Drew Broach takes a nostalgic trip down wrinkled robe lane as the Times Picayune profiles recently released internal FBI records.

The Times Picayune went above and beyond in their FOIA based 4 year investigation into Team FBI and Operation Wrinkled Robe, a 9 year saga that concluded with the impeachment last year of Federal District Court Judge Tom pOrteous. We’ve written extensively on both the investigation and last year’s impeachment proceedings with my Bell Cow post on Wrinkled Robe itself found here with Nowdy’s combo Wrinkled Robe/Porteous/Shaved genitalia masterpiece here. Today T-P editor Drew Broach nicely adds to the extensive body of knowledge that is Operation Wrinkled Robe with his report on FBI investigation papers which includes some interactive graphics and the FOIA response itself. It is simply very well done.

Some of the names mentioned should be very familiar to Slabbed lifers in Kenner’s Skip Hand and Steve Mortillaro, later termed deadhead employees by Aaron Broussard’s replacement Steve Theriot. But we also learn that the investigation also went on location in Biloxi twice as the Marcotte’s bought the judges rooms at the Beau Rivage.

Most interesting is how the whole thing started with a tip from a disgruntled competitor of Louis Marcotte to the Metropolitan Crime Commission, the same folks that filed the ethics complaint against Aaron Broussard for making parish venders rent his vacation property at the Trout Point development in Nova Scotia.  Ol’ Aaron has since began selling his Canadian holdings including his beloved River Bend Lodge, which was sold earlier this year to Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret of Trout Point Lodge infamy.

I mention all this because all it takes is a tip to start something far larger.  In the case of Aaron Broussard that something could well have involved Bill Hubbard buying a car for his paramour.  More interesting is the problem with graft in Jefferson Parish also came up years earlier with Dumpster Dived Jimmy Lawson but that case, like the one involving the John Alario’s shakedown of  the River Birch Landfill got no traction with then US Attorney Eddie Jordan and Team Fed.

In any event reading today’s T-P story was a trip down memory lane of sorts for me given all that has been written on these pages by those that had real-time ring side seats to the entire 9 year saga.  Given how long it took the wheels of justice to grind to a conclusion in Operation Wrinkled Robe, we are still early into its successor known here on Slabbed as the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal.  That which is coming could make Wrinkled Robe appear like a mere dress rehearsal as rumors of sealed indictments swirl in the background.


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  1. The late Al Copeland is a name that has come up here recently and of course Al had a prominent role in the whole sorry affair. There are lots of tentacles back into the federal courthouse that wrinkled robe did not persue IMHO.


  2. Sop, Drew may have filed a good story but was the story held by TP management for 9 days to allow ex-Judge "Skip" Hand to skip to a second place finish in Council District 4 race on October 22nd.

    What if he had won. What good is investigative news if it is not being released in a timely manner to benefit the voters selection of an honest candidate.

    How about if the story is released and more voters irritated that another investigated politician is running for office and turn out not only to not vote for Hand but also not vote for another career politician, Zahn . And instead these same irritated voters vote for non – career political candidate, Walt Bennetti. Of course Zahn was endorsed by the TP and timely release could have changed the outcome of the election. IMHO.

  3. Lockem Zahn was a shoe in from the get go IMHO. I did not post anything on the race for that reason and frankly I appreciate what Walt Bennetti brings to the table. That said his ties to former Kenner Mayor Phil Capitano hurt him, even among self styled good government people in Kenner. Hand was in the race for another reason and he too had no chance of winning due to the Wrinkled Robe baggage he carries, which was public knowledge.

    Zahn was the favored child because Mayor Yenni wanted him there and it is just that simple. Walt was unable to parley his role in the aborted tax increase into broader support. I have a link saved on that general topic I hope to make into its own post.


  4. Someone, I think unslabbed, came up with the sarcastic moniker for US Attorney Jim Letten as “lettenemgo”. I can only assume that this person, unslabbed, has garnered frustration enough to believe Mr. Letten will not prosecute influential Jefferson Parish politicians, their family, their campaign fund cronies or anyone else who is within their Citadel of favor.

    This criticism piqued my interest, and for so many reasons. Now after reviewing the archives of Slabbed, I have decided to comment on this very subject matter. I will take the liberty in paraphrasing the Slabbed commentator Whitmergate: ‘US Attorney Jim Letten’s refusal and/or failure to prosecute the white Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso thugs, facilitates their continued suppression of political freedom and robbery of the taxpayers largesse.’

    Fair enough, whitmergate.

    The “Wringled Robe” fiasco is evidence in and of itself of selective prosecution by the US Attorney’s Office as previously mention by commentators before me. The DOJ should be embarrassed by the lack of due diligence throughout this very limited investigation.

    It seems as though the machinations by the principals of Trout Point Lodge et al, River Birch et al, and the Zahn/Yenni(?) et al will continue to be fodder for this forum, and that’s a good thing.

    This blogging is liberating and fun. Hope to be a part of the SlabbedNation.

  5. Since we're sharing woes Running: I get up around 5AM everyday to surf the news and hopefully formulate a daily game plan for Slabbed. After doing that it is normally time to hit the office and I'm on the road between 6:45-7:30AM. I then have to squeeze in runnning my accounting practice, speaking with reporters, academics, various sources and hopefully author a few posts. Some days the number of Slabbed related emails I get number in the hundreds but seemingly never less than 50. I read many on my smartphone as i can and I reply to as many as I can. Despite that my inbox has over 5000 emails in it that I could not reply to for a variety of reasons. I rarely leave my desk before 6PM and am lucky to make it home for 7.

    And after all of that, I get to deal wwith folks that are pissed because they commented and it did not clear moderation fast enough to suit them. Most of the time those comments are caught in the spam que which I am lucky to check once a day or so. And that does not count folks that send me hundreds of pages of court documents to read in hopes I'll profile their court cases.

    And somewhere in all that I still have to make time to raise my son and devote some time to my family and that is only right because they sacrifice a lot so that Slabbed stays online. Slabbed shortchanges them frankly and everyone who reads these pages owes them a real debt of gratitude.

    So you have the goods on Ross Ladart. How about we simply stipulate he is a crooked sack of shit and move along without the self centered drama 'cause things are tough all over Bubba.

    Sign me often wondering why I bother to do this.


  6. Was not knocking you Sop, and hope you didn't take it that way. I understand you do this on your spare time for the good of the community. Im referring to the "crooked sacks of shit" who's jobs it is to actually give a shit. Judicial Commission, Louisiana Bar, US Attorney, FBI, and those in the press who get paid to expose all the crooked sack's of shit "we the people" have to deal with.

  7. Running you've come to a place where everyone gives a shit. One thing that would help greatly is if the local voters learned to take out their own trash. Re-electing LaDart after the revelations in Wrinkled Robe does not speak well to the voters in his judicial district.

    After that seems we all have to approach interesting the authorities in this with our hat in hand. State elected officials would naturally view going after someone like Ladart as a proposition with lots of downside so that leaves the Team Fed and them guys are stretched pretty thin these days.

    One thing that mitigates the damage though is not necessarily the long term cure is simply applying sunshine. I've found the quality of a judge's ruling is often predicated on how many people are paying attention.

    I don't know if that bit of wisdom helps any but this is world we have to deal with.


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