Campaign Finance again on the Slabb as my Gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak strikes strawman gold.

O’Bell (now of Magnum fame) was one of Calvin’s “contract” attorneys who wrote me an email a while back telling me how Calvin gave him and 2 other attorneys written instructions to make a check payable to a Senator. He also wrote that he received verbal orders from Calvin for other contributions. O’Bell told me he was instructed to “work the contributions into expenses on a class action case” where he was reimbursed for his contributions.

I really want to post that email because it’s very insightful, but O’Bell has threatened to sue me if I make it public.

Yes, Prisoner’s dilemma is a very real. Squeal first and you get the best deal except when the local prosecutor doesn’t give a sh!t. Here is a portion of the reply: Continue reading “Campaign Finance again on the Slabb as my Gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak strikes strawman gold.”

Bucktown’s gift to the world David Duke: From Deutschland back to Dixieland with much love…….

Somehow ol’ DuKKKe  never figured out how to bamboozle anyone else besides the folks that elected him to the legislature and almost Louisiana Gov. Looks like he’ll be coming home to his peeps after being arrested in Germany. Methinks he’ll fit right in with Diaper Dave, Bucktown’s other gift to the political world.


Another one bites the dust….

President Barack Obama

And folks recycling that sold out adulterous fat fuck Newt Gingrich is beyond laughable except the joke is on the true believers on the GOP side. True believers mostly have honorable intentions but yes, you GOP purists were sold out long ago too.

So Herman Cain took his sexual exploits to a whole other level and now leaves the field.  Sad but true Buddy Roemer is the best of the lot and he is batshit crazy.

We need a leader and the best both parties have to offer is Urkel.


Economic Monday: Let’s see how scapegoating mexicans is working out

Simplistic solutions to complex problems rarely lead to good results:

Farmers strain to hire American labor in place of mexican migrant labor. File that one under no good deed goes unpunished as faux conservatives such as Michelle Bachmann actually take pride in f&cking up the 1% of the workforce that was actually working and producing a positive contribution to our economy.  I’ll add I am hearing stories about local construction companies paying their American workers less than the Hispanics they replaced.  This means the relationship of wage rates to productivity is alive and well folks.  Call it the Bachmann boobie prize for ignorant economics.

Meantime the economic data stream continues to indicate that Alabama’s politicians are among the most ignorant in the country on the issue as this snippet from an October Bloomberg Op-Ed indicates:

Due to what one commercial landscaper called Alabama’s “negative atmosphere,” legal Hispanic residents are leaving the state, creating shortages of workers in construction and agriculture. As Bloomberg News reported in June, the post-tornado reconstruction of Tuscaloosa has been hindered by a lack of skilled labor, partly because, after the law was passed, Hispanic tradesmen began leaving the state. Meantime, during the recent harvest, tomatoes and other crops were left rotting in north Alabama’s fields.

While political/economic shills and their media lackeys tell you how great black Friday was lest we forget Q3 GDP was revised down 20% less than a month after the same political/economic shills trumpeted the initial Q3 GDP figure as proof the tide had turned. I’ll note even the Toolman questioned the stuffed shirt ivory tower Tulane economist a bit harder this morning as people seem to be catching on to the puff and quietly revise economic activity down game, even the Toolman himself. Continue reading “Economic Monday: Let’s see how scapegoating mexicans is working out”

To be filed on da Slabb: Calhoun and company file Slabbed at the 19th JDC seeking an expedited stay on the adminsitrative subpoenas

Question: Does Calhoun read Slabbed?

Answer: What local lawyer doesn’t read Slabbed?

Yesterday afternoon I received a bat signal from a reader that Team Calhoun filed new motions with the 19th JDC regarding the Ethics Administration investigation and, of course, Slabbed’s coverage was attached as an exhibit to one of the court filings. Slabbed lifers know this has happened on several occasions but IMHO the post we did back on the 15th of this month hit the topic like a laser beam in a way not seen on these pages since the Beef Plant prosecution here in Mississippi and my seminal post “Give us this day our daily” beef which was a big hit with the commercial construction communities in both Georgia and north Mississippi.

