Is Jefferson Parish School Board Member Michael R. Delesdernier a complete asshole? Lee Zurik reports you decide.

Well folks I thought Mississippi voters were the most accomplished at shooting themselves in the foot but I think I’ve changed my mind and Jefferson Parish School Board member Michael R. Delesdernier is the reason.

Like the City of Kenner, Jefferson Parish Schools are a cesspool of corruption separate from the big show in Parish Government. That said, the school district, one of the lowest rated in the entire state has also proven itself something of a proving ground for assorted miscreants such as Chris “Mini-me” Roberts, Elton Lagasse, Julie Quinn etc etc etc that aspire to take their double-dealing to the larger stage at the Yenni Building and beyond. Against that backdrop it should come as no surprise the current school board includes a thug in Pat Tovrea and a certified asshole in Delesdernier.

I mention this because there was school board election in Jefferson Parish last year and a slate of “business people” were put forward as the solution to all that ails the poorly performing school district.  In Delesdernier case he unseated long time incumbent Judy Colgan and it appears the people in JPS District 8 have been suffering the results ever since.  I say this not to praise Colgan, as the system deteriorated further during her tenure in office.  This is the predictable end result when the folks running the system are actively looking for places to loot it out same as the old Orleans Parish School Board.  If it is possible though, the voters elected a bigger bunch of crooked idiots that the ones already on board as a well-informed reader in Jefferson related to me after that last election. It is against that backdrop that I present last night’s Lee Zurik’s investigation into a shadow vote taken by the school board via email that resulted in a relatively minor policy matter becoming a major scandal.

“You know what an anarchist is… right? I think you are an anarchist too.”

That’s the word from Mike Delesdernier, Jefferson Parish’s school board president, who never seems to shy away from speaking, or even writing, what’s on his mind. Jefferson Parish parent Sean Reynolds can tell you a bit about that.

Delesdernier wrote an email about Reynolds to the interim superintendent, James Meza, saying, “This guy is an arrogant POS.”

Now there is little doubt in my mind that Delesdernier likely thinks anyone getting in his way is “an anarchist” and indeed such arrogant thuggery seems to be the order of the day for the newbies in Delesdernier and Tovrea and some of the older salts like the root suit dude Mark Morgan who was re-elected by the voters in Gretna in the same election that brought Delesdernier and Tovrea to the school system. The voters in Jefferson Parish seem very adept at electing what ‘Gate calls the Jefferson Parish Political mafioso and Delesdernier’s emails about his constituents illustrate the contempt for which these crooked assholes view the people who elected them better than anything we could write on these pages.

Zurik’s story is a must read and watch folks.  Fox 8 videos are not wordpress friendly so I can’t embed the report here like I do other TeeVee outlets but it is available by following the link above.  The report was a twofer for me as it gives me context to also highlight another recent JPS related news item, this time from the Times Picayune’s Mark Waller on the backdoor way the board made their boy Jim Meza superintendent and permanent replacement for Diane Roussel. Notice who is pushing Meza:

….when board President Michael Delesdernier tried to amend a proposal he introduced last month allowing Meza to apply for the permanent post and removing time limits on his interim tenure by adding language that would suspend a separate superintendent search already underway, he drew opposition.

“I think he’s doing a fantastic job,” board member Mark Morgan said. “I think he will continue to do a fantastic job. I don’t want my actions interpreted any other way.”

My own take is that Meza has or will chop anyone that gets in the school board’s way in their double-dealing and the fact the worst elements on the school board are supporting him is very telling. My first attempt to get background info on Meza did not bear much fruit but I suspect that will change as time rolls by.

Finally we need to give Lee Zurik props for his first foray into the cesspool that is the Jefferson Parish School Board as this time the tease did justice to the reporting on the back-end.


18 thoughts on “Is Jefferson Parish School Board Member Michael R. Delesdernier a complete asshole? Lee Zurik reports you decide.”

  1. Another humble public servant. He ran for judge twice and lost, but he just had to win an election. Now he can treat people in the abusive manner he so desires.

    It's always a mistake to start asking the reporter questions when you don't want to answer the reporter's questions. Herman Cain and Patricia Schartz Core do this too. They must think it's cute and clever, but it comes off looking horrible.

