problem constructively relating to women and in Tollison’s case whatever came up in his FBI background check that way must have been bad. The folks in Oxpatch are getting exactly the kind of person in office they deserve IMHO.

Most politicians are the exact same lying sacks of shit everywhere folks.  We don’t exactly know what you are yet Gray but I feel certain the power of community sourcing will be able to figure a suitable moniker for ya here on Slabbed.  😉


7 thoughts on “File this one under Party is only skin deep: North Mississippi Nabob Gray Tollison switches to the GOP”

  1. It's electoral fraud rooted in racism … a trending devolution toward facism !

    And this refined facism that has been spawned in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana where one dominant Party, white Republicans, anoit the ruling political class by way of sham elections.


    On January 11th, 2012, the Majority of the Jefferson Parish Council (Roberts, Lagasse, Lee-Sheng and Johnston), along with Parish President Young, will govern the taxpayer/citizens of Jefferson Parish WITHOUT HAVING RECEIVED ONE VOTE !!!

    Our honored Veterans are probably turning over in their graves today …

    This is the Chehardy legacy …

  2. The fun part is that what you see is merely the tip of the iceberg. Gray Tollison and Tom Freeland are nearly genetic identicals. I suspect that if they had unprotected sex with each other they'd BOTH become pregnant. AND their progeny would be birth defective as from incest.

    A scumbag contest between the pair would be a dead heat.

    Here's my Mississippi political prediction. Pig-Boy winds up Romney's veep candidate. If they win my counsel to Mitt would be stay out of bubble top limos.

    1. I think the fix involving Tollison was in going back months. It also gives everyone a clue on how Tollison views his constituents as little more than dupes.

      He is not alone that way.

      Nice to have you back with us Hendry.


  3. Thanks sop. I've been stewing. Four quick notes:

    1. Oxpatch is a fairly civilized place, but even it has limits. The Gray Tollison switch has generated more ugly comment on the street than anything I have ever seen. If i bore a resemblance I should not walk the streets here after dark for fear of stumbling on a pissed-off former supporter. The damnedest people are mad.

    2. Even the Repubs! A GOP hot shot from Jackson was overheard at the game Saturday to say, "If the tent is big enough for him, then it's too damn big." Bottom line is timing the switch for the day after election has left a nasty taste in the mouth of many. He always was a complete scumbag of the very lowest order. Poor little tyke couldn't help it, consider his lineage.

    3. "Ben" a frequent poster at Tommy the woman-beating troll Freeland's NMC (believed by many to be a retired federal court clerk) has speculated Gray has his eye on Grady Jolly's Fifth Circuit seat or the next open N.D. district seat. Even mega-joweled Whaley the Yazoo Pig Boy must realize (a) you can't trust him, and (b) he's too dumb.

    4. And on the subject of "a nasty taste in the mouth." Why no mention on your blog of the State Auditor busting Republican mayor of Southaven, former rising star congressional candidate Greg Davis spending $170,000 of the city's money on frolics to gay destinations, Cayo Hueso and San Francisco, as well as counseling to "cure" his penchant for sodomy? He's a doozy, okay. Talk about "that ain't doughnut glaze on your backside matey."

    1. Holy Cow Hendry Slabbed missed a politician doing the Doughtnut Glaze thing! I'll do some Googling. I've certainly not done enough blogging on Mississippi to miss that one!

      I can only imagine the animus in Oxpatch toward ol' Gray.


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