Out of control partying trumps the cause, like there ever was one: A Steven Palazzo jackassery update.

If I had a nickel¬†for everyone that has told me they made a mistake voting to throw out Gene Taylor out of congress last year, someone else would be moderating Slabbed and I’d be retired. From the wild Palazzo party files via Roll Call:

Palazzo had invited friends and family to Annapolis, Md., for a tailgate party leading up to the Southern Mississippi-Navy football game during the Columbus Day weekend.

But the real blowout happened at a waterfront home rented for the Congressman by his scheduler, Whitney Donald, an event that morphed into a two-night party attended by a host of unruly House aides. The scene became festive enough that local police were called on the second night.

Sources close to the Congressman insist Palazzo and his family never stayed at the rental property in question, nor asked staffers to reserve the house.

‚ÄúThe Congressman at no time asked someone on staff to book a house for him,‚ÄĚ Palazzo‚Äôs chief of staff, Jamie Miller, tells HOH.

But multiple members of his office staff did stay at the house that weekend.

And the ensuing shenanigans guaranteed that the security deposit, which was put on a credit card with a Cannon House Office Building billing address, was forfeited. Continue reading “Out of control partying trumps the cause, like there ever was one: A Steven Palazzo jackassery update.”

BREAKING: Letten calls a news conference for 4PM today. All hands on deck.

Folks I getting emails, text messages and Pres just left a comment that all hands in the Greater Slabbed Nation need to be on deck this afternoon at 4 as we apparently have big news coming. The T-P has a very short blurb up but the speculation is this regards River Birch. Somethings tells me every major media outlet will be there.


Tuesday Links

God bless him an AP reporter managed to make a story out of yesterday’s legislative audit report on the sand berms. Folks, a reader was kind enough to alert me about the 12 page report yesterday, I read it and found it marginally interesting but not enough to make a post out of it.¬† In a way it is an interim report to the Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration as Shaw and the OCPR¬†are still working to resolve the remaining cost items. The amount of money in question ($500K) is miniscule to the total $251MM spent on Bermdoggle¬†by Jindy¬†and his political lap dogs Nunny, Mini-me etc.

Speaking of Mini-me wouldn’t a similar cost audit provision been nice in the (non)Performing Arts fiasco. Gambitman¬†Clancy DuBos¬†thinks something criminal may have occurred¬†but remains off in the weeds with the focus on Wiznia IMHO. We agree on the need for a federal investigation though. ūüėČ

Today is general election day here in Mississippi. I like the fact the Sun Herald did not make endorsements in every race. I’m most interested in the state senate race in Long Beach and the house district 122 race in Bay-Waveland. In Long Beach the GOP ran a series of highly misleading ads that ended up being pulled against incumbent Deborah Dawkins. That race is a rematch of the 2007 election featuring the daughter of the mayor of Long Beach. In House district 122 David Baria managed to out-fundraise Dorothy Wilcox by $20K. Continue reading “Tuesday Links”