  2. Speaking of corruption, I would like to know why children have to pay cash of a dollar for each Friday so as not to wear the school uniform? Since it is cash, who is checking the books and where is the money kept? Is it drawing interest at a bank or is it in someones pocket? If this goes through the whole Jefferson Parish school districts, that's a healthy sum of money each week and could produce well over $100,000 a year. Something else to think about

  3. After watching the FOX 8 new report by Lee Zurich twicenow , I am convinced that it is, indeed, Delesdernier who is the P.O.S.

    And, it's no surprise that this P.O.S. Delesdernier will use the J.P. School Board as a launching board to further his career as a future career J.P. Politico P.O.S.

  4. The arrogance of this "POS" Delesdernier is endemic in our political system and elected leaders. This POS should be shown the door for not understanding the "public" in public service.

  5. Anarchy :
    A theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society.


  6. I found the anarchist comment odd. Zurik is doing an interview of an elected official (I guess quasi-govt.), who is being rude and abusive to his electorate. In this particular scenario, why/how is Zurik an anarchist?

    Is asking a govt. official to do his job and be responsive to his constituents the work of an anarchist?

  7. sock pupet, speaking of st tammany assessor core. her reform opponent who ran 3rd in the primary admitted to shaking core down before qualifying. i believed in and voted for this pigfucker trey blossman. i cant believ i was tricked.

    "Blossman said his talk to discuss an endorsement was not the first conversation he had with Core about this election.

    He admitted that before qualifying he told Core he would not run against her if she would hire him to work in her office. Core denied that offer and did not hire Blossman. He said he had not broached that topic since."

  8. “Blossman said his talk to discuss an endorsement was not the first conversation he had with Core about this election. He admitted that before qualifying he told Core he would not run against her if she would hire him to work in her office. Core denied that offer and did not hire Blossman. He said he had not broached that topic since.”

    BLACKMAIL pure & simple.

  9. Delesdernier ran 3rd in two prior 24th JDC races only to have Debbie Villio come in second in both ahead of him. He supported Villio in her losing effort against now sitting Judge Ray Steib.

    Yes, supporting Villio would definitely certify Delesdernier as an asshole.

    Being an asshole is a prerequisite to be elected as a JP School Board member.

  10. You know the only mistake Zurik made was when the moron asked him if he knew what an anarchist is, he should have replied, "No, why don't you tell me." I'm really curious if Delesdernier actually knows what an anarchist is.

  11. These definitions are provided to make a point … and as you suspected Dambala, Delesdernier is ignorant of the definition, meaning and usage of the word anarchist…

    In this scenario, the parents not only recognized the authoritative chain of bureaucratic organization, but complied with the same in trying to achieve their goal within that very structure…

    Why am I not surprised … most lawyers I know are illiterate … and of course, know everything about nothing !!!

    ANARCHIST |?an?rkist|
    a person who believes in or tries to bring about anarchy.
    relating to or supporting anarchy or anarchists : an anarchist newspaper.

    ANARCHY |?an?rk?|
    a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority : he must ensure public order in a country threatened with anarchy.
    • absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

    And just think Dambala, this troglodyte is not only a lawyer on the School Board … but it’s fearless leader !!!

    “Delesdernier said on Friday that he is frustrated with what he sees as some parents burdening the schools with demands on issues that are relevant to a small segment of the system's students. He called parents "anarchists" he said, because he believed they were trying to create chaos.”

    “But he said the episode has shown him he should moderate his language to avoid fueling the kinds of discord that distract from more important work in the schools.”

    YA THINK ???

    Jefferson Parish School Board president pledges more discretion after the airing of combative emails
    Published: Friday, November 11, 2011, 6:29 PM Updated: Friday, November 11, 2011, 6:43 PM
    By Mark Waller, The Times-Picayune

    The Jefferson Parish School Board has and will continue to be a cesspool of corrupt incompetent thugs … a partial role call of recent alumni… mini-me Roberts, Elton LargeASS and his Barry Bordelon, Julie Quinn, and on and on and on …

  12. Yet another PUBIC Official sporting ILL-Advised FACIAL HAIR!
    They think that's cute?

    THREE Predictions on Delesdernier's future ~
    Revealed to me at 11:11 PM on 11/11/11

    One ~ RECALLED
    Two ~ Outed as Mark Morgan's Gay Lover
    Three……….uh….the third one is???….uh….

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