Big D says he is innocent: A Heebe/River Birch sacrificial lamb update

His lawyers, especially the ones paid by River Birch, will guarantee Dominick Fazzio spends a long time behind bars for the defrauding of Garner Services in a brother-in-law deal with former Garner Exec Mark Titus. Paul Rioux has the skinny for the Times Picayune as we are again reminded why I think Ginger Berrigan will do her best to screw up the case as she is awfully close to Fred Heebe’s dad, still a senior judge in the LAED.

Berrigan really doesn’t give a crap what the public thinks as she has double dealt in conflict of interest land before in Bernofsky v Tulane without blushing so we need to keep a close eye on this one.


4 thoughts on “Big D says he is innocent: A Heebe/River Birch sacrificial lamb update”

  1. Judge Berrigan ruled there was "NO inherent misconduct" by the FBI and Gov.'t. Dec. 9 scheduled hearing for TITUS to testify and 2 FBI agents protects the Gov't. Berrigan wants to give the defense a bone and has done just that. Mark Titus testifying Dec. 9 should be very interesting. WHO IS PAYING FAZZIO'S attorney fees? James Mann's comment that the defense should get their story straight about who is paying Fazzio's atty. fees is very interesting. Fazzio was Copeland Chief Financial Officer prior to being Fred Heebe's CFO.

    1. It is not a Judges job to throw bones in a contested case. I've seen too much out of ol' girl Ginger in other litigation to think she'll call this one down the middle. JMHO.


  2. For those of you (Members of "The SLABBED Nation") who viewed the Part II(B) video in "The Ashton O'Dwyer Series of Video Productions", Berrigan is the same "enlightened jurist" who DISMISSED, on a summary basis "on-the-papers", my personal civil rights claims against former AG Charles Foti, Secretary Stalder of the Louisiana department of Public Safety and Corrections (the employer of the State Police and Burl Cain's "Goons from Angola"), and three of my former law partners, the "most culpable" Ernest Edwards, Charles Talley and Larry Shea. There was no "trial". There was no deposition taken. There wasn't even an interrogatory answered or request for production responded to prior to her DISMISSALS. She also filed the original Disciplinary Complaint against me, which she blindly signed when it was put in front of her by someone else, and which was premised on LIES, which she should have recognized had she bothered to READ what she signed. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HER. There's a "special" place for her in "the Book". What she did to Professor Bernofsky, and how she did it, is meticulously described in the "" Web-Site. Her brand of "justice" is called JUDICIAL TYRANNY. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  3. Fazzio up to 22 criminal counts; Assistant U.S. attorney James Mann suggested Freddy Heebe be subpoeaned to who IS PAYING FAZZIO'S ATTORNEY FEES? Mark Titus pled guilty; Henry Mouton pled guilty; Garland trying to give lot not cash to Freddy.

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