Now the latest filings from Team Calhoun were supposedly filed under seal but that is a Fayard fantasy as it was they who let the Ethics genie out of the bottle going to the 19th JDC to stop the previously confidential ethics administration investigation into the funding behind daughter Caroline’s failed 2010 Lite Gov campaign.  In addition to the motion to stay, Calhoun and company have also filed for appellate writs pulling out all the stops to stop the Ethics Administration from doing their job. With that set up one of Slabbed’s legal observers made the following observations about the latest: Continue reading “To be filed on da Slabb: Calhoun and company file Slabbed at the 19th JDC seeking an expedited stay on the adminsitrative subpoenas”

Jim Brown

Thursday, November 24th, 2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Over the past few months, there has been a rash of reports and charges of widespread and intentional withholding of evidence on the part of federal prosecutors in a number of high profile criminal cases. Intentional is the key word here. Mistakes can be made when prosecutors work under heavy case loads and the pressure of meeting deadlines. But in way too many cases, prosecutors hiding evidence that is favorable to the defense has proven to be deliberate, and in direct violation of the law. Even though such miscarriage of justice often leads to the conviction of an innocent defendant, rogue prosecutors who violate the law in this way are rarely prosecuted, or even sanctioned. This is a blight on the American justice system, today.

It takes a courageous and determined judge to weed out the abuse of prosecutors who willfully violate the law. In too many instances, there is a mere slap on the wrist, or even the ignoring of the abuse altogether. But every now and then, a tenacious judge comes forth and shows his mettle and demands full accountability from the cadre of rogue prosecutors. One such judge is Emmet G. Sullivan, of Federal District Court in Washington.

Judge Sullivan presided over the Senator Ted Stephens case, where a whistleblower provided information of the widespread hiding of evidence. Upon learning of the extensive improprieties of the Justice Department officials in the case, Judge Sullivan appointed a special investigator, who, just this week, issued a scathing report. The 500 page document concluded that the Stephens case was “permeated by the prosecutors’ serious, widespread, and at times intentional and illegal concealment of evidence,” — evidence that would have been extremely helpful to Stephens’ defense. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

Yes Dick did it. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals gets Turner v Pleasant right on their second try. A Porteous the pig update.

We’re not holding our breath for the ODC to do anything about the rest of the crooked lawyers associated with the now impeached of Judge Tom pOrteous given their treatment of morally bankrupt lawyer Claude Lightfoot but the 5th Circuit finally did the right thing in Turner v Pleasant, a case involving periodic Slabbed fav Dick Chopin that we originally profiled here. The long and short of the case is best described by the 5th Circuit:

Ada and Ronnie Turner were on a small fishing boat on the Intracoastal Waterway in Houma, Louisiana. They were passed by a yacht controlled by Neal Pleasant. The Turners allege that the high speed and size of the yacht created large swells in the waterway. The swells grew so large that the Turners’ boat was thrown into the air. The Turners claim that Ada Turner injured her back when she landed.

Porteous fixed the case for his friend Dick Chopin, the Turners were hosed and were unsuccessful in their appeal of the fact that Porteous was a crooked sack of shit who fixed the case. Fast forward to last year and Porteous’ impeachment which was a game changer for the Turners as yesterday the 5th Circuit reversed themselves and concluded that yes, Tom Porteous was indeed a corrupt sack of shit that fixed cases for his enablers including Dick Chopin and this folks is not good for the insurance company that is involved in the background, Standard Fire and Casualty. Click the pics below to get the 10 page pdf of yesterday’s decision. Hat tip to NRB for the order and heads up. ~ sop Continue reading “Yes Dick did it. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals gets Turner v Pleasant right on their second try. A Porteous the pig update